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Which Is Better, Adblock Or Adblock Plus?

nashv None of them. (365 comments)

Unfortunately, I cannot use Adblock Edge even though I like to, since I use Chrome. The Adblock Edge developer has shown no interest in making a Chrome version available.

And, yes, please don't tell me I need to be using Firefox - there are plenty of reasons why Chrome is preferable.

2 days ago

Leaked Build of Windows 9 Shows Start Menu Return

nashv Re:Microsoft craps its pants (346 comments)

That would be the the inverse of the ratio of retards compared to sane people.

about two weeks ago

India Launches Five Foreign Satellites

nashv Re:Great for India (85 comments)

No one was judging a country based on their rocket launching capability. People were appreiciating the efficient and economic rocket launching capability and the efforts that went into developing it. You are one who is doing the judging of an entire country, rather than just the particular achievement reported posted in the article.

As for all the problems you describe as being present in India, as an Indian I thank you for your concern. But seeing as you aren't doing that much to help us solve them, you can keep this list of what is wrong with yourself. We already have that list for the last 60 years.

about a month ago

Mozilla Working On a New Website Comment System

nashv Re:Core competency (142 comments)

are you doing something that really makes you think this matters?

I use Firefox on my desktop. Until I started getting ULV processors for me ultrabooks and such. Firefox tanks there, even with SSDs. So much so that my need to maintain syncing between portables and desktop caused me to abandon Firefox on the desktop too. Australis just encouraged me to ditch it.

So, your condescension aside, I did manage to talk to Firefox developers over IRC and they themselves concede that Electrolysis is not even close to stable and the problem with Firefox being single threaded (which includes the XUL rendering) is just too deeply entrenched to have any easy solutions.

about a month and a half ago

Mozilla Working On a New Website Comment System

nashv The Slashdot comment system (142 comments)

You've never been to reddit. That commenting system is close to perfect. It does it's job, and it's scaleable.

about a month and a half ago

Mozilla Working On a New Website Comment System

nashv Core competency (142 comments)

Well, the core of Firefox was written more than 10 years ago, and while it didn't necessarily have to be that way, the truth is that it has simply not kept up. Just getting Firefox to optimally use a modern multi-core processor is considered a massive effort. It is time for Mozilla to close down Firefox development (like they did with Thunderbird). Or at the very least, fork Chrome - it's been done before and it will give them instant parity with all modern web browsers.

about a month and a half ago

The Upcoming Windows 8.1 Apocalypse

nashv Re:It is a bit ironic ... (293 comments)

And then there are people like me who discover after going through 3-4 distros that their new laptops will only work properly with all features as advertised on a Windows install. To begin with Laptop power management and suspension states on Linux absolutely sucks. Period.

about 3 months ago

The Upcoming Windows 8.1 Apocalypse

nashv Re:1000 replies? (293 comments)

All Samsung Ativ books have problems due to a video driver upgrade that has not yet come through. You know how many of those Samsung has sold ?

about 3 months ago

The Feature Phone Is Dead: Long Live the 'Basic Smartphone'

nashv Cue the vintage-nazis (243 comments)

This story will now be flooded by the "I am so retro-cool because I own a Nokia 1100 with a 1-incg monochrome LCD and it does all I ever need it to do" crowd.

about 3 months ago

American Judge Claims Jurisdiction Over Data Stored In Other Countries

nashv Good job. (226 comments)

The judge has now made sure that no American company will ever admit to having stored any data anywhere, or risk losing business.

about 3 months ago

How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

nashv It doesn't. (582 comments)

1. Proprietary software could have a million bugs like this. You just wouldn't know it. They do not become less dangerous because they are proprietary, nor do security flaws become more dangerous because they are in open-source code.
2. Open-source software at least has the possibility of being looked at over and over. Proprietary code may be reviewed or not depending on the resources, interest, and monetization capability of that code. A possible review by all relevant coders in the world is always more review than by a limited team of programmers and analysts at one company.
3. The real problem with Heartbleed is the time that passed between code being written and a bug being discovered. That delay exacerbates the security problem. However, there will be some sort of statistical (probably Poissonian or normal) distribution of the time required to catch a bug since introduction into code. As with anything, there are outliers. Heartbleed with its serious and longstanding flaw must be considered an outlier unless shown otherwise. I have not seen evidence that this happens on a regular basis with any software, FOSS or otherwise.

