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Windows 7 Trumps Vista By Reaching 20% Share

myspace-cn Re:Here come the "its not better than XP" posts (404 comments)

It really pisses me of to see people like you get troll'ed up.

They've done it to me as well. Makes me not even want to come here anymore.

about 4 years ago

DHS CyberSecurity Misses 1085 Holes On Own Network

myspace-cn FAILURE (TM) (86 comments)

Step one, outsource everything

Several things explain an 18 yr old in leadership position quite adequately.

1. "Broken oath of office." (FIOS Splitters, Failure to regulate the monetary sys, Torture, Spying, data hacking, fucking bs, hell on earth pain weapons, and abuse of electronics and physics, or training young minds with unconstitutional bullshit)


3. "Corruption protected by State Secrets" catch 22, and "No Expedited, Clearly Written Procedures, for taking out a Oath Breaker" (not to be confused with this never-ending-unconstitutional-undeclared-fucking-invisible-war-on-terror)

more than 4 years ago

Net Neutrality — Threat Or Menace?

myspace-cn Re:Ideology (253 comments)

Authority is actually what's being used to destroy the Constitution.

more than 4 years ago

Net Neutrality — Threat Or Menace?

myspace-cn Re:He doesn't want to be "forced" to host at YouTu (253 comments)

Frankly in the current discussion we are obviously talking about video. From the patents on the MPEG to everything else and now we need to fight this fight.

So, why hasn't video bandwidth been made cheap enough for Mr. Miller, or anyone else then? Why isn't the speed flying? You've dug up our streets, and made them crap fun for bicycles, your easement to every frigging private property sign already exists!

Why is there still dark fiber?

more than 4 years ago

Net Neutrality — Threat Or Menace?

myspace-cn Re:This all hinges on what "Net Neutrality" is. (253 comments)

I'll allow you to separate "internet" from "web."

As long as we understand Paid, "Internet access" is all 64K ports available on TCPIP/UDP/IPX and all the other net protocols connected to others of like kind at a given rate of speed. Otherwise your telling me I am getting a bunch of extra packets for free, which is of course complete horse-pucky.

more than 4 years ago

Net Neutrality — Threat Or Menace?

myspace-cn Re:Balance = Checkmate of the Evil on both sides (253 comments)

Then again you'll probably mark me troll.

just so we're clear first, myspace-cn was the account I chose (After my much older account got the password lost) and at the time the reason was because of the hypocrisy over myspace creating myspace-cn (which is now myspace.cn) and no I didn't forget the death threats from china.

more than 4 years ago

Net Neutrality — Threat Or Menace?

myspace-cn Balance = Checkmate of the Evil on both sides (253 comments)

I don't want "premium services" with high cost having authority over the internet, or a death spiral TOS/AUP


I don't want FCC mission creep, destroying everything in the end by having authority over the internet, and then passing even more authority based on some BS cyber (sic) war.

1._ Keep in mind the FCC has failed their existing mission, and indeed has removed their original mission statement. Why trust them to take more, when they already ignore their engineers working in the public interest, in leiu of selling frequencies willy-nilly regardless of health or safety and instead embrace the back door deal making to set the positions to screw the public. They have FAILED to manage the spectrum in the public interest as it exists NOW.. Until they prove what they have I say no more authority over your and my networks. They already screwed up your and my spectrum.

2._ Keep in mind it's been awhile since my ISP +Domains +Hosting bills increased. You and I know they will have too with this bankster monetary terrorism destroying us all, ISP and user alike.

more than 4 years ago

Pentagon Demands Return of Leaked Afghanistan Documents

myspace-cn Re:Red Flag (523 comments)

Secrets with no accountability, no oversight, being hidden by oath breakers to hide crime, murder, and theft, is tyranny.

There should be an argument that the original docs which were leaked were in fact the soldier/leak was simply upholding his oath, by exposing unconstitutional corruption by oath breakers.
Nobody has clarified the consequences of breaking their oath, and they sure the fuck haven't made it have consequences have any teeth, even when it's clear a leader breaks it, and they haven't given soldiers the tools needed to uphold their sworn oath. Perhaps then we could get the oath's consequences clarified, and some real criminals arrested instead of state secrets being used to hide nasty shit?

more than 4 years ago

Does Net Neutrality Violate the Fifth Amendment?

myspace-cn Re:riiiiight (341 comments)

You nailed that MF.

