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Report: Space Elevators Are Feasible

murkwood7 Maybe we shouldn't save the species... (374 comments)

I read Arthur C. Clarke's stuff when I was young (and no, this was not last week!). As well as Heinlein, Asimov, PJ Farmer, and many, many others. I was enthralled and entranced. The spirit of exploration has been deep seated within me since those days.

When I read the comments for this topic, I am struck by:

1) The number of people who share my love of exploration, discovery, and maybe a chance to save the species. This number is woefully small.

2) The number of people who have no sense of awe, excitement of discovery, no desire to look past their own immediate universe. people to whom the horizon marks the end of the universe. This is, then as now, too many.

If we (the rest of us) listen to the nay-sayers, we will still be sitting, fighting over the girls and land, on this wore-out world, when the sun goes nova. And that will be sad.

I'm not trying to insult anybody. And my conversation style, grammer and spelling, tend to leave a lot to be desired.

about 2 months ago

Horseshoe Crabs Are Bled Alive To Create an Unparalleled Biomedical Technology

murkwood7 Re:"Forgettable sea creature" (159 comments)

... a forgettable Atlantic columnist...

There, fixed that for ya!

about 2 months ago

UCSD Lecturer Releases Gun Owner Geotagging Application

murkwood7 Re:What could go wrong... (10 comments)

I expect those who advocate this despicable app will soon discover it's far more beneficial to the criminals in pointing out where the people who can defend themselves live and consequently where the sheep live. Why would the BadGuy fuck with me when he can mount the sheeply, mewling quim, (to borrow a phrase from another post), that bleats next door. Great Idea!

A valid point. Only; how many criminals (of the type that break into homes), use smartphones?

about 9 months ago

UCSD Lecturer Releases Gun Owner Geotagging Application

murkwood7 Re:Tracking apps? Seriously? (10 comments)

In that case, you should have used the technically more correct term "crazy fuckers".

Lol. Well, a lot of them are women, technically "...fuckees". Whatever. Certainly "crazy".

about 9 months ago

UCSD Lecturer Releases Gun Owner Geotagging Application

murkwood7 Re:Tracking apps? Seriously? (10 comments)

No, I didn't use the dictionary definition of liberal. I simply referred to that group which brought us the "politically correct" movement.

You know, the ones that think guns kill people, not people kill people.

about 9 months ago

Medical 'Tricorder' Scanadu Scout Raises Over $1M

murkwood7 Awesome! (1 comments)

title says it all.

about 9 months ago

UCSD Lecturer Releases Gun Owner Geotagging Application

murkwood7 Tracking apps? Seriously? (10 comments)

Seems like someone (Brett Stallbaum) is attempting to start a civil war. Like the shit going on in other parts of the world isn't enough. Looks like some liberals are trying to start a "track everybody, discriminate against everybody" kind of big brother (big stereotyper?) thing. As a parent, I'd rather have an app that tracks pedophiles. Oh, wait, got one of those. Wonder if he is on it? The idea of "casting the first stone" often comes back to bite the first caster. Who often has political reasons for casting that stone that are unrelated to the (noisy) reason they cast the stone to begin with. Just sayin'

about 9 months ago

Keeping Your Data Private From the NSA (And Everyone Else)

murkwood7 Re:Can't have it all. (622 comments)

Why, exactly, are you posting as an Anonymous Pussy?

about 10 months ago

NASA teams to build gyroscopes 1,000X more sensitive than current systems

murkwood7 $1.8 dollars? (3 comments)

I'll take 10.

about a year and a half ago

Mars orbiter catches Curiosity rover in the act of landing

murkwood7 Interplanetary remote photography (1 comments)

I can't say how awesome this is. Good work NASA!

about a year and a half ago

Blocking Gun Laws With Patents

murkwood7 2 (main) types of people in this world... (1165 comments)

One thing I find rather striking as I browse through these comments: There are those who side with the despotic dictators of the world, and those who don't.

about 2 years ago

Trademark asserted against Hollywood sign painted on hockey helmet

murkwood7 How does one visualize a torrent? (2 comments)

silhouette of a pirate ship. ... in a bay. Of course.

about 2 years ago



Testing Only!!

murkwood7 murkwood7 writes  |  1 year,2 days

murkwood7 (807159) writes "when i submitted a story i was prompted to share via facebook, twitter, and linkedln. i chose facebook and the software promptly posted to my wife's facebook page. why did it do that???????"

Some states dropping GED due to price spikes!?!

murkwood7 murkwood7 writes  |  1 year,2 days

murkwood7 (807159) writes "I know many people are tired of the rip-off prices (or spiraling-out-of-control costs!) in anything education related. It seems to me that there should be a Wiki-style Educational resource that states could use for this purpose. I. e. High School equivalency wiki. The basic educational requirements for someone to function in society (read and understand job ads, job apps, and, say, nutritional labels, wouldn't change drastically from year-to-year."
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