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Vint Cerf: Data That's Here Today May Be Gone Tomorrow

mrsurb Re:emulation / virtualization (358 comments)

ASCII is even easier than that - because 0-9, a-z and A-Z are represented by sequential binary numbers.

about a year ago

Has the Mythical Unicorn of Materials Science Finally Been Found?

mrsurb Re:Don't tell the Japanese (238 comments)

If humans are present in an ecosystem, tastiness can be an evolutionary advantage!

about 2 years ago

Universal Turing Machine In Penrose Tile Cellular Automata

mrsurb Re:Permutation City (24 comments)

His short story "Wang's Carpets" - which then became a chapter in "Diaspora"

about 2 years ago

Belief In Hell Predicts a Country's Crime Rates Better Than Other Factors

mrsurb Re:Justice (471 comments)

Because sin is not merely bad actions, but an attitude of rebellion against God.

One part of the answer then is that sin in an infinite offense against an infinite God.

But I don't think that on its own is enough. Another part of the answer is that the biblical pictures of punishment show that even while being punished, sinners continue to curse God (eg Rev 16:9, 11, 21).

more than 2 years ago

Belief In Hell Predicts a Country's Crime Rates Better Than Other Factors

mrsurb Re:God bought himself out of punishing us, with Je (471 comments)

The Christian answer is that the evidence is God coming to earth in the person of Jesus - dying for the sins of the world and being raised to new life as recorded in the Scriptures. Claims about the personality of God such as "love" and are backed up by the historical events of the crucifiction and resurrection (eg John 3:16 - God so loved the world that he gave his only Son).

Now maybe you don't accept that evidence. Fair enough. But in order to fathom why Christians believe that God has certain personality traits, the evidence that we are basing our understanding on is the person and work of Jesus as revealed in the Scriptures.

more than 2 years ago

Belief In Hell Predicts a Country's Crime Rates Better Than Other Factors

mrsurb Re:Hell and the Devil (471 comments)

The caricature of the devil _reigning_ over hell is not a biblical one - rather, hell is where the devil will himself be punished (Matt 25:41, Rev 20:10). Your strawman pastor doesn't know his basic theology if he can't answer that one :)

more than 2 years ago

In America, 46% of People Hold a Creationist View of Human Origins

mrsurb Re:The reason Christianity has this problem. (1359 comments)

Factually nonsense. The report of Paul meeting Jesus on the Road to Damascus is in Acts 9, written not by Paul, but by Luke. Acts also reports Paul's meetings with the other disciples. In 2 Peter 3:16 Peter acknowledges Paul as an author of Scripture. And - nitpicking - Paul writes less than half the New Testament - 13 books out of 27, and even less as a proportion of verses. Whether you believe the Bible or not - at least accurately represent its claims.

more than 2 years ago

How Stephen Hawking Has Defied the Odds For 50 Years

mrsurb Re:Creationists (495 comments)

I'm a Christian but not a creationist. I have a degree in physics and a degree in theology. And I thank God for Stephen Hawking and the insight that his incredible mind has given us into the universe, despite his defiance of God. I read his book "A Brief History of Time" and it blew my mind, it was one of the factors that led me to study physics. I used his latest book, "The Grand Design" in my honours thesis for my theology degree which was an investigation into the appearance of fine-tuning in the universe.

Not looking for an argument, just want to point out that not all Christians have the anti-science attitudes that seem so prevalent in American evangelicanlism.

more than 2 years ago

BlackBerry Outage Spreads To North America

mrsurb Re:The end? (272 comments)

My wife just got one - loves it. It's her first smartphone - upgraded from a Nokia candybar. She finds it reasonably intuitive and there are no major frustrations. The only minor frustration so far is that there is no indicator LED or equivalent so she can't just glance at it to see if there's a missed call or message.

more than 2 years ago

Lucasfilm Unveils "Sandcrawler" Singapore Office

mrsurb Re:Why are there so many sour grapes in the commen (159 comments)

If your wife cooks you an amazing steak and gives you an amazing blow job, appreciate that she did that. Don't hate her because she didn't give you steak and lobster and a threesome the night after that.

No, but if the night after she promises to give you steak and lobster but instead serves you a turd sandwich, and the threesome is you and two big burly guys (and you're not into that) then you will complain.

about 3 years ago

'Instant Cosmic Classic' Supernova Discovered

mrsurb Re:Astounding! (141 comments)

In his world, there's no such thing as a sunrise, only a rotating earth.

about 3 years ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Released

mrsurb Re:Not worldwide release? (138 comments)

It's probably the extra 40% that Steam makes us pay taking a long time to get over there :(

about 3 years ago



Train Times are Copyrighted, iPhone app threatened

mrsurb mrsurb writes  |  more than 5 years ago

mrsurb (1484303) writes "Railcorp, the parent of Cityrail, the train and ferries authority in Sydney, Australia, is threatening to sue the creator of an iPhone app that displays their timetables. Apparently transport timetables are copyrighted works, and creating software to assist commuters is not on. International readers should note that Railcorp is a state government body, NOT a commerical operation."
Link to Original Source


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