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nagora Re:you live in an ivory tower (70 comments)

you have a very cocooned and typical point of view of a lot western children (children in mind, if not actual chronological age), who have seen no real menace in their lives, and therefore see no reason to fight menace.

Yes, apart from being blown up by the IRA, having my grandmother shot dead and a friend blown to pieces it's all been pillows, harps, and peeled grapes here.

I see menace in the wasp's nest, and I see menace in the fool who stirrs the wasp's nest up. Which is more evil?

Take your head out of your ass and take a look around once in a while.


more than 6 years ago



nagora nagora writes  |  about 8 years ago

nagora (177841) writes "The BBC is reporting that next week's UK music chart may have the first sign of the end of the recording industry as we know it. From this week (7th Jan, 2006), all downloaded music sales are counted in the official UK chart, not just tracks which have had a physical media release. Now, a group of unsigned kids is poised to enter the top 40 without any old-world recording, distribution, or production deals. Koopa have their own web site, and of course their own My Space home.

But they're not acting on principle; band member Joe Murphy says "If someone comes along and gives us an offer, we'll talk to them." before continuing on to add the words the recording industry has been having nightmares about since the introduction of the mp3 format: "If we can get enough exposure and get in the top 40 by the end of the week, do we necessarily need a large label? Probably nowadays, no you don't." Is this finally the crack in the dam we've all been waiting for to wash away the entrenched monopolies of 20th century music production? Or just a sell-out waiting to happen?"


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