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Comcast Ghost-Writes Politician's Letters To Support Time Warner Mega-Merger

mveloso Just like other organizations do? (170 comments)

Form letters have been a part of every advocacy campaign. This is news?


Plan C: The Cold War Plan Which Would Have Brought the US Under Martial Law

mveloso Re:There are no such things as human "rights". (273 comments)

It's the same in other countries too. The foundation of the state is a monopoly on the legitimate use violence. Haven't you been paying attention for the last few thousand years?


New Nicotine Vaccine May Succeed Where Others Have Failed

mveloso Nicotine is great! (178 comments)

Nicotine is just like caffeine, except better. Why would you want a vaccine for it?

The only problem with nicotine is that the easiest way to get it is smoking. But now with vaping or gum it should be safer.

4 days ago

US Army Wants Weapon To Destroy Drone Swarms

mveloso Re:Old school AA (208 comments)

Drones can fly fast and fly low. If you can detect something flying fast and low from background noise and target it, that's great. If there are 30 of them flying fast right at you, that's a harder problem.

If there are 50 of them (they're cheap), then you're SOL.

If there are 100 of them (for redundancy) coming at you from all directions, then you're totally SOL.

Again, you only need a parrot-sized drone to do damage. Those can really go fast, especially if you don't care if they come back.

about a week ago

US Army Wants Weapon To Destroy Drone Swarms

mveloso That would be a Directed EMP (208 comments)

The problem with an EMP is you can't focus it. Focus an EMP and blast the electronics out of the sky. If anything you could disrupt the motors.

These things are going to become a major problem. If you have enough of them, you could outfit them with grapeshot and basically saturate an area. If they're cheap enough you could cover a really, really, really large area. Put lots of plastic explosive on them and you could do some serious damage to buildings and depots.

Today, a drone swarm would be basically unstoppable. Take a bunch of parrot AR drones and some plastic explosive and you'd be able to destroy or heavily damage any facility from afar. Good luck trying to stop them with anything.

about a week ago

Fewer Grants For Young Researchers Causing Brain Drain In Academia

mveloso Income Inequality? (153 comments)

It's amusing that academics complain about the salary differentials in the private sector, then do the same thing in their universities. Change yourself first, then agitate for change in the outside world.

If you aren't willing to eat your own dog food why are you trying to get someone else to eat it?

about two weeks ago

EFF: Apple's Dev Agreement Means No EFF Mobile App For iOS

mveloso Calling bullshit (220 comments)

It's a labor camp where people are making money.

Go back to the day to app stores like getjar. Did you even know they existed? Did you know how people bought and sold software before app stores? Did you know how developers did?

I do, and it was expensive to sell. The app store led the way to what is almost a zero-cost way to sell your software. You didn't have to provide a few thousand copies of your software as "payment." You didn't have to print a box, manual, and make physical media.

Saying the app store and its execution weren't a great revolution shows that you are totally ignorant of how software was made and sold only a few years ago. Small developers for software really didn't exist. Nobody pays for shareware, and making a living as a small dev was basically impossible. The app store basically recreated the hobby developer market, period, and brought it to a level of mainstream that was never attained by normal PCs.

Better PR? Apple does have better PR. But Apple also does things that nobody else things will work, and makes it work well. Making something work well is substantially harder than you can imagine.

about three weeks ago

Better Learning Through Expensive Software? One Principal Thinks Not

mveloso Sounds like public school education (169 comments)

What the principal says can translate to practically the whole public school curriculum:

"learning gains don't necessarily transfer to the real world, or last much longer than the end of the school year"

Very little in public education in the US has actually been proven, vetted, or has any evidence of efficacy. In fact, the PS system as a whole has been condemned many times for poor performance, bad practices, lack of accountability, and is essentially a money pit designed to enrich union teachers.

Kids get "educated" despite the public schools, not because of them.

about three weeks ago

2014: Hottest Year On Record

mveloso Hiatus? Does it exist or not? (560 comments)

Hey, what about that hiatus that didn't exist, and then it existed. Does it not exist again?

about three weeks ago

Over 78% of All PHP Installs Are Insecure

mveloso Bogosity (112 comments)

What he's saying is that the only "secure" version of something is x.x, x.y, z.x. Anything else is "insecure."

