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I tend to keep random notes most often ...

mugenjou Re:50 % of my time is spent using bash (314 comments)

that reminds me of my method:

I have a local irc server with a private channel where I type in all my notes using xchat.
the last ~300 lines i can scroll through in xchat, to search older ones I grep the timestamped logfiles.

more than 3 years ago

Review of GNOME 2.26 and GTK+ 2.16

mugenjou Re:different wallpaper on different desktops (140 comments)

I'll try not to make a habit of replying to my own posts, but I was talking about a multi-monitor setup whilst the GP was probably refering to virtual desktops.

Compiz's wallpaper plugin can put different wallpapers on different virtual desktops, but currently needs nautilus to not draw the background. However, this means that you won't have any icons on the desktop! All that need be done by GNOME developers (specifically nautilus/eel people) is add an alpha channel to the background wallpaper pixmap -- which they may one day do.

once, for the nautilus/eel version as used by ubuntu gutsy i think, there was a not-really-big patch for this(actually 2, for both packages). however in ubuntu hardy that one did not apply anymore..
I think it *might* have caused a graphical redraw glitch with the screen-outgraying for gksudo and co, but I wonder could there any other reason for not including this for over a year? I want my desktop icons back...

more than 5 years ago

Will DRM Exterminate Spore?

mugenjou Re:Science terrible? (881 comments)

say hello to your new friend SimEarth (I played the win16 and snes variants)

more than 6 years ago


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