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SpaceX Landing Video Cleanup Making Progress

mvpel Re:I WANT TO BELIEVE (54 comments)

Not to mention melting due to aerodynamic heating:

about 5 months ago

SpaceX Landing Video Cleanup Making Progress

mvpel Re:cheap webcam (54 comments)

The story we heard from SpaceX is that due to the weather, they couldn't get a boat out in the 15-foot seas, and the NASA chase plane they usually use wasn't available, so they went up in Elon's private jet equipped with an antenna jerry-rigged from a pizza pan stuck in the window. Maybe next time they'll use a Pringles can instead. :D

One of the mpeg experts was lamenting the encoding - there was no error correction enabled in the MPEG encoding, and the images were interlaced from an NTSC 29.97 down to a 15-fps feed into the encoder, and interlacing crushes the compression ratio, I gather. They've been informed of this, so hopefully the next launch will see some rock-solid quality video.

about 5 months ago

The Data Accountability and Trust Act (DATA)

mvpel Re:Government Databases: BAD (170 comments)

Montana's opposition to REAL-ID died in the Senate. Hopefully New Hampshire's won't suffer the same fate in the coming days. There's a big push to pressure NH senators about it being led by .

more than 8 years ago


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