Public spectrum vs paid for cable

more than 4 years ago

The Great Operating System Games

myspace-cn Solitare Keyboard Only? (145 comments)

In the grand poo bagh of things I have to admit it, when stuck in some dusty garage!

(I'm trying for some karma back...lol)

more than 4 years ago

US Shows Interest In Zombie Quarantine Code

myspace-cn Re:knee-jerk reactions without reading (195 comments)

The end game is to eliminate the anonymous. No more whistle blowers because nobody can be anonymous.

Oh you think I am full of conspiracy?

National Strategy for Trusted IDs in Cyberspace (NSTIC) (June 25, 2010 draft)

Goal 1: Develop a comprehensive Identity Ecosystem Framework
Goal 2: Build and implement an interoperable identity infrastructure aligned with the
Identity Ecosystem Framework
Goal 3: Enhance confidence and willingness to participate in the Identity Ecosystem
Goal 4: Ensure the long-term success of the Identity Ecosystem

Action 1: Designate a Federal Agency to Lead the Public/Private Sector Efforts Associated
with Achieving the Goals of the Strategy
Action 2: Develop a Shared, Comprehensive Public/Private Sector Implementation Plan
Action 3: Accelerate the Expansion of Federal Services, Pilots, and Policies that Align with
the Identity Ecosystem
Action 4: Work Among the Public/Private Sectors to Implement Enhanced Privacy
Action 5: Coordinate the Development and Refinement of Risk Models and Interoperability
Action 6: Address the Liability Concerns of Service Providers and Individuals
Action 7: Perform Outreach and Awareness Across all Stakeholders
Action 8: Continue Collaborating in International Efforts
Action 9: Identify Other Means to Drive Adoption of the Identity Ecosystem across the

Envision It!
An individual voluntarily requests a smart identity card from her home state. The individual chooses to use the card to authenticate herself for a variety of online services, including:
  Credit card purchases,
  Online banking,
  Accessing electronic health care records,
  Securely accessing her personal laptop computer,
Anonymously posting blog entries, and
  Logging onto Internet email services using a

Yeah, I am talking conspiracy, conspiracy fact.
Envision It!
A power utility remotely manages Smart Grid software
deployed on an electricity meter. Trusted hardware
modules and secure authentication between the power
company and the meter prevent deploying fraudulent
meters as a way to steal electricity; ensure that the
hardware and software configurations are correct; and
restrict meter software to only run on authorized meters.
Likewise, the meter trusts that instructions and periodic
software upgrades come from the power company.
These trusted interactions reduce the threat of fraudulent
activity and deployment of malware within the Smart Grid.

The Identity Ecosystem is composed of three layers:
  Execution Layer – Conducts transactions in accordance with the rules of the Identity
  Management Layer – Applies and enforces the rules for participants in the Identity
  Governance Layer – Establishes the rules required to function within the Identity

So the system will not be for Truth, Free Speech, Whistle Blowing, it is designed for

Validated attributes
Validated Identity
Certified Credentials

Perhaps it's now time to say fuck it all, and stop buying computers, stop building websites, stop shopping online, and go back to being quiet like the 1970's.

That's the endgame. Fuck off if you can't swallow it.

more than 4 years ago

Canadian Arrested Over Plans to Test G20 Security

myspace-cn Re:Hey... (392 comments)

All this is is an example. They can' get a false flag, so they have to set an example because they can't let all that money go to waste without cracking down on something new.

more than 4 years ago

The South Carolina Primary and Voting Machine Fraud

myspace-cn Re:No conspiracy.. (467 comments)

Actually it's time to start attributing to malice.
A Conspiracy

Your h4lons raz0r full of poo

more than 4 years ago

The South Carolina Primary and Voting Machine Fraud

myspace-cn Re:Open Primary (467 comments)

First, there's no such thing as a "democrat party" it's called the "democratic party"

Second, this isn't an R vs D problem, it's a physics problem because humans can not see the electronic signals inside these (doped with no oversight) pieces of silicone, regardless of the arrangement which is going to electronically represent in digital logic the tabulation of these election ballots. A poll watcher is a moot point, when you were not present 24/7 from the initial doping process, through assembly, manufacture, and down to deployment at the local polling place level, where you and I vote.

Third, when you can't provide oversight, you have garbage in, when your trying to tabulate garbage, you end up with garbage.

Fourth, being as there's no audit "trail" , and no human oversight from start to finish, you can't recount unvalidatable trash.