Well fuck, what about all those XP installations? Default apache configs? Systems using heartbleed SSL? What about if they're hosted on platforms that aren't current? What about embedded platforms?

Basically, 99% of the internet is insecure.

I mean, come on: 82.27% of perl installs are secure? 77.59% of python installs? Get real.

about a month ago

United and Orbitz Sue 22-Year-Old Programmer For Compiling Public Info

mveloso Gate check like a stroller (349 comments)

When you gate check a stroller, you get the stroller at the next hop, not at your destination.

You can also gate-check your bag, and it gets dumped into the normal cargo hold and meets you at the final destination. That's not the one you want.

Be sure you do the right one.

about a month ago

Belize's "Blue Hole" Reveals Clues To Maya's Demise

mveloso Offense to the gods? (80 comments)

Wow, they must have really ticked off their gods. A 100 year drought? What did they do, accidentally sacrifice a non-virgin?

about a month ago

Know Your Type: Five Mechanical Keyboards Compared

mveloso Alps kicks CherryMX ass (190 comments)

Real keyboardists use Alps switches, not Cherry MX.

about a month ago

Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

mveloso Morons should read some economic history (265 comments)

Actually, you really don't get it.

The financial system is fundamentally held together by one thing: trust. The US Dollar isn't the key currency because the US was the largest economy, or because we have the most weapons - although those things factor into it. The US Dollar is where it is because the US has the political will and ability to support the world financial system when things go bad, even though those actions may cause severe short-term problems in its own economy.

Do you trust China to manage your currency? Even the Chinese don't trust their government when it comes to money. Russia? The EU?

Good luck with that.

about a month ago

Putting Time Out In Time Out: The Science of Discipline

mveloso Mirror neurons? Or just neurons? (323 comments)

The article sounds pretty ridiculous, but in reality studies have shown that imagining practice is almost as good as practice.

Those "mirror neurons" sound like neurons being used to simulate actions of others. Saying that they automatically reflect actions taken by another is a stretch in humans. In monkeys, maybe it's triggering a pavlovian-style neural pathway.

I would rather not try to base a whole philosophy of something or another on animal studies. Try it on some college students first and see.

"Watching porn triggered the same neural pathways as actual sex."
"When people see violent things it's like they're doing those violent things in their mind."

I think a more accurate statement which is consistent with humanity is:

"Kids model their behavior on what they see adults doing." That isn't the same as "mirror neurons" by far.

about a month ago

NASA Video Shows What It's Like To Reenter the Earth's Atmosphere

mveloso Re:Perspective (75 comments)

Bad music. Wish they had a front facing camera. Why not get a go pro sponsorship?

about a month ago

The Joys and Hype of Hadoop

mveloso ETL (55 comments)

I remember Cloudera saying that most people use hadoop for ETL. Not sure if you've checked, but hadoop is like the ne plus ultra of ETL tools. It's worth a look if you have to transform lots and lots of data.

about a month ago

Backblaze's 6 TB Hard Drive Face-Off

mveloso 1mhz 6502 (173 comments)

Yeah, I remember when 1mhz was fast.

about a month ago



If you could rewrite your application, what would you do differently?

mveloso mveloso writes  |  more than 2 years ago

mveloso (325617) writes "Lots of readers are in development — web, software, etc. After a few iterations everything gets crufty — requirements change, hacks get put into place, the architecture doesn't fit, and real-world performance is terrible.

With the benefit of your current experience, how would you have rewritten your application given what you know today?"

Tracking zombies and botnets?

mveloso mveloso writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mveloso (325617) writes "Like many people here, I run a couple of servers that do various things. The machines run firewalls as a matter of course, and have large numbers of log entries showing machines that, for one reason or another, are poking and prodding them.

But — besides proactively shutting off access to the machines by blocking their IPs (which may or may not be useful), I was wondering: is there a repository somewhere for tracking infected machines or botnets? Some of the signatures match known vectors used by infected machines, and some don't...but it all may be useful informtion for somebody.

Does anyone know of a blacklist-type service that can use this information?"


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