I would appreciate it if future Slashdot discussions were let out through the upper orifice with some maturation period in the brain, rather than through the lower orifice after festering in the colon.

about 4 months ago

Fruit Flies, Fighter Jets Use Similar Evasive Tactics When Attacked

nashv Wow... (65 comments)

Who knew that the best thing to do when something dangerous was coming at you was to get out of its way as fast as possible...

It's cool that they observed the fly behaviour...but it's not the most deeply insightful finding.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

nashv Zorin OS (452 comments)

Zorin OS is claimed to be designed specifically with Windows XP refugees in mind. They try to get the GUI essentials similar to Windows. It might be a smoother transition to Mint and eventually Arch (I'm kidding about Arch, of course).

about 4 months ago

Windows 8.1 Update Released, With Improvements For Non-Touch Hardware

nashv Re:Windows 8... no more (294 comments)

Pretty much agree with what you said. If you're looking for a Notepad++ replacement, you might be pleased by Sublime Text or any of the other alternatives.

about 4 months ago

Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia Out of Gaming

nashv Maybe that's the problem (704 comments)

With a wide enough spectrum for the definition, solar energy is the most polluting kind of energy we've used...because all energy is eventually solar energy. Except, maybe radioactive decay from Uranium in the earth's crust. It has provided energy for 4.3 billion years to the Earth's mantle, with a safety record of 1 catastrophic event per billion years.

You see how overly wide sprectra for terms makes them pliable to interpreted in too many ways to be useful for communication?

about 4 months ago

Firefox 29 Beta Arrives With UI Overhaul And CSS3 Variables

nashv Unfortunately, it appears to be more broken now th (256 comments)

Funny non-sense with the back and forward buttons . The forward button appears or hides dynanimcally making the whole URL bar increase or decrease in length everytime you change between tabs that have forward history or not. Are these guys idiots?

There is an extension which brings back the older theme, but it does something funky to the minimum tab width which makes the whole tab bar go jitter crazy the moment you have more tabs than can fit on the screen. Seems like Firefox tries to make a scroller, and the extension keeps trying to make the thing fit.

You know the best UI out there is this theme for FIrefox called FXChrome. That theme + a couple of user styles basically makes Firefox look exactly like Chrome. The fact that it works SO well, is only indication of the fact how bad Australis really is. Mozilla could never put together a decent UX ever. Look at Thunderbird, then look at Postbox. Look at Firefox, then look at Chrome. And I am still waiting for e10n.

But beta is let's see.

about 4 months ago

Gmail Goes HTTPS Only For All Connections

nashv Uhmm (141 comments)

I don't know if you've been keeping up. But people fully EXPECT the NSA to be upto nasty secret snooping habits. That is actually the minor part of the story that caused the outrage. The more dangerous fact is that the NSA can demand companies or individuals turn over data to them and impose a gag order thus forcing them to keep it secret.

So AC is right in this case. Just more lip service. Encryption on your own servers is the only way to remain relatively protected.

about 4 months ago

Microsoft Releases Free Edition of OneNote

nashv Haha (208 comments)

Real writers use tablets...clay tablets.

In all seriousness, I never found a suitable program to store all my lab notes that I couldn't do better than just text files.

about 4 months ago

The Era of Facebook Is an Anomaly

nashv Dr. Boyd is clearly NOT an anthropologist (260 comments)

The idea of everybody going to one site is just weird. Give me one other part of history where everybody shows up to the same social space."

Apparently Dr. Boyd has never heard of the local pub in villages.

Or the Thing in Scandinavian communities.

I could grant that no social space in history has ever been on the scale of Facebook. But then, Facebook is not exactly a social space. It's like a convention, an aggregate of millions of tiny little local social spaces. An past research has shown that these social spaces are in fact , the same scale as those seen in real life - the the monkeysphere

about 5 months ago



German Email Providers will Automatically Encrypt email from now on

nashv nashv writes  |  about a year ago

nashv (1479253) writes ""Germany's three biggest email providers announced on Friday a partnership to bolster the security of messages sent between them in the wake of revelations of US online surveillance scandal." Given that German laws very strictly prohibit any kind of intrusion to privacy, the recent fallout of the NSA/Prism affair has led to the largest email providers — Deutsche Telekom, and to encrypt their email traffic from now on. While this might help prevent peeping into email sent between these services, what about emails that go to other domains? There is no word on how this encryption will be implemented. If the emails are going to be decrypted at the mail servers of the service provider, agencies could still have access to this data. If decryption occurs in the user's browser on access, perhaps some improvement is expected. Should encryption now be a minimum standard for ALL email ?"
Link to Original Source


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