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SLS Project Coming Up $400 Million Short

mx_mx_mx In other words (132 comments)

Its not a rocket. Its racket.

about 6 months ago

Samsung 'Smart' Camera Easily Hackable

mx_mx_mx X11 you say? (62 comments)

This would be pure awesomeness to show goatse on the screen of the camera to unsuspecting viewer while he aims for the shot....

about 9 months ago

How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

mx_mx_mx Oh well (582 comments)

How 'bout that SSL bug discovered not recently in OSX/iOS?

Sure the open source is not a silver bullet, nobody argues this.
And law of big numbers sure does it thing, yes, shit happens in open source just as well.
But how often this happens in open source vs closed source?
How often such incidents go unnoticed in closed source world?

about 9 months ago

Operation Wants To Mine 10% of All New Bitcoins

mx_mx_mx Re:much industrial (275 comments)

I would mod you funny, but something inside me cries, as your words are so true.

about 10 months ago

Snowden A Hero? Gates Says No, Woz Says Yes

mx_mx_mx The more time passes (335 comments)

The more I admire Steve Wozniak. He is a true hero.

about 10 months ago

SHA-3 Finalist Candidates Known

mx_mx_mx Re:"password" (194 comments)

Who modded that Troll?

more than 4 years ago

How Technology Gets the News Out of North Korea

mx_mx_mx Why this is modded funny? (173 comments)

North Korea government murders so many peoples every day that this just isn't funny.
Such situation can be actually true, and an someone innocent, that has already miserable life will suffer even more now

more than 4 years ago

Annual US Intelligence Bill Tops $80 Billion

mx_mx_mx Re:Costs.. (230 comments)

But that exactly what I wanted to say.
US spends so much money on useless things that even that completely useless agency budget in 2 years covers costs
of 10 years of very useful Apollo program.

Heck if we could cut these completely useless budgets, we probably had a space colony on mars by now

more than 4 years ago

Annual US Intelligence Bill Tops $80 Billion

mx_mx_mx Costs.. (230 comments)

When we talk about space, we always compare the Iraq war to costs of building good
spaceships, like Apollo for instance.

Heck, here a one year budget is almost exactly half of total cost of Apollo program in modern money.
80 Billion vs 170 Billion.

more than 4 years ago

FreeType Project Cheers TrueType Patent Expiration

mx_mx_mx Re:This makes me worried... (203 comments)

Freetype did work around that problem, and quite well.

Instead of using the bytecode, they used generic algorithm for hinting.

They say it gives same quality.
Besides, writing code for each character, doesn't seem to be that easy for font designers

more than 4 years ago

Wireless PCIe To Enable Remote Graphics Cards

mx_mx_mx Re:"Nutshell" (181 comments)

You do realize that you now sit right next to something that operates at 400-700 THz??

more than 4 years ago

Rockstar Ships Max Payne 2 Cracked By Pirates

mx_mx_mx Re:I can see the headlines... (340 comments)

In soviet russia pirates sue you!

Sorry can't resist

more than 4 years ago



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