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Is Battery-Free 2-Factor ID Secure?

n8twj Re:Permuation Enumeration (180 comments)

Great analysis - You totally 0wn3d this guy's idea...hopefully he goes back to the drawing board.

more than 5 years ago

Ask The Mythbusters

n8twj Ping Pong Balls (1435 comments)

What did you guys do with all of the Ping Pong balls?

more than 9 years ago



Asterisk 0day Segfault

n8twj n8twj writes  |  more than 6 years ago

n8twj writes "IAX Control New exploit code documents another remote IAX2 resource exhaustion attack. This exploit attacks the IAX2 protocol, a service enabled by default on any Asterisk installation. Digium was notified of this vulnerability more than 30 days ago. This is not the first Asterisk IAX resource exhaustion vulnerability. The IAX POKE exploit was released in July 2008 at The Last HOPE conference in New York City."
Link to Original Source

n8twj n8twj writes  |  more than 7 years ago

jj writes "Ars Technica reports that Cingular/AT&T has blocked their customers from calling various 'free' calling services, like FuturePhone and PartyLine Connect, in the 712 area code. Cingular representative Mark Siegel said, "We have to pay terminating access for every minute the person is on the line. Typically these companies run them through local exchange companies that charge high access rates, so we end up paying high access charges."

If Cingular/AT&T is allowed to unilaterally block their customers from calling specific telephone numbers, what will stop them from blocking calls to competing cell carriers or even worse growing VoIP Providers like SunRocket or NuFone?"


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