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Army's Huge SAP Project 'At High Risk'

mvfranz Re:Great product? (166 comments)

- The user interface is the worst of any software product I've ever used, and I'm not exaggerating.

- The user documentation is even worse

- I'm told the developer documentation is worser still, esp. if you don't speak German.

- COBOL is so fucking awesome.

- It costs a leg, an arm, your first born and your left nuts. Oh and your soul.

- I have seen worse UIs - a proprietary X11 interface for one.
- the variable names are mostly in German, but once you have programmed in it, you learn what they are - very consistent usage within and across modules. There is English documentation provided by SAP.
- SAP is NOT written in COBOL. As someone else stated, it is C kernel with ABAP for the business language.
- it is expensive, but it is cheaper now than it was 5 years ago. Most of the cost is in paying people to do the implementation, and then support contracts. Much like every other enterprise software.

more than 3 years ago

Army's Huge SAP Project 'At High Risk'

mvfranz Not a big surprise - Implementing SAP is hard (166 comments)

Many SAP projects go over budget. It is a large complicated piece of software - which many do not understand. Like any vendor, the ease of installation is over sold by SAP and confirmed by implementors wanting the work.

The biggest issue that any implementation has is under estimating how much the business process will change.

I worked on a few implementations, the biggest failure was also a success. The system did exactly what the company wanted. However, the company did not understand it's own business and thus asked for the wrong features. Once implemented the company's operations came to a stand still as they could not follow the business process as implemented and was eventually bought by their biggest competitor.

I no-longer work with SAP, but I think it is a great product - just be sure you understand what your business process is and how that process will change once implemented in SAP. Rushing a project and taking shortcuts is a surefire way to end up with a failed project. Oh, and any project that lasts as many years of this, will have had 300% turnover of the implementation staff, so plenty of time will have been lost rolling consultants on/off the project.

more than 3 years ago

Red Hat Exchange Is Dead

mvfranz Red Hat had an App store? (88 comments)

Sorry, but this is the first I heard of an App store from Red Hat. What kind of software can you get there?

more than 4 years ago

Programming As a Part of a Science Education?

mvfranz Re:"Other parts of the world" (508 comments)

There is R http://www.r-project.org/ as a free alternative.

more than 6 years ago


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