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IBM Looking To Sell Its Semiconductor Business

mrpacmanjel Sell The Beta (195 comments)

If Dice Holdings have given up with Slashdot would they at least consider selling it back to the community?

If we can crowdfund the purchase Slashdot can be run by the community or partner with an organisation to run it?

Oh yeah fuck the beta.

about a year ago

Amazon's Double-Helix Acquisition Hints At Gaming Console

mrpacmanjel Slashdot BETA (116 comments)

For the time being you can do this: www.slashdot.org?nobeta=1

Make you voice heard here:

To quote Steve Jobs (rip) - "..and one more thing.."

"..FUCK BETA..."

about a year ago

Skinny Puppy Wants Compensation For Music Used in US Interrogations

mrpacmanjel Practical Advice[Fuck Beta] (271 comments)

For the time being you can do this: www.slashdot.org?nobeta=1

Make you voice heard here:

To quote Steve Jobs (rip) - "..and one more thing.."


about a year ago

Slashdot BETA Discussion

mrpacmanjel Remove the Slashdot banner - takes up screen estat (60 comments)

Generally I don't have issues updating the look of the site and adding/tweaking features. The changes over the years have definitely improved things.


The fixed Slashdot banner at the top of the page is a major annoyance.

The reason I don't like it is the banner takes up too much space and now 1/3 of my browser estate is lost to view content.

I've seen other sites do this and generally avoid them.

Another issue(only one issue per comment? fuck you sue me) is leave the comment & moderation system as it is. This is a fundamental part of Slashdot and changing this means this site ceases to be Slashdot.

One of the major reasons I visit this site is because of the community and comments make the stories on this site interesting to read, funny and dare I say insightful.

The community is what makes Slashdot - send them away and the site dies. If you are trying to expand your audience you are going to lose to other competitors.

Where's Cowboy Neal when you need him? I miss my hot grits.

I also DO NOT welcome our corporate overlords.

about a year ago

Nintendo Defeats and Assumes Control of 'Patent Troll's' Portfolio After Victory

mrpacmanjel re (87 comments)


1 year,18 days

Smart Toothbrush Aims For Better Brushing Habits

mrpacmanjel Re:Coming up next (102 comments)

"Curent wipe procedutre may leave skidmarks on pants. Are you sure you want to quit?"

The "Internet of things" is now getting a bit silly.

1 year,19 days

BBC Thinking of Canceling Sky At Night

mrpacmanjel Regenerate! (171 comments)

Why can't he just regenerate?

(It works for Dr Who)

about a year ago

Middle-Click Paste? Not For Long

mrpacmanjel LXDE - Nice & Stable (729 comments)

I've been using LXDE since having a N900 years ago and never looked back.

It's installed it on all my Linux machines (Lubuntu). It's small, low resource and very stable.
Quite frankly I don't miss gnome at all.

Gnome may take you middle-button but give them the middle-finger in return.

about a year ago

Sailfish OS Gains Two-Way Android Compatibility

mrpacmanjel Re:For Nokia it is a tiny market (130 comments)

It would explain the constant weird expression on Elop's face.

about a year ago

Chinese DRAM Plant Fire Continues To Drive Up Memory Prices

mrpacmanjel Price Increase? BULLSHIT! (112 comments)

So let me get this straight:

A single manufacturer (2nd-largest market share though) suffers reduced production of chips (silicon not deep-fried - sort of!)
Manufacturing plant will be operational within a month
There are other manufacturers that make the same thing
Another manufacturer has largest market share
10% world-wide "shortage" is result

Global prices have to increase?....Sorry, I smell bullshit.

about a year ago

Despite Global Release, Breaking Bad Heavily Pirated

mrpacmanjel Too Many Adverts? (443 comments)

Perhaps there are too many adverts during movies and shows aired on television.

I've become increasingly annoyed at how many adverts are shown while watching a movie or a show. Personally I think they're unwatchable.

If streaming services (e.g. I'm subscribed to Netflix) were to get content sooner rather than waiting months for a popular show to be available on their service then that may make a difference.

about a year and a half ago

RC Plane Attack 'Foiled,' Say German Authorities

mrpacmanjel What Is This Hypnotic Propaganda? (233 comments)

"..became radicalised by watching jihadist propaganda on the internet..."

Became "radicalised"??!! WTF?

You'd have to be mentally unstable in the first place to believe that kind of thing.

The only "propaganda" is blaming the internet in the first place.

Mind you I've seen Iron-man 3 so hey you never know.

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Office Finally Gets iOS App

mrpacmanjel But "Office"-type Apps Exist Already? (139 comments)

I don't understand how this is a big deal.

I have installed Officesuite Pro on both a tablet and smartphone.

I can create and edit documents quite easily and no subscription is needed. I paid £9.99 and more than happy with it.

It's also "Office" compatible (e.g. excel and word)

Not to mention the other officesuites out there too (e.g. King office is even free)

It all works really well with a bluetooth keyboard linked to a tablet too.

I imagine corporate types are asking for Microsoft Office for IOS - beyond that no big deal.

about a year and a half ago

Rival Dell Buyout Plans Duke It Out

mrpacmanjel Icaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhn! (59 comments)


I know - shit joke, I'll get my coat...

about a year and a half ago

Barnes & Noble Adds Google Play Store To the Nook

mrpacmanjel Nook Simple Touch is Awesome (eink) (82 comments)

I look at a computer screen all day and sometimes cannot be arsed doing it again at home.

I've ordered the Nook Simple Touch and it has 3 killer features for me:
    (1) Eink display is great even though it's only 800x600(?) - also means decent battery charge
    (2) Has an sd-card slot too - I'll be able to have all my ebooks on it
    (3) Can be rooted to enable Google Play (also install a proper PDF viewer too)

They've also dropped the price to £29 in the UK this week and they are selling fast (all shops in my high street have sold out this week).

Alas, it appears only recent versions of their tablets will have the restrictions lifted.

It's a shame really - If they official released a unrestricted Eink-based ebook reader it may improve their sales - they have a successful product in there somewhere.

(Currently an old version of android is installed - eclair and obviously the screen is not designed for games)

about a year and a half ago

Google Glass Specs Hit the Web

mrpacmanjel Now We're Spying on Each Other? (198 comments)

It's bad enough that our governments and corporations are spying on us.

Now we're voluntarily spying on each other.

about 2 years ago

Rare Docs Show How Apple Created Apple II DOS

mrpacmanjel Re:Maybe it was just my youth but... (130 comments)

Just for LULZ I used to add something like this in a qbasic file and add it to the end of autoexec.bat

10 input "C:\>"; haha$
20 goto 10

Especially the confusion on a Salesperson's face when rebooting wouldn't solve the "problem" !!!

Used to drive people nuts!

about 2 years ago


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