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3-D Printing Pen Can Draw In the Air

mruizcamauer Give credit where due (85 comments)

Such negative comments... This is a prettty cool idea, not for replacing a 3d printer, just something using similar technology... Reminds me of the hot wire styrofoam cutters when I was a kid... A toy CNC, nichts? This is a crowd pleaser, just for fun, like a toy. There is a real 3d wire bender too yhat can take a cad file and render it, somewhat, but that is different. Kudos to the inventors! And to the critics, go do something useful instead...

about a year ago

The 3D Un-Printer

mruizcamauer Closed loop (91 comments)

I forget who, but someone made a 3d printer conceptual art project, where the printer uses wax to build something, and when its finished it melts it all and starts over, forever...

about a year and a half ago

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Gun Control, and Patent Law

mruizcamauer Re:I for one am glad. (380 comments)

3d printing is NOT mostly unnattended. For now it requires a bit of fiddling to get it right...

more than 2 years ago

What Is an Astronaut's Life Worth?

mruizcamauer Privatice manned spaceflight (285 comments)

Now that we have private astronauts or are on the verge of having them, NASA should be redefined as having the missione of expanding knowledge, but not via manned flight, at least for a couple of decades. Let the "adventure" be funded by private enterprise, which can best recoup the cost via marketing. That Man can go to space safely has already be proven by NASA and others. The other way of looking at it is that NASAs unstated mission was to subsidize Cold War defense research, to make strong domestic industrial aeronautics industries. If it spent its budget on private space flights it will get a bigger bang for the buck, foment an industrial rennaissance in America at least, and do serious science on its own, with robots. Privatize the risk of human casualties, remove it from the politicians concerns.

more than 2 years ago

Which Fading Smartphone Company Is More Valuable To Microsoft, RIM Or Nokia?

mruizcamauer Re:We need a paradigm shift (222 comments)

Siri is the paradigm shift! No keyboard, just dictate long texts and ask for actions, do not do them by hand yourself. The only benefit from RIM is their network effect, messaging between users who don't need to pay sms costs. But surely they can implement that too, like Apple has done, at less than a billion or two of costs...

more than 2 years ago

MakerBot Industries Brings Manufacturing Back To Brooklyn

mruizcamauer Hype and Realitiy (87 comments)

Hype: everyone will print all their stuff at home. Mass production will be replace by 3d printing. Reality: Some specific manufacturing will be done at smaller, nimbler, less expensive factories (sometimes neighborhood print shops) using 3d printers. Hobbyists will have fun with home 3d printers, like with PCs in the early 80's. A lot of people will be able to get into manufacturing, due to low entrance price, ability to print interesting parts (witness Shapeways), and advantage of being local/imaginative/sell personalized stuff/have not stock (so lower financial needs). It's great to see a new industry arising, current ones are boring.

more than 2 years ago

MakerBot Industries Brings Manufacturing Back To Brooklyn

mruizcamauer Re:makerbot is ludicrous (87 comments)

All that survived deserved to survive, in a Darwinian way... All that perished deserved it too.

more than 2 years ago

MakerBot Industries Brings Manufacturing Back To Brooklyn

mruizcamauer Re:More manufacturing in North America (87 comments)

We can speculate about 3d printing changing manufacturing radically, but in the same light we can imagine cheaper non-oil-based energy changing the balance of payments substantially too, which will make the dollar stronger I believe (USA will have less deficit, can print less money). Unfortunately that won't happen soon enough, as long as oil is affordable (if you use less it will be affordable longer). What if we had cheap available solar energy and did not need oil for so many things?

more than 2 years ago

Coming To a War Near You: Nuclear Powered Drones

mruizcamauer there are simpler solutions (202 comments)

satellites? high altitude ballons? solar powered uavs? sounds like a way to spend many billions which could be better used to just bribe any enemies... or build a stronger economy, a much better defense!

more than 2 years ago

NHTSA Suggestion Would Cripple In-Car GPS Displays

mruizcamauer Re:Also, (516 comments)

my citroen piccaso also has a center mounted gauge, and I love it. it's less distracting, as it is not directly under your nose. Kinda like movies with subtitles, its hard not to read them even if you understand the language perfectly, simply because its there...

