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Where Can I Find NT Kernel Programmers?

myxlplix Re:This will probably get me FLAMED to all hell... (25 comments)

In my opinion: If you spent four years (not 8 semesters or whatever) studying the skill you wanted, you would probably be extremely good because you would not be using your time to learn "dead languages" (I know its a sterotype but it helps make my point). Becoming very focused on a subject lets you become a extremely good at it and very employable. There are four basic levels of skill 1.unconscious incompentence 2. conscious incompentence 3. conscious competence 4. unconscious competence (or Guru). When you spread your focus over so many subjects it tough to get to level four. Unfortunately our schools do this (I doubt anyone way back at the start of colleges thought they would end up as they are now). But they do keep us from being narrow minded fools buried into our own little niche. I do think they provide a long course (even though its very weak)in analytical thinking. But they also are a statis symbols, looks good on paper. Like this silly MCSD certification I am required to get (because I don't have a degree in CS) so I can do NT Kernel stuff. It will have no real effect on my job performance (it will look pretty in my file though). Colleges have there place but when it comes down to the wire it will be skill that takes the day. If you have any foresight, pick your focus now so that you can get out of college and take my job (I'll be bored by then and I will need to move on). You also need to be carefull not to become to narrow focused and loose your adaptability to new things or you will know what its like to be a dinosaur. Last and certainly the most important note on this is: Don't be upset not even irritated that someone else didn't provide you with what you want, just be prepared to do it yourself in a manner that meets your needs. Remember: Life is nothing more than a game, its just that the consequences for loosing are a b....

about 15 years ago


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