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Phoronix Lauds AMD's Open Source Radeon Driver Progress For 2014

msh104 Re:Great news for OSS (44 comments)

Well, there is a difference between eventual target and current reality.

As a sysadmin it is a joy to use linux on the desktop when maintaining linux servers.
NVIDIA is way beyond any other party in their linux support. ( equal in performance and features to their windows drivers )
It's simply the best you can get right now. Now many of our coders use linux as well. But i don't think any of them would consider running the open source drivers.
As much as i would love my drivers to be open source i get much better results using the binary drivers.

That being said, i do applaud major vendors building their open source drivers themselves.
It is a major requirement to getting decent video card drivers for the future.

about a month ago

Google To Replace GTK+ With Its Own Aura In Chrome

msh104 Why care? (240 comments)

To be honest i see this more as a feature than as a problem.
This will very likely improve the quality of the linux build making it more complete and compatible with the windows build and features.

Just compare the linux and windows versions of firefox for example.
They look far from the same.
And for a big part this is caused by the difference in toolkits used beneath the skin.

Now i am a big fan of QT.
But even if they port their own: one toolkit everywhere can only make things better.

about 10 months ago

Crytek Ports CRYENGINE To Linux Support Ahead of Steam Machines Launch

msh104 Re:Is gaming on Linux actually going to take off? (132 comments)

Which is actually the smart thing to do.

This will make it significantly easier for steam to support multiple linux versions in the future
And the (binary) games actually don't break as fast when upgrading your OS.

about 10 months ago

XenServer 6.2 Is Now Fully Open Source

msh104 Re:we ditched vmware for xenserver 2 years back... (86 comments)

The Zimbra Open Source Edition is probably a very good choice.
- 99% of all companies don't need features then the open source edition.
- it supports large mailboxes very well. ( some of our employees have 21gb mailboxes, it still runs smooth )
- You can buy a plugin for encryption if you really need it.
- Mail (IMAP), Calender (iCal) and adressbook (LDAP) sync is possible to almost any device.
- You can always get the commercial version if you need the extras.

I don't think you can remotely wipe your mail using an open source product but nowadays you might simply get any android of iphone device and use a wiping app. Maybe not as convenient but it works.

Spamassasin can work very well ( it certainly does for us ) using external blocklists and distributed mail analysis services ( dcc, razor2 ) in addition to it's core filters. We added greylisting as well. Everything runs as part of the Amavis product. We don't use Bayesian filtering though. While good on paper we found it to be to unpredictable in real life. ( people reporting valid mailing lists as spam instead of unsubscribing, etc ) Instead we added around 15 additional custom spam filter lines over the years but that's it. Now all our spam is gone. We filter mail for over 1500 domains and our customers have never been happier.

about a year and a half ago

First Video Broadcast From Mt. Everest Peak Outrages Tourist Ministry of Nepal

msh104 Not surprised (204 comments)

As someone who actually went to Nepal i can tell you that you will need permits for almost everything you do as a tourist.
I guess i can't really blame them. They aren't the richest country and tourism is thier main source of income.

about a year and a half ago

Debian Project Releases 7.0 "Wheezy" Installer Candidate

msh104 Re:Quite actual - Not! (100 comments)

Well, at work i am using the debian 6 version on my desktop.
For a long time it was the only distribution you could find that would actually provide you with a stable and well working kde version.

I'll be upgrading when the debian 7 version comes out. whenever that will be.
And you know, that suits me just fine.

The only packages i upgraded are firefox, chrome, flash and libreoffice.
Other than that i had no need to run any linux distribution more current than debian 6.

about 2 years ago

Eric Schmidt To Sell Up To 42% of Stake In Google

msh104 Re:Time to haul the red herrings (183 comments)

It is part of a deal to have a more diverse group of stakeholders.
So you are indeed right that this shows nothing about the performance of google.
And i guess the money will always come in handy as well. :P

about 2 years ago

Eric Schmidt To Sell Up To 42% of Stake In Google

msh104 Re:Capitalism is failing (183 comments)

Or we could have a better incremental tax system where dirt poor is not the bottom and fat rich is not the top.

about 2 years ago

Real-Time Text Over Jabber/XMPP/Google Talk

msh104 Re:What's the advantage? (106 comments)

From what i understood this is not what they do.
They check what key strokes have been entered in the past second and at what interval.
They then transmit all this information to the other side where this is being shown.
So while typing, one XML request / second is being send.

