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Scientists Deliver 'God' Via A Helmet

n2dasun Re:Surely this includes the hallucinations (1020 comments)

Maybe I messed up my reply somehow, since the nesting doesn't seem to show it, but my reply was directed @ Brad Eleven

more than 7 years ago



n2dasun n2dasun writes  |  more than 7 years ago

n2dasun writes "I'm sure there are plenty of comments to be made about it, but I think it's a good idea:

Sign the Wii Treadmill Petition!

To: Nintendo Company, Limited

Since the Nintendo Wii was released, it has quickly become obvious that this form of entertainment has the power to break interactive entertainment from its stigma of keeping its user glued to a couch and physically inactive (ignoring the whole thumb thing). The purpose of this petition is to persuade Nintendo to expand the peripherals of the Wii console to include a treadmill, with variable speeds based on user effort. This will provide lots of exercise opportunities in the forms of role-playing games, or maybe an olympic sports game package. The natural next step for Wii is obvious. We just need to help the right people realize it."


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