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Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

narcc Re:wrong bro (228 comments)

we can get pedantic about the difference between "coding" and "programming" languages

No, you can't. There is no formal distinction. There isn't even a commonly understood / agreed upon informal distinction!

Pretending that such a distinction exists is just another silly way for the otherwise unskilled to make themselves feel superior to their peers.

3 hours ago

Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

narcc Re:Repeat after me... (228 comments)

Yes, you're right.

The fact that you think not knowing CSS will make a programmer limited showcases that your programming experience is limited to front-end development.

It's clear that he thinks that anyone who thinks that "not knowing CSS will make a programmer limited" somehow indicates that that person's "programming experience is limited to front-end development"

It's far more irrational than I originally thought!

One is (obviously) not an indicator of the other. You'd think will all the self-proclaimed "rationalists" on Slashdot that this sort of nonsense wouldn't be so prevalent.

3 hours ago

Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

narcc Re:If you want to earn big bucks... (228 comments)

Going back to languages, no language guarantees good income, not even comfortable jobs.

Except COBOL.

5 hours ago

Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

narcc Re:Repeat after me... (228 comments)

LOL, what?

How does being familiar with CSS indicate that a persons programming experience is limited to "front-end development"?

I can't rightly comprehend the confusion of ideas that would provoke such a statement!

5 hours ago

Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

narcc Re:Repeat after me... (228 comments)

There's a difference?

5 hours ago

Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Resources On Programming For Palm OS 5?

narcc Re:Dear Slashdot (163 comments)

See, old stuff that *they* like is important. Working on that stuff is a great idea.

Working on old stuff that they don't care about is clearly a waste of time.

Anyhow, here's a start for you: GCC PRC-Tools Which is likely what you want. Ron's Obsolete Palm OS Computing Information Page has a working link to HotPaw, which is better than nothing.

You'll also want to take advantage of the Wayback Machine to see what's behind all the dead links you're surely running in to.


Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Resources On Programming For Palm OS 5?

narcc Re: Not worth it (163 comments)

This is Slashdot, right?

This is the last thing I expected to find here.


Samsung Delays Tizen Phone Launch

narcc Re:I sure hope these ship! (95 comments)

I guess it's BlackBerry or FireFox OS for you.

I'd call that a win anyway, but ymmv.


Popular Android Apps Full of Bugs: Researchers Blame Recycling of Code

narcc Re:Laziness (143 comments)

How about "pride in your work"? Remember that old maxim "anything worth doing is worth doing well"?

I simply can't believe that money is the only thing that motivates people.

2 days ago

Siberian Discovery Suggests Almost All Dinosaurs Were Feathered

narcc Re:Dang... (139 comments)

For the TL;DR crowd - Go read some Paul Tillich

4 days ago

Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

narcc Re:Good (223 comments)

What we need is FireFox OS on the desktop.

Hate Mozilla all you want, this is exactly the reason we need them around.

5 days ago

Black Holes Not Black After All, Theorize Physicists

narcc Re:wat (225 comments)

A lesson about infinity from a guy who fails at basic geometry... I think I'll skip this one.

5 days ago

'Just Let Me Code!'

narcc Re:Boy, do I hear you! (368 comments)


Unfortunately, unlike the surgeon, the added complexity developers suffer from does not offer any actual benefits -- and may even be harmful.

It's all there in the summary.

about a week ago

The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

narcc Re:Feminists have gone overboard... (960 comments)

Women wants to be treated like a woman - and still be equal to men

How dare they demand equality!

about a week ago

How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

narcc Re:Yeah, students will use bandwidth (285 comments)

It's a matter of perspective. For some people, money is the last factor considered.

about a week ago

The debate over climate change is..

narcc Re:n/t (278 comments)

It is the nature of science that it is never settled. It wouldn't work otherwise.

Consequently, the silly little catch-phrase "the science is settled" is a very anti-scientific statement.

The science cheerleaders would do well to learn a little basic science before going around lamenting the scientific illiteracy of others.

about two weeks ago



US Federal Agencies No Longer Allowed to Buy Apple Products

narcc narcc writes  |  about 2 years ago

narcc (412956) writes "US federal government agencies are no longer able to purchase Apple products after the company withdrew from a mandatory certification scheme.

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) certification is required under a law passed in 2009 if a federal government agency is to buy goods or services from a company. It ensures that the products meet minimum environmental protection standards.

It is not clear why Apple withdrew from the ratings service, especially as it cuts off sales to a fairly substantial customer — the US Government. One report by the iFixit blog suggested that the problem relates to the difficulty of repairing Apple products and stripping them down for recycling.

Apple has struggled with its eco-friendly credentials, with repeated reports from agencies such as Greenpeace criticizing the company, not just for what they know the company is doing, but also for their apparent secrecy about the environmental impact of their various manufacturing processes."

Link to Original Source

Apple loses iPad trademark in China

narcc narcc writes  |  more than 2 years ago

narcc (412956) writes "Apple and its Chinese resellers are facing legal action following a court ruling that found that Apple does not own the trademark to the iPad name in China. Proview International registered the IPAD trademark during an ill-fated attempt to break into the tablet market back in 2000.

In 2006, Proview Electronics (Taiwan) agreed to sell Apple the “global trademark” for the IPAD name for £35,000, according to Proview, but the two companies have subsequently disagreed about whether that deal included China. Proview has applied for an immediate halt to sales of the iPad by Apple resellers in the southern Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Huizhou, with the first hearings due in the next eight weeks."

Link to Original Source



narcc narcc writes  |  more than 10 years ago

The other day (not too long ago) I got mod points for the first time. After they were gone, of course, I found several posts that were truely deserving of 'Insightful' and 'Interesting' -- I guess that goes to show you how careful you should be with the rare gift of mod points...

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