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Ask Slashdot: Which License For School Products?

mustangdavis It depends ... (56 comments)

I was working as a grad student (back in the day) for a Computer Science department for a major University. During that time, some friends and I created a couple of massively multiplayer web browser games ... and we made quite a bit of money doing it. We had formed our own company, but we did (initially) do a lot of the work on campus ... either in public computer labs or in dorm rooms. We eventually bought our own headquarters, and completed our first game (and created all of our second game) there. We didn't make a penny while we were working on it at the University. So ... my question to all of the slashdot community would be ... did the University have rights to it? I would say "not at all". My grad work was COMPLETELY unrelated to the work I was doing for our company, and the other partners (except 1) were all undergrads w/o scholarships. The other grad student (who was my first CS instructor .. which was ironic since I was the CEO of the company) was also doing grad work completely unrelated to our game. My point is ... MANY very creative and inovative ideas and products are produced by people that need to either finish their education or make some sort of income while they work on these projects. If rules are put in place that prevent people from enjoying the fruits of their labor, then innovation will drastically slow down. Provided that the IP you are working on isn't closely related to what your employer is paying you to do ... and provided you are using your own resources (or resources that anyone would have made available to them), then I just don't see how it would be right for someone else to take away your rights to your IP.

more than 3 years ago

Florida School District Begins Fingerprinting Students

mustangdavis Wate of money (294 comments)

As our nation's schools "cry poor", this school district has the NERVE to waste money on a system like this? A classic case of TERRIBLE administrators, and people not wanting to be accountable. Get this ... we PAY teachers, administrators and bus drivers to keep track of the kids. Why do we even need this? The only think this school is teaching with this system is only good for criminals ... and that is how to be finger printed. Is that the kind of future we want for our kids???

more than 3 years ago

The End of Individual Genius?

mustangdavis The End of Individual Genius?????? (364 comments)

Does this mean that they are going to offically lower my I.Q.??? - or are they going to just 86 me? I mean, I know I'm getting older, and I feel more and more stupid every day (mainly from reading the rants of trolls - or reading really dry and bad humor, like this), but do they really have to take this kind of extreme measure? (* end of bad joke *)

more than 6 years ago

Last Sky Commuter For Sale On eBay

mustangdavis Air Traffic Control is an NP-hard problem (189 comments)

I don't know how many of you have a Master's or PhD in Computer Science, but the air traffic control problem is a NP-hard problem. Basically, this means that, in high population areas where you would have thousands of cars flying in all directions, there isn't a computer system in the world that could control all of those cars. Yes, there are solutions that would allow for quite a few cars at one time (SIMD machines with multi-dimensional memory, for example), but I do not beleive that there is a solution available that could be implemented without an absolutely insane cost that would accompany it. There are just too many varialbles ... and the more cars you add, the more likely that the system will not be able to handle the load, and you will suddenly have hundreds of mid-air collisions ...

The bottom line: Flying cars for general public use is, as someone before me stated, a "scifi pipe dream".

Sorry folks, didn't mean to rain on your parade, but flying cars will NOT happen anytime soon.

Having everyone flying around in cars, computer driven or not, is a frightening idea!! People today can not handle two dimensions, how can we expect them to handle three dimensions??

For more information on NP-hard problems and the air traffic control problem, please consult google :)

about 7 years ago


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