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Correcting Killer Architecture

nanoflower Re:The Death Ray Hotel (98 comments)

So we can remove all windows because they clearly aren't structural since the building will remain standing without any windows. Oh, the doors can go too since they clearly aren't structural.

4 days ago

40% Of People On Terror Watch List Have No Terrorist Ties

nanoflower Re:High success rate or lots of unknowns? (256 comments)

That's the strange thing about the No Fly list. If the people are dangerous and they find out they can't fly (which could really only be because they were on the No Fly list) then wouldn't that make them more likely to do something. Hell, it's the sort of thing that is going to anger someone who wasn't dangerous and had no inclinations to hurt anyone. Sure, they likely still won't hurt anyone but suddenly protesting and fighting against the power of the government doesn't seem that outrageous when the govt. is clearly fighting against them.

Also, if the government truly is afraid of an actual threat by an individual don't they have an entirely separate list (like the BOLOs) that tells law enforcement officers to not only watch out for these individuals but apprehend them.

What's the point of a no-fly list when the individual can travel by other means to another country and then fly on to where ever they wish. Sure they can't fly into or out of a US destination but isn't the rest of the world open to them? It seems the only thing a no-fly list is really for is to stop someone from taking over a plane and if someone is really at risk of doing that shouldn't they be in jail or at least under constant watch so a No Fly list isn't need?

about two weeks ago

Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

nanoflower Re:Great... (582 comments)

Actually I think they will do that. It's either properly identify or turn off the transponder so there's no identifying signal. Setting up your military planes to identify as civilian is a sure way to get your civilian planes shot out of the sky and completely unnecessary when you can just fail to ID your plane as anything.

about three weeks ago

Al Franken Says FCC Proposed Rules Are "The Opposite of Net Neutrality"

nanoflower Re:ya (282 comments)

How is it sleazy when what Netflix was wanting to do is make it easier for Comcast customers to get what they desired. Netflix wasn't sending any data on their own. They only send down the video streams when a customer (in this case only Comcast customers) request data.

What Netflix really wanted to do was set up a server farm inside Comcast's network to supply Comcast customers the video streams they wanted. It only makes business sense because Comcast is so large. That way Netflix could send down new movies/shows once to Comcast over the crowded Internet lines and then have the Comcast customers get their videos from the servers on Comcast's network.

The problem happens that the link between Cogent and Comcast is always flooded because Comcast wants Cogent to pay for peering. Netflix uses Cogent to connect with the Internet so all of their traffic to Comcast customers (that they requested) was going through the congested Cogent Comcast links. Ideally Comcast would upgrade the links when they become congested because the congestion happens due to Comcast customers requesting more data from Cogent customers but Comcast saw this as a way to get paid from twice from both ends of the connection so they didn't upgrade the Cogent network connections and it worked. Netflix is paying them and Comcast customers

about 3 months ago

The Fall and Rise of Larry Page

nanoflower Re:first=win (99 comments)

Though one could say that Apple was the first to bring the GUI to the general public. Xerox had the GUI first but they didn't have an interest in taking it to the general public. I played around with one of their systems and they had all the hooks there to make it a success if they brought the cost down and tried to sell it to more people but for some reason they kept coming up with great ideas but not wanting to take it to the world.

about 4 months ago

Bill Gates & Twitter Founders Put "Meatless" Meat To the Test

nanoflower Re:Watch Out for PETA (466 comments)

That's what a freezer is for. I can remember growing up we had one of those that was always full of frozen meat and veggies. My dad would pick up a whole or half cow (pre-cut and packaged) from one of the local butchers. Much cheaper than buying it piece meal from the local grocery store.

about 4 months ago

San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained

nanoflower Re:Simple problem, simple solution (359 comments)

That may be but the OP's point still stands. Cars are the problem and there's really only one easy way for a city to control the amount of cars entering a city. Limit the parking.

I'm not saying it's the right thing to do but it's likely the most effective. If I know that it may take me an hour to find a parking spot then I'm going to look for another solution. Either not going to that area or traveling via cab/bus/subway/bicycle/walking. Basically anything but a car.

about 4 months ago

Aaron Swartz and MIT: The Inside Story

nanoflower Re:Why did he do it that way? (106 comments)

He could have worked around that by downloading at a slower rate. If you are downloaded a lot at one time it's going to draw attention but if he downloaded at a slower rate (say an article every ten minutes) then it isn't likely to draw that much attention.

about 5 months ago

Apple, Google Go On Trial For Wage Fixing On May 27

nanoflower Re: No proof so far (148 comments)

They are 'at will' employees. The VPs and senior managers are likely under detail contracts but the people doing the actual work will be regular employees. Well paid but still employees that can be released at any moment (in most states.)

about 5 months ago

NVIDIA Unveils Next Gen Pascal GPU With Stacked 3D DRAM and GeForce GTX Titan Z

nanoflower Re:a few things left out (110 comments)

