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Ask Slashdot: Preventing Snowden-Style Security Breaches?

mushroom blue Disgusting (381 comments)

I logged in after a few years of lurking because of how truly offended I was by this submission.

This is not the /. I remembered. /. would not have tolerated such astroturfing in comments, nevermind allow it to make it to the front page. slashdot would have modded all these astroturfing comments -1 Troll, and the metamoderation would have said those -1's were fair. this submission proves that the libertarian-geeks that used to reign supreme on /. no longer post or live here. this submission proves /. was a failed revolution.

If there's an admin around looking at this, could you delete my account? I want nothing to do with this site anymore.

about a year and a half ago

Startup Aims For $99, Android-Powered TV Game Console

mushroom blue Re:It's kind of telling... (194 comments)

This is not the Slashdot we knew. It's been handed down to at least two companies by now. it's prettier now, but the soul disappeared.

All the good vibes of /. now exist on hackernews, but that's starting to go downhill as well. It seems that there's a cycle to the nerd news site: unknown and small -> good community -> community you actually mention to others as newsworthy -> purchased by a large corporation -> Trolls and newbs take notice -> eternal september commences -> site abandoned by quality participants.

more than 2 years ago

What Should We Do About Wikipedia's Porn Problem?

mushroom blue What about World Book? (544 comments)

I remember looking up "Reproduction" in my school library's Encyclopedia back in fourth grade, and seeing fairly graphic pictures and content. "Sex" was another good one. Eventually, we looked up "Vulva" and "Breasts". 'Twas a good time had by all the kids hovering over the World Book.

I bet you Larry Sanger had a similar experience when he was younger.

Now that I'm a parent, who am I to deny my children the same pleasure of discovery? It seems like this is the one area where everyone is afraid that being informed will somehow make all these children shoot up a school or something. They aren't going to just magically stumble upon "Dutch Pancake (sex act)" or whatever; they're going to be directly searching for the term after one of their friends tells them about it. More than likely, it'll make having "the talk" a lot easier later on if they're already educated; you'll be largely discussing responsibility, rather than technical questions.

more than 2 years ago

Scientology Attacker Will Be Sentenced To Jail

mushroom blue Pretty good odds. (354 comments)

so two Anon were caught, and the other 6,000+ people (many with >30k botnets) collaborating on irc.partyvan.org back in the day went free. it seems that, on this metric, the internet raids were a resounding success.

about 5 years ago

Astronomers Discover 33 Pairs of Waltzing Black Holes

mushroom blue So that gives us (101 comments)

3 billion years for a species to not kill itself long enough to escape this galaxy, lest all life on it perish?

about 5 years ago

Nintendo's Homebrew-Blocking Update Hacked

mushroom blue Re:Why haven't computer makers got sued yet? (157 comments)

we feel entitled because we own the machine. because it's our property, we can disassemble and modify it to our liking. a quick review of property law would support this, and is encouraged as an exercise for the reader. everything we're doing is fully legal, as we have the rights to modify our machines to do so. we don't even care if nintendo does support us (though it'd be nice if we could trust firmware updates). we're just surprised they don't, considering how much they like to talk about disruptive markets and technologies.

more than 6 years ago


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