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With Chinese Investment, Nicaraguan Passage Could Dwarf Panama Canal

murphtall Re: Money pit (322 comments)

Dude Lajas comes up as in Columbia, not Nica.

about a month ago

The Problems With Drug Testing

murphtall Re: Er, that's a bit confusing (166 comments)

I know a couple 'professional lab rats' that travel from test to test to earn a living. The way they tell it about half the study participants do it fir a living and the other half just want some quick cash, like between jobs or a student. Not homeless and destitute like some posters seem to imply. CHEERS :)

about a month and a half ago

Dinosaurs Done In By... Dark Matter?

murphtall Nothing "real" to be explained here (135 comments)

LOL From TFA.... "Dissipative dark matter is a possible explanation, but it’s not clear that it’s explaining anything real"

about 6 months ago

Mozilla Is Investigating Why Dell Is Charging To Install Firefox

murphtall Re:First?? (306 comments)

the sort of user not smart enough to do it for themselves likely wont know what firefox is

about 6 months ago

Damming News From Washington State

murphtall Re:Lower the river, obviously (168 comments)

irrelevant? *blinks* hanford being downstream from a damned leaking dam is irrelevant? (Here's a map ) *blinks* hanford being the one that was leaking just months ago?> maybe it's just me but i see the relevance

about 6 months ago

Doctors Say New Pain Pill Is "Genuinely Frightening"

murphtall Re:It's just a tool I guess (294 comments)

its not hard to ship pot. i'll tell you what worked for SWIM from Seattle to Fargo for many years. Cannabis goes in ziplock, ziplock goes into turkey bag which is tied shut and crammed in a canning jar which is sealed tightly and wrapped in duct tape and placed inside of a Seal-a-meal style bag or another turkey bag. this was wrapped in a gym shirt or used socks and placed in syrofoam peanuts and shipped UPS slow with a tracking number. From 2004 to 2010 when we stopped this worked great every single time. Enjoy

about 7 months ago

Facebook Lets Beheading Clips Return To Its Site

murphtall Re: No boobies though. (277 comments)

There's plenty of boobs. I see full on sex videos. It's not hard for a nerd lke me to figure out and I'm so young my first modem was 2600 baud!

about a year ago

Microsoft Botches More Patches In Latest Automatic Update

murphtall Re: This is why I have a 1 week delayed install po (254 comments)

This!!! Years ago, my first domme shared with me a tidbit on polar bears. I'm uncertain of its validity but I liked the point it illustrated. She said that polar bears are monogamous and mate for life. In a zoo if you leave them in the same cage, sex will slow to a trickle or stop. Now if you housed them in separate cages, every time they got together they would have sex. And to me, sex is very important. Since then she passed away and I've gotten Domme 2.0 with much the same qualities. We are in on open, committed relationship and live apart. And aside from the times when I spend much of the night restrained and titilated, teased and tortured in lieu of sex, I get a ton of sex when she's around. Then. Sunday night. She goes home. Best effing way to do a mate IMO. I'd suggest you guys with significant others give it a shot. And fwiw goto some swingers clubs. Have fun with life. Fuck often and as many humans as possible. Cheers

1 year,3 days

Users Revolt Over Yahoo Groups Update

murphtall Re: Change is hard (331 comments)

Wrong. I use yahoo groups email only and so do hundreds of people I know who all still currently have their account working. I cannot recall the past time I logged into yahoo. 2009 maybe?

1 year,11 days

Users Revolt Over Yahoo Groups Update

murphtall Re: Lesson not learned (331 comments)

No. You do not have to use the web interface only. There is an option to receive individual emails and another for digest emails.

1 year,11 days

The Science of 12-Step Programs

murphtall LSD (330 comments)

I'm fairly certain Bill W was an LSD advocate and that he thought that it could treat alcoholism. I did a few years under the current way but I much prefer mental reconditioning using LSD

about a year ago

Possible Graphene Alternative Made From Hemp Waste

murphtall Re: Marijuana? (212 comments)

Yup. Google "The Emperor Wests No Clothes"

about a year ago

iTunes: Still Slowing Down Windows PCs After All These Years

murphtall Re: why does your phone need software running on (519 comments)

I thought we were talking media not music. Besides music march is only for the first 25k songs. Not handy if you have more or media that you wanna access that is other that music.

about a year ago

Elon Musk Hates 405 Freeway Traffic, Pays Money To Speed Construction

murphtall Re: $50k enough? (431 comments)

And I have no mod points!! +1 insightful!! Mod up!!

about a year ago

Elon Musk Hates 405 Freeway Traffic, Pays Money To Speed Construction

murphtall Re: May I contribute $5 ? (431 comments)

It works like that in the Midwest. I live in WA state and construction is like you describe. Years ago driving multiple times to St. Louis and Dallas from Seattle you'd see projected going all night long even in the winter!!! I was constantly like WTF? Why can't they work like this in my state? Shit then i-5 may not suck so bad. Geez.

about a year ago

The 'Linux Inside' Stigma

murphtall Re: It's simple (366 comments)

I dunno man. My legs twitch. Itch. And wiggle all night long. Maybe it's not a real thing, this restless legs syndrome, but my legs sure are restless and medications certainly help. Although the one that is the least toxic to me is a mix of cannabinoids, high in cannabinol, four in certain strains of cannabis. Yea. I tried. Many others. Klonapin. Tegretal. I can't even recall them all. Mirapex. But anyway. Maybe it's made up but daggummit it describes my symptoms perfectly. Just because you dot ow someone afflicted doesn't mean it's not real. Paradoxically just because the symptoms fit me doesn't necessarily mean its real and in the population as a whole either. Just me. For me. It's real.

about a year and a half ago

Build a Secret Compartment, Go To Jail

murphtall Re:The Answer To This Nonsense... (1111 comments)

Then one legalizes opium and amphetamines not heroin and methamphetamine. I should able to buy raw opium or adderal without a script. One legalizes coca leaves. Maybe one step further and morphine and cocaine too like hash oil.

about a year and a half ago


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