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What Would Real Space Combat Look Like?

mruizcamauer viruses (892 comments)

it will be done via computer viruses. All vehicles that need to communicate will be attackable at light speed by infected communications. All conceivable vehicles will have computer links, not just "radios"... so if you can infiltrate their comms, you win. This is both manned and unmanned vehicles, stealth or hidden or whatever.

more than 2 years ago

Meet the Saber-Toothed Squirrel

mruizcamauer Re::D (59 comments)

And of course the K govt will say its only 8 yrs old, not 94M, and they are responsible for finding it....

more than 2 years ago

Argentina Censors Over a Million Blogs

mruizcamauer Re:Bullshit (170 comments)

precisely, it's a release of thousands of emails showing the goverment has been spying on citizens, illegally, and harassing oponents sometimes with made up charges. The blocking is stupid, it took me 2 minutes to download it all via a proxy...

about 3 years ago

Judge Rules Against China In 'Green Dam' Suit

mruizcamauer Re:The first shot (152 comments)

if the USA had to stop all imports from China due to a war it would probably not be alone, with European and other partners perhaps following suit to some degree, since any reason that warrants such a ww4 move (think of the cold war as ww3) may trigger alliances. I don't know if Chinese rulers would not have an insurrection at home from the massive unemployment created there. They are in a tenuous position now, with many local protests squashed and kept quiet each year. India and others could probably substitute China within five years with such a situation. Of course the whole world would suffer more disruption than in the Great Depression! I really doubt it would ever come to that. Chinese and US leaders represent ecomic interests that would not allow any scenario where they all lose.

more than 3 years ago

Google Says Honeycomb Will Not Come To Smartphones

mruizcamauer Re:Apple can do it... (193 comments)

wow, finally got first comment! :-) Forgot to say that iOS and OSX are likely to merge sometime in the future too, and are related technologies... but I suppose so is this Android with the other ones. Will Android ever run desktop/laptop/server computers?

more than 3 years ago

Google Says Honeycomb Will Not Come To Smartphones

mruizcamauer Apple can do it... (193 comments)

iOS works on tables AND phones... is Android inferior?

more than 3 years ago

Best IT-infrastructure For a Small Company?

mruizcamauer Run your own private cloud (600 comments)

Get a nice i7 pc or server with a UPS, 12-16 gb RAM, a small hard disk for booting/OS and 4 hard disks for RAID 10 storage (or RAID 5 even), which the motherboard should provide directly. Put the free version of the XEN virtualizer on it. Install some VM's you can get preconfigured from Turnkey, Bitnami or Jumpbox or make yourself. Donwload an OpenFiler VM to use as a NAS for all your file needs, including storing the VM's. One VM could have a Liferay installation for a quick intranet. Another could have Postgress or MySQL, depending on your preferences, if you need a DB. For the employees, I agree that Macs are a good investment with low maintenance compared to Windows. Just not dealing with viruses or AV software will make your lives much easier! If you can get discounted second-hand Macs, they are a good setup. You COULD perhaps have a $1000 Mac Mini Server with all the sw you need, and use the Pages/Numbers software on the Macs instead of Office (no extra price). As an alternative, get semi-decent clones and use Ubuntu Linux on them, they are pretty close to Windows. Make sure eveyone knows how to print to PDF, send those files to clients instead of the original non-Word files and the formatting will go through ok. Configure the PC's to store the users documents in OpenFiler. If they don't have large files (or you pay for the additional storage, like $10/user/month) and wish to be able to work from home, rather than laptops get them DropBox accounts. By the time they get home, they can open the files on their home pc's AND have offsite backup. Don't bother with LDAP or AD. Host the company webserver at an ISP for a couple of bucks per month, as well as a mail server. The advantage of using XEN is that you can make any additional servers needed at the office easily without messing with existing servers or buying more hardware for a while. If the hardware died it's simple to put in a new server and run the images on it, without reinstalling or even restoring from backup. Ditto if you need to move to a larger server later on or want redundancy.

more than 3 years ago

Building Prisons Without Walls Using GPS Devices

mruizcamauer Re:Already used in the UK (545 comments)

I thought Guantanamo was under US jurisdiction...

about 4 years ago

Iran Unveils Its First UAV Bomber

mruizcamauer lesson from argentina (574 comments)

In 1982, Argentina caused major havoc in the war with Britain with just 5 exocet missiles. It nearly sank the Invincible, whicj probably would have made the war a draw. If Iran has these weapons that could have even a small chance of sinking or damaging a carrier, it will really complicate the war for the USA and could force it to restrict their use or keep even more forces dedicated to their defense. Dont underestimate countries like Iran, like the uk underestimated Argentina, or the USSR did with Finland in 1939, for instance...

about 4 years ago

New Plan Lets Top HS Students Graduate 2 Years Early

mruizcamauer Just go to Community College while at HS (425 comments)

Hey, I took a bunch of community college classes before graduating from HS, after hours, and got the credits. I took a bunch of Advanced Placement (AP) classes in high school and did not need to take those classes in college later. I don't see that you need to move out of high school entirely if you don't want to, yet can still get ahead. Let people have several paths available:

1) go to high school until the end, like today

2) have fewer classes in hs so you can go to community college without having to do it after hours

3) go to college early (like some people have always been able to do regardless of their age!) when hs has nothing left for you

4) give these outstanding students more opportunities to do exchange semesters abroad. Now THAT will teach them really valuable things: languages, other cultures, and more rigorous high schools than in America (Japan, Germany, etc)

Society DOES have to move on from the formula for the past 100 years. More than uniformity and conformity now we need self-starting people that can learn their whole lives.

more than 4 years ago


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