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Take A Look At Solaris 10

n3rd Re:struggling with solaris 10 for the last week (352 comments)

Horseshit. "Setting up paths, shells and patches" is the idiot work of system administration. It is the stuff you learn on the first day or two of the job.

I'll be sure to let my co-workers they are doing "idiot work", I'm sure they will appreciate it.

Redefining system administration to even include trivial crap like figuring out $PATH dumbs down the profession.

Then who do you suggest does this? Have you ever told your boss (if you are a sysadmin) that you won't do something because it's "trivial crap"?

Too bad you think you are somehow above things of this nature. Unfortunately they are everyday occurances and you need to deal with them.

more than 9 years ago


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