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Could a Computer Write This Story?

mrroot Newspeak makes it easier for computers to write... (101 comments)

Automated story writing will be easier once the next updated version of the newspeak dictionary is released. Unfortunately I am a doubleplusungood newspeaker, but at least computer written stories will help me avoid crimethink.

more than 2 years ago

Anxiety and IT?

mrroot Try this: Vitamin D (347 comments)

Get checked for a Vitamin D deficiency. Your doctor can do that with a blood test. If your doctor doesn't think it is worth doing this test, find another doctor.

Most people who work in an office all day have low Vitamin D and will benefit from taking a supplement. You don't need a prescription for it (at least not in the US) so you can just walk in and pick it up in the vitamin aisle at the grocery or wherever. Get the ones that are liquid gels as I have heard they are better. I take a Vitamin D supplement twice a day and have noticed vast improvements in feeling more healthy (in general) and being less prone to anxiety and depression (I used to be).

I don't know for sure if all of this is due to taking Vitamin D, but I believe it to be. It is such an easy thing to try and low risk (ask your doctor about it), so why not try it?

And if all of that doesn't work then find another job. Seriously, your time is too important to spend it being miserable.

Good luck.

more than 4 years ago

Locking Down Linux Desktops In an Enterprise?

mrroot 2009 is the Year of Linux on the Desktop (904 comments)

I'm glad this question came up. I read somewhere that 2009 was going to be the year of Linux on the desktop.

more than 5 years ago

The Last Will and Testament of Circuit City

mrroot They didn't know who they were competing with (600 comments)

I really think their biggest problem is the whole time they thought they were competing with Best Buy, but they were really competing with Target, Walmart, and online retailers like Newegg, Buy.com, and TigerDirect. Best Buy should try to learn from their demise.

more than 5 years ago

The Tech Behind Preventing Airplane Bird Strikes

mrroot The IT Solution - More Redundancy (242 comments)

You just need more redundancy. Two engines is not enough redundancy to protect against a double bird strike, but four would have been, right?

I suppose cost could be a factor. Depending on what the airlines consider the value of a human life to be would determine whether this is feasible for them. It comes down to how many 9s the airlines are willing to accept and what they will pay for that "uptime" of their engines.

more than 5 years ago

Setting Up a Home Dev/Testing Environment?

mrroot Answer: use virtual machines (136 comments)

Don't use your old PCs because they are worthless. Just donate, recycle, or sell them because it will be a major headache to install the OS, software, and keep them updated. Use VMWare player or Virtual PC (I use both of them) and you can download pre-built images. And one more benefit... using virtual machines will keep your electric bill lower than a bunch of old PCs.

more than 6 years ago

Why the Widening Gender Gap In Computer Science?

mrroot Re:The girls are smarter (1563 comments)

In terms of money, that seems to be true.

I've recently read a Groklaw article that mentioned a salary dispute between two lawyers. Both claimed to usually charge $400 per hour. AFAIK even highly sought after IT consultants rarely get away with that kind of fees.

Maybe you haven't used a lawyer before. My lawyer bills at $200 per hour, but bills his time down to the minute, so its not like in IT where you might bill out for 8+hour days over a long period of time. Also, with lawyers a lot of the mundane work gets farmed out to paralegals who bill lower. So it's not like the lawyer makes $400 an hour, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year.

more than 6 years ago

Blizzard Awarded $6M Damages From MMOGlider

mrroot Gold Farming (460 comments)

Mostly I'm amazed that MMOGlider had that kind of cash.

Maybe they just used their own application to farm some more gold. Just a thought.

more than 6 years ago


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