Fifth, the final outcome is always destructive, by electing oath breaking termites, everything becomes corrupted by propagating more oath breakers to destroy more stuff, and release everything from accountability of the existing law.

Sixth, you can quote all the fucking numbers you want, the reality is you still haven't counted the peoples vote.

Seventh, I give you Kudo's on also correctly recognizing the fact that electronic parts fail sometimes, for no reason, they fail, and for reasons they fail, they can burn out, they can overheat and give really weird output, but the sad fact is nobody is destructively reverse engineering these devices for exploits of malicious intent. Just cause something's burnt up, doesn't mean it failed, it may have failed with a purpose internally, like changing it's internal logic around and burning the channel shut. Clearly electronic semi conductors can not ever be trusted with this in mind as every machine would need to be destroyed to be audited fully for tampering, and even then, we still might not SEE it!

Now here's my opinion. (I didn't say fact) You want an open primary? Fine, Outlaw all electronic vote tabulation devices, and have an election which uses all paper ballots, all counted by all publicly interested parties, the public must provide 24/7 chain of custody, from the moment the poll opens to the moment the entire election is finally tabulated, and even then it ought be stored in a vault afterward with oversight from all interested public parties. Or transported to a vault by all interested parties. Where ever it goes it can not be allowed to have the "chain of custody" tampered with. If it is tampered with, then the election must start over. The other part of this is reform the way the SOS does it's policies and procedures. You can't have a corrupt sheriff in charge of kicking poll watchers out, and especially at the expense of breaking the "chain of custody" , which if you happen to look right now, not many deputies have asm programming and electronic manufacturing under their belt. So clearly local LEO (Law enforcement for short) is being exploited by whatever politician wants to put pressure or just straight up conspire to steal shit (like we already have seen.) So clearly there has to be some kind of check to this kind of exploit of power. Perhaps specifically trained election cops, to counter it all, and if need be they call local LEO for assist. But the days of rolling up poll watchers on faux charges, then releasing them after the election is over, breaking the chain of custody, has to stop for it to work. I really hope your feeling what I am saying here.

The next problem is the Electoral College. And I don't know what to say about that, personally I want it outlawed also, but FIRST these electronic vote tabulation devices have to go! Buy Paper, Pay humans, uh, if you can't get workers, do it like we do Jury Duty, your called to duty, you serve.

The other thing which I have been saying all along now, is this is literally a national security problem.

You don't know who is electing our reps. Could be the chip manufacturer in Korea, or China. You don't know though, because you haven't looked.

more than 4 years ago

The South Carolina Primary and Voting Machine Fraud

myspace-cn Outlaw Electronic Vote Tabulation Devices Now! (467 comments)

It's absolutely fucking amazing to me, these scumbag motherfuckers have no problem keeping the vote hidden electronically from the public. (Humans can not see electronic signals)
Until now, NOW someone's finally been elected to piss these treasonous domestic terrorists off. You get a zero budget Marine Vet who swore an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies.

But the shit ass treasonous fuckers who are driving America off the cliff can't have that.

Look you dumb fucking pro machine domestic terrorists, there's only one way to use electronic vote tabulation devices and know your vote was counted, that's if you give up your transparency, and go into an all out confirmation loop.

example: "did my vote go for x or y? y, no I said x, y? no x. Okay X is confirmed. X confirmed. Thanks.

But before you rotten seeds say, " okay lets give it up " I will remind you the reason transparency was made to be a law in the first place is because dumb motherfuckers like you got wacked for voting against the thugs and tyranny. No dumb motherfuckers like you give up the ENTIRE fucking thing by allowing unauditable, unvalidatable electronic vote tabulation devices.


more than 4 years ago

New York Times Bans Use of Word "Tweet"

myspace-cn NYT Hypocrisy from the pay wall trench (426 comments)

I find it amazing these "journalists" (sic) have time to foist opinion about newfangled slang e-verbs folks have created out of the necessity of brevity, when there other problems in the world.

Like oh say, the possibility of doomsday in New York if the government shut's down.

It would be far more in the public interest if these "journalists" (sic) could start using words like

Broken Oath of office
Bankrupt Government

Of course it could simply a NYT ego dick measuring contest because not many folks go "NYT-ing" anymore. Gee I wonder why.

more than 4 years ago

Twitter API ToS To Force Routing Clicks To Twitter

myspace-cn And when the Gateway goes down? (92 comments)

Nothing good comes to the people from spying on the people or modifying their data. It only gives the Powers That Be a better knife to slice us up with.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Hides Firefox Extension In Toolbar Update

myspace-cn Re:It is just an update to an existing toolbar (285 comments)

While this is a non-issue for most hardened people out there, it does beg the question.

