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The Hackintosh Guide

murpium Re:Mac vs. PC (453 comments)

"Great Scott! PC stands for Personal Computer - I just this moment got that. It's alright if you want to laugh." -Killface

more than 4 years ago

Arms Regulations Damaging US Space Industry

murpium Re:It's not just satellites.... (184 comments)

Sounds easier to put that component in a plastic bag and swallow it.

more than 4 years ago

Co-op Neverwinter RPG Announced For 2011

murpium This should've come earlier (169 comments)

Won't this just conflict with Diablo III? If I had this game now, I'd have something to hold me and my friends until that came out.

more than 4 years ago

Colleges Risk Losing Federal Funding If They Don't Fight Piracy

murpium Colleges are easy targets (285 comments)

Recent grad here. Our university has a closed network where each person has a unique IP. All the MPAA has to do is send the college an e-mail about it and your access is shut down and you have to write this really long letter about how sorry you are that you did that before they turn your internet back on again. Sometimes that's not enough. Apparently for a while RIAA was having some kids settling out of court for thousands of dollars. The MPAA and RIAA know colleges are an easy target because they have a much higher success rate of finding out exactly who was on the other end of that torrent.

more than 4 years ago

US Air Force To Suffer From PS3 Update

murpium Re:COTS = COST (349 comments)

THANK YOU. I am not a big fan of Sony. I do not own a PS3. But I can't figure out why everyone is in such an uproar over this. Sony loses money on every PS3 they sell. When people start buying tons of PS3s just for the ability to put Linux on it instead of buying games, Sony loses more money. I'm sorry, but I cannot blame Sony for removing the feature. The USAF will have to actually buy super computers from companies that do it for profit.

more than 4 years ago

Gun With Wireless Arming Signal Goes On Sale Soon

murpium Black Koch Rifle (457 comments)

Are the rumors about it true?

more than 4 years ago

Blizzard Authenticators May Become Mandatory

murpium Re:No thanks (248 comments)

That said, the only time Blizzard could make Authenticators mandatory would be at a game-changing event

They could make the authenticators free. If Blizzard ate the cost of the authenticators and then refused (or made it really hard) to restore accounts that didn't purchase an authenticator, they'd probably save enough money on support to pay for the authenticators.

more than 4 years ago

Man Pleads Guilty To Selling Fake Chips To US Navy

murpium Horrible Food (327 comments)

I knew those couldn't have been real Doritos

about 5 years ago

Skype Billing Gone Haywire For Some Users

murpium Skypenet (154 comments)

It's just Skype becoming sentient.

more than 5 years ago


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