That doesn't agree with what I've read. Supposedly Nvidia is running behind schedule but it isn't their fault. The problem is that TSMC can't deliver on their promises so everything is being pushed out. Ideally both AMD and Nvidia would have 20NM (or what TSMC calls 20NM) GPUs out on the market already but TSMC has had issues with bringing 20NM production online. That's forcing everyone using them to rethink their planned introduction of new products.

about 5 months ago

$30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

nanoflower Re:Did Fluke request this? (653 comments)

I agree the colors look the same in both pictures. However, both multi-meters are clearly labeled with the company name and have a very different layout. So it is hard to see how someone would confuse a Sparkfun with a Fluke. I'm not sure why there is an issue here since the two are clearly different and the idea of trademarking color seems a bit absurd.

about 4 months ago

Intel SSD Roadmap Points To 2TB Drives Arriving In 2014

nanoflower Re:Write limits (183 comments)

Is that true when you consider drives that arrive DOA or die early in their life? I could see DOA numbers being similar for SSD and HDs (anyone have statistics on this?) but it would seem like SSDs would be more likely to just keep working unlike HDs which may have an early failure.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Top Black Friday Tech Picks?

nanoflower Re:Don't! (189 comments)

It is kind of sad. I saw a news report of a guy on Monday setting up his tent outside his local Walmart so he would be one of the first in line (yes, there were people in front of him) for the $99 TVs. It's a good deal from what I saw but to stand in line for 3 days just to get it??? And the stores are getting even worse since Walmart and others are opening up on Thanksgiving day to rake in the early money. The sad thing is that those unbelievable deals tend to be in very limited quantities so most of the people in the crush won't pick up any of those special deals. Instead they will end up getting items at prices they could find at many other times during the year. Stores know the big sale prices draw in the customers but they aren't going to stock up on items they are going to sell at a loss or near cost in order to draw in the rubes. Sadly many people don't seem to understand it.

about 9 months ago

Feedly Forces Its Users To Create Google+ Profiles

nanoflower Re:What is the issue with creating a Google+ accou (251 comments)

Yep. This is the number one reason I've stayed away from Google+. It would be one thing if they just threatened to delete your G+ account, but they say they will get rid of your G+ account, your Youtube account, your Gmail account and any other Google account you have. Unfortunately they did manage to create a Nano Flower G+ account finally when I hit the wrong button when trying to use Youtube. So I'm at risk of losing my accounts just because Google kept trying to force us to create and eventually succeeded.

about 9 months ago

True Size of the Shadow Banking System Revealed (Spoiler: Humongous)

nanoflower Re:BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA (387 comments)

I don't see why you would doubt the ability of the shadow banking system to have more money than exists. Wasn't that one of the major complaints during the financial collapse of 2007-2010 that things like CDOs and derivatives allowed these companies to show more money on the books than they actually had. That if they had to back everything out and pay out all the money on the books (and get paid) that there wouldn't be enough to go around (and I'm not even talking about paper money.) As I understand it we essentially have a house of cards that keeps going so long as no one knocks it down and everyone keeps going in the hopes that it won't happen while they are on watch.

about a year ago

Student Arrested For Using Phone App To 'Shoot' Classmates

nanoflower Re:Really? (706 comments)

Imagine if they had caught you playing a game like Carmageddon where much of the fun was in running down pedestrians.

about a year ago

Why We Need to Keep Our Night Skies Dark (Video)

nanoflower Re:WaPo article on Tucson as night-sky destination (130 comments)

I fully agree. The most beautiful sky I saw was when I went up to the Grand Canyon and made a day of it. I was heading back to Phoenix and stopped between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon at about 10PM at night. The night was crystal clear and you could actually see more stars in the sky than I could as a young lad in rural Georgia. No cities being near by and being up 7000ft above sea level makes a huge difference in what you see in the night sky.

about a year ago

Amazon Forbids Crossing State Lines With Rented Textbooks

nanoflower Re:Covering butt (125 comments)

It can be tracked automatically at the state level without much trouble. The problem comes when we get down to the lower levels when tax rates can change without much public notice. That makes it much tougher.

1 year,1 day

Comcast Working On 'Helpful' Copyright Violation Pop-ups

nanoflower Re:Is this so bad? (284 comments)

Agreed. It had little to do with piracy and much to do with the rise of only a few companies owning the radios stations in multiple markets. They decided that focusing on the most popular music and playing the same thing in every market was the way to go. That made it much harder for new bands that didn't fit the mold to make it.

1 year,13 days

Former Valve Hardware Designer Recounts Management Difficulties

nanoflower Re:Flat structures never, ever happen (224 comments)

Limiting the size of the company is certainly going to help, but I see another problem with the way Valve was setup that might not impact W.L.Gore & Associates. According to the article Valve gives out bonuses to specific teams that work on hot projects. That sort of thing is bound to lead to infighting since everyone wants to be on the hot project and participate in the money rain when the project ships.

about a year ago



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