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Confidence Shaken In Open Source Security Idealism

murkwood7 Re:Publicity (264 comments)

... sometimes it takes months, if not years, for companies to make a fix.

Sorry, couldn't resist!

about a week ago

Test Version Windows 10 Includes Keylogger

murkwood7 Re:Yeah (367 comments)

I shall pray to my new overlord!!! How long till the goverment demands that data to protect our children from pornographic terrorists?

There. FTFY

about two weeks ago

Top Decile of US Drinkers Consume 10 Drinks Per Day

murkwood7 "If the top decile..." (3 comments)

"...then total ethanol sales would fall by 60 percent."

And decimate ethanol sales.

Brought to you courtesy of the progressives destruction of the economy.

Proceeding right on schedule.

about two weeks ago

The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

murkwood7 And people wonder why... (602 comments)

I don't trust companies, governments, trade groups, or *ANY* groups or associations of >1 person.

Phoebus is a fair arguement for retroactive abortion.

about a month ago

The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

murkwood7 And people wonder why... (1 comments)

I don't trust companies, governments, trade groups, or *ANY* groups or associations of larger than 1 person. Phoebus is a fair arguement for retroactive abortion.

about a month ago

Should Cyborgs Have the Same Privacy Rights As Humans?

murkwood7 Re:Humans have too much (206 comments)

A fucking C.

Humans have too many privacy rights as it is.

Who said humans have ANY privacy rights. AfC The only privacy rights humans have are the ones we barely give lip service to.

Groups like ISIS happen because we're more concerned about doing all of our daily tasks in secret rather than being safe.

Groups like ISIS, and Governments in general, happen because of the inate human desire to be able to tell fellow human beings what to do, and how to think, and how to act. And make it stick. AfC

about a month and a half ago

Grand Ayatollah Says High Speed Internet Is "Against Moral Standards"

murkwood7 Re:If the Grand Ayatollah's against it.... (542 comments)

5.- G.O.D.

"Greenbacks On Demand" - I tried to find a good "G" word for this. Better than "Green Stuff" at least. That could have gotten weirdly ugly!

"Gold On Demand" - Good. The way things probably should be. But, in this context (humorous), seems kind of out-of-place.

"Gnote on Demand" - What we probably will end up with, sigh. Fuck lot better than "Inote", IMHO.

about 2 months ago

Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio

murkwood7 Re:The US slides back to the caves (528 comments)

What the hell is up with you people over there in the US.

So, you think everyone here, or even most US citizens are religious bigots?

Using _your_ logic, Europe must have 742.5 mIllion peadophiles (minus, of course, the number of kids living over there).

about 2 months ago

News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

murkwood7 Re:I hope it's just me (748 comments)

... "free speech" (which is only supposed to apply to governments, btw) ...

uhm. Explain, please.

about 2 months ago

Did cats hypnotize their owners into voting for Obama

murkwood7 Rebel cats (1 comments)

My cats are rebels! As is my dog.

about 2 months ago

Hackers Demand Automakers Get Serious About Security

murkwood7 Re:An easier solution (120 comments)

All they need to do is learn how to drive.

about 2 months ago

Is there an app that ignores stupid headlines

murkwood7 I know! I know! (1 comments)

The only app with a chance is the one between your ears! Yes, I know, pretty falable. Given how the brain-app seems to be hardwired to be attracted to the sort of shit you're talking about.

about 3 months ago

Ebola Outbreak Continues To Expand

murkwood7 Re:EVD (170 comments)

Is an External Ventricular Drainage a device or procedure in the treatment of Ebola?

about 3 months ago

Google, CNN Leaders in "Advertising Pollution"

murkwood7 Science Fiction or Reality (1 comments)

There was a kind of slap-stickish science fiction story concerning advertising that had a connection to legal alkyloids to addict people.

I've thought of that story quite often over the last decade or so. It had seemed somewhat funny, and foolish. The more time goes by, the less funny, less foolish, and more like reality the story seems.

I'll try to find the name of that story.

about 3 months ago

World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

murkwood7 Re:Finally! (474 comments)

I think the above post is underated

about 3 months ago

UN Report Finds NSA Mass Surveillance Likely Violated Human Rights

murkwood7 Re:So now that the UN said it, (261 comments)

No, it just means that your country has more in common with countries like Iran or Soviet era Russia than you'd like to admit.

You haven't seen my anti-US-government rants, have you?

These days the U.S. Constitution would count as an anti-US-government rant so that's not exactly a distinguishing feature.

There are a number of USA citizens who really, REALLY, need to understand this.

OoMGFs(TM, One of my greatist fears) is that some of these citizens do understand; they just don't care! The US Constitution is simply a dated concept that is getting in the way of ... I don't know; profits, power? Some other lame-ass failing of the human condition?

about 3 months ago



Testing Only!!

murkwood7 murkwood7 writes  |  about a year and a half ago

murkwood7 (807159) writes "when i submitted a story i was prompted to share via facebook, twitter, and linkedln. i chose facebook and the software promptly posted to my wife's facebook page. why did it do that???????"

Some states dropping GED due to price spikes!?!

murkwood7 murkwood7 writes  |  about a year and a half ago

murkwood7 (807159) writes "I know many people are tired of the rip-off prices (or spiraling-out-of-control costs!) in anything education related. It seems to me that there should be a Wiki-style Educational resource that states could use for this purpose. I. e. High School equivalency wiki. The basic educational requirements for someone to function in society (read and understand job ads, job apps, and, say, nutritional labels, wouldn't change drastically from year-to-year."
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