Still a lot of xml requests, but a nice compromise if you want natural typing in semi-realtime ( one second delay ).

more than 3 years ago

Dutch To Introduce Net Neutrality By Law

msh104 Re:Wonderful. (228 comments)

The Netherlands is the second country in the world to do so. ( Chili was the first ) I'd say that counts as "much earlier than anyone else".
It is however true that at the same other people are considering putting quite dangerous infrastructure in place ( mostly under child pornography banner )
Nevertheless, this is still a move in the right direction.

more than 3 years ago

KDE Software Compilation 4.6.0 Released

msh104 Re:I'm afraid to look (202 comments)

Yeah, but that kills all the other plasma functions on the desktop.
Not really the way to go now is it...

more than 3 years ago

Volume Shadow Copy For Linux?

msh104 Upgrade kernel + R1Soft (300 comments)

Just upgrade your kernel using a manual build of the 2.6 kernel.
Also install static versions of the modutils ( insmod, modprobe, etc )
Use an external ( a machine with decent software ) for this so your compile doesn't break.
I have done so in the past and it works fine. ( and plan an update for those machines, anything with 2.4 is way to old... )

After that you can just use R1Soft hot copy,

This program is free ( as in beer ) to download and works with every block device.
You can even write to a block device if you really need to.

Their commercial offerings are pretty good as good. ( and DO work with the 2.4 kernel )
We use it here at work.

I heard btrfs supports something like this as well.

Any way, good luck!

more than 4 years ago

Remus Project Brings Transparent High Availability To Xen

msh104 Re:How does it deal with replication latency? (137 comments)

Thanks for the feedback!

I am really looking forward to it.

You know it's actually quite easy to have multiple block devices using drbd and make them available to your VM? You can specify as many drbd devices as you like in your config. I am currently using one for root and one for swap.

disk = [

I am no expert at this but couldn't you use a third drbd block for storing the journal that keeps track of all the changes and use that for recovery?

I suppose it would cause some writes all over the disk, so that might get tricky to get optimized. But it does come with the advantage that it doesn't do any strange things to the data on the drbd device all the time :)

Either that, or i am completely misunderstanding you :)

Have fun and keep up the good work ;)

more than 5 years ago

Google Under Fire For Calling Their Language "Go"

msh104 Re:Go! (512 comments)

Even more funny is the fact that they hosting their language on code.google.com
Perhaps we shouldn't worry that much about them harvesting our data after all?

more than 5 years ago

Remus Project Brings Transparent High Availability To Xen

msh104 Re:How does it deal with replication latency? (137 comments)

Hi bcully

Mind if i ask you something.

Currently i am running a xen setup where we replicate the storage between two machines using drbd.
Live migration is supported in this scenario and failover is said to be as well though i haven't come around to check that out yet.

1. Are there any advantages to using Remus over such a setup. ( other then being much easier to setup :p )
2. Would it be possible to use proven solutions like drbd with remus or does this simply miss the point?

I'll be sure to check it out when it turns up in the next version



more than 5 years ago

Cracking Open the SharePoint Fortress

msh104 Micro Google Lockin? (275 comments)

So... in order to break the microsoft lockin you use an api that is only availible to google users only.
Sound a bit like "Free, More Free and Locked in... Again..." to me...

more than 5 years ago

Cracking Open the SharePoint Fortress

msh104 Just wondering... (275 comments)

How is this story "hardware" related.

more than 5 years ago

Creating a Quantum Superposition of Living Things

msh104 No live alive testing yet sorry... (321 comments)

Well technically they will not be able to perform Shroedinger cat's experiment since viruses in biology are not defined as living things.
They will have to evolve their experiments to be able to superposition cells at the least.

But all nitpicking aside, its still quite a nice experiment.

more than 5 years ago


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