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Global Warming To Hinder Wi-Fi Signals, Claims UK Gov't

mrphoton Re:UK Government Hinders WiFi (280 comments)

no they are right, I just tested it out with the aid of my bath. My wi-fi router does not work under water.

more than 3 years ago

Red Hat Nears $1 Billion In Revenues, Closing Door On Clones

mrphoton well done! (201 comments)

putting the centos stuff aside. Redhat are doing a great job and contributing great code to the open source community. They uphold open source ideals by keeping fedora free of closed source code. I have been using Redhat/Fedora for years through my undergraduate degree, PhD and now in my job want to say what a great big thanks to you guys and wish you the best for the future!

more than 3 years ago

Piracy Whistleblowers Paid $57K In 2010

mrphoton good (141 comments)

pirated software also hurts open source take up too.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Patent Hints at Net-Booting Cloud Strategy

mrphoton linux - PXE? (156 comments)

Has Linux not been able to do this for years using Intel's PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment)?

more than 3 years ago

CA's First Molten Salt Energy Plant Approved

mrphoton Fahrenheit? (270 comments)

810.777 Kelvin .... nuff said.

more than 3 years ago

Fedora Project Drops SQLNinja 'Hacker' Tool

mrphoton Re:As the old linux community saying goes... (159 comments)

Why are these guys surprised that a project backed by a company rejected there hacking tool. Firstly the name 'sqlninja', I mean come on, it's got to be a hacking tool, can you imagine that on the front page of a news paper 'evil open source firm ok's sqlninja'. Then when I googled it, the website declares it is a 'sqlninja - a SQL Server injection & takeover tool'. In no way do they pretend it is for testing or whatnot. They had to reject the tool. And what business is red hat in, oh year selling a server os, would it really be a good idea for them to bundle a 'takeover tool'?

more than 3 years ago

UK Switches Off £235M Child Database

mrphoton Re:Of course they are, for now... (198 comments)

The coalition is unpopular with a lot of Liberal Democrat voters (not sure what they'd prefer - probably for the LibDems to continue to be completely ineffectual, rather than to get at least some of their policies passed) and is in danger of a back-bench rebellion by the LibDem MPs who'd rather pander to popular opinion than get on with running the country.

Yes, correct. but I don't see the MPs doing anything about it because they all did vote to join the coalition.

They need to do some things about civil liberties to keep these people on side, and cancelling existing programs is one of the few things that won't alienate Conservative back benchers, who are typically against government spending of any kind.

Yes the conservatives by nature do want to cut spending. However, they are also the most 'liberal' (small l) party in parliament By this I mean they are against an Orwellian state. This is fundamentally different to the stance taken by Labour. Hence, scrapping ID cards, the introduction of the great repeals bill where they are asking the public which legislation they want scrapped, and scrapping crazy data bases.

So far, the coalition seems to be the best government the UK has had while I've been alive (although, to be fair, that's not exactly hard). Unfortunately, it's not clear how long it will manage to stay together.

Yes defiantly, they seem to be making sensible decisions most of the time. I think it will stay together for the full term, firstly because they are going to change the rules so that 55% of the MPs need to vote to for a dissolution. However no party can muster 55% of the votes in this parliament and secondly because Nick and Dave _believe_ they are doing the best thing for the country.

Also is it me or since the last government left office, have the stories on slashdot about the UK been positive. With the last government the stories were all about ID cards, locking people up for 90 days with no reason, random crazy terror legislation etc.. and now it is all about our freedoms and how the goverment is going to cut up this state from 1984.

more than 4 years ago

TI Calculator DRM Defeated

mrphoton Re:what (234 comments)

I still don't get it. 15 years ago when computers which did maths were not practical to carry around a complicated calculator made sense. Today if you want to do real maths for a reason you use a PC. But school and university exam question can be made so they can be solved by hand there is no need to set questions requiring the integral of a Gaussian function. It might do kids some good not to be able to press plot and get a function plotted. May be it would be good for them to think about the roots and where it crosses the axes, then do a bit of differentiation to find the stationary points.

more than 4 years ago

TI Calculator DRM Defeated

mrphoton what (234 comments)

last time i used a graphics calculator (before I migrated to octave/matlab/maple), the whole point of the thing was that you could program it? And why would anybody spend 100$ on a calculator when you can almost get a laptop for that price today?

more than 4 years ago

Univ. of California Faculty May Boycott Nature Publisher

mrphoton Good (277 comments)

If it is true that the price has gone up by 400% I can see why they are doing it but fom my point of view as a researcher not at UC, it means that there will be (slightly) less competition to get in to Nature. It also means when I go for a job interview and I am up against a UC candidate I will have the nature paper and he wont. Which will mean I will get the job. Having a paper in Nature is the gold standard in research and I don't think this stance will do their researchers any good.

more than 4 years ago

UK Bill Would Outlaw Open Wi-Fi

mrphoton Re:Srsly? (250 comments)

All correct except your use of the word 'elected'. Lord Mandelson who is heading this bill is not elected at all. He is a Lord and that apparently means it is ok for him impose rules on us. Secondly, Brown our prime minister was never elected as prime minister, he just 'took over' after Blair stood down. So in short this is a c**p bill imposed my unelected morons. However, on the up side there will be a general election with in three months, so it will probably never reach the statute books.

more than 4 years ago

What's Holding Back Encryption?

mrphoton too much effort (660 comments)

I wish Thunderbird of evolution had some type of automated system for encryption, where you tagged your public key to the bottom of every e-mail. When an in coming e-mail was detected with a key at the bottom all replys were automatically encrypted. I think the problem with encryption at the moment is that people have to think about it so it does not happen.

more than 4 years ago

NY Times To Charge For Online Content

mrphoton Oh well (488 comments)

Oh well, I just won't bother reading it then. I will read or or or or or or or and the list goes on.

more than 4 years ago

Truth Or Dare — What Is the Best US Cell Company?

mrphoton have you considered.... (395 comments)

two tin cans and a piece of string?

more than 4 years ago

Sandy, Utah Tops US Cities For Broadband Speed

mrphoton Re:Meanwhile... (121 comments)

that is odd, I was starting to think it was a British site. I keep on seeing a disproportionately number of stories about the UK government doing crazy oppressive fascist shit. Or may be there is another reason for that......

more than 4 years ago

Own Your Own Fighter Jet

mrphoton Re:Pain at the pump (222 comments)

sorry can somebody pleas explain why you are not allowed a fully functioning fighter jet. I thought you guys were had a right to bare arms, what is the difference between a shot gun and a jet?

more than 4 years ago

Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2 vs. Early Fedora 13 Benchmarks

mrphoton rubbish (157 comments)

This 'review' is complete rubbish alpha and beta builds are allays much slower than the production versions. They have all types of debug options turned on. I don' see how you can compare them. If one os has more debug options turned on than the other it would be slower. Surely....

more than 4 years ago



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