Are we just one update cycle away from "lights out?"

(Where "lights out" means our systems are down and not productive because they have been broken in some way because of a scheduled update.)

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Hides Firefox Extension In Toolbar Update

myspace-cn Re:It is just an update to an existing toolbar (285 comments)

I noticed Ars only use's the win 7 updater. Hope that's not the future trend.

If you've been around for any amount of time you know these toolbars are all crap for the most part and any little benefit you might get, quickly becomes old, and eventually a waste of productive real estate space on your monitor. As you harden over the years, you don't install such crap in the first place.

But I have to admit, I must have been psychic, cause unlike other updates in 2010, I had this "feeling" I should wait a day or two on this patch Tuesday 6/08/2010 And sure enough some people got bit.

With all the lies in the world we don't need deceptions from our "trusted sources" even minor deceptions. I agree with your bold two liner, for the most part your spot on, but it seems there is a complaint here by folks who had only installed it on one thing, having it force installed on another. What if say someone in firefox doesn't want it when they DO want it in IE. Your saying the toolbar is one size fits all. While we are saying, keep your fucking toolbar out of my 4 portable firefox's opera's and whatever else you feel like attacking from the known paths. If I come to you with IE presented, only present IE with shit. It's lazy and it's deceptive, and it questions trust itself.

But for the most part I agree with you.

more than 4 years ago



Every nerd born in a pocket protector needed now

myspace-cn myspace-cn writes  |  more than 6 years ago

myspace-cn (1094627) writes "Over at http://bradblog.org/ Jim March writes,

"Folks, I'm writing to tell you personally about the most important election in America for election integrity: putting Brad Roach into the Pima County (Tucson) Arizona county attorney's office. Why do I believe it's the most important election in America in regard to the issue of Election Integrity? Click the cartoon above and/or read on...

If Roach is elected:

        * He'll have all the powers of a DA, including criminal subpoenas;
        * He'll also have control over the county's civil lawsuit division including the ability to sue over fraud;
        * HE GETS IT ON ELECTION INTEGRITY and is saying so publicly with a bit of humor. (See his must-view cartoon, part of which is linked above.)

As I write this, I've been involved in the non-partisan fight to reform elections since mid-2003. Many of you know who I am, perhaps through my work with http://blackboxvoting.org/ ; we may not agree on every point but I don't think anyone will disagree that I've been in the fight."

Break the Achilles Heel of the Electoral-Industrial Complex



myspace-cn myspace-cn writes  |  more than 6 years ago

myspace-cn (1094627) writes "The USS Lake Erie launches a Standard Missile-3 at a non-functioning National Reconnaissance Office satellite as it traveled in space at more than 17,000 mph over the Pacific Ocean February 20, 2008 in this handout photo released by the U.S. Defense Department. A missile from a U.S. Navy warship hit a defunct U.S. spy satellite 133 nautical miles (247 km) above the Earth in an attempt to blow apart its tank of toxic fuel, the Pentagon said on Wednesday. REUTERS/Defense Dept. photo by U.S. Navy/Handout (UNITED STATES). EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS.

Go ahead steal the story... BETTER ADD THE URL'S o;)"

UC Final Reports

myspace-cn myspace-cn writes  |  more than 7 years ago

myspace-cn (1094627) writes "The University of California has submitted some of the reports on the findings from the top-to-bottom review. The red team reports are separated by voting system. The accessibility report contains findings on all of the voting systems that were reviewed. The document review and source code review reports will be posted as soon as the Secretary of State receives the final reports.
Overview by UC Principal Investigator Matt Bishop (WARNING: .pdf, 303KB)"

myspace-cn myspace-cn writes  |  more than 7 years ago

myspace-cn (1094627) writes "The 800 pound gorilla of software development has moved forcefully into New York State with proposed changes(PDF WARNING) to New York State Election Law drafted by Microsoft attorneys that has been circulating among the Legislature. These changes would gut the source code escrow and review provisions provided current LAW!! There's more information on Bo Lipari's web blog and on Bradblog.com Ain't it time to get rid of these machines?!"


myspace-cn has no journal entries.

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