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Teaching College Is No Longer a Middle Class Job

ndtechnologies Re:I just want to know (538 comments)

I work at a state university in TN. We are having this issue. Administrators are sucking up all the funds, wasting it on crap we don't need (like remodeling the President's office for a 3rd time in the last 10 years), or spending it wastefully ($7500 for software that we can't even fully utilize). Sure it may sound like sour grapes, but IT lives in the basement of the 60 yr old former Admin bldg, with asbestos in the walls, ceilings, and floor tiles. While the administration is paying to have the ground floor, and 2nd floor renovated (asbestos abatement with everyone still in the bldg), the basement, where we the bulk of our enterprise is housed, will not be touched. We don't even have properly functioning generators. Meanwhile, our football coach just received a 100k salary increase (to almost 700k/yr) for having a 7-5 season in Conf USA. Our President is taking the entire western half of the 2nd floor for a PERSONAL OFFICE SPACE, instead of moving our development staff out of the basement and into a more conventional location. Don't forget that our President has already had his current office re-furb'd, at least twice already with plans for a 3rd...needless to say, it's insanity. People are leaving left and right. I hate it here...sadly, this is where I chose to go for my BA...over 10 years ago. They're running it into the ground as fast as they can.

about 3 months ago

How Satellite Company Inmarsat Tracked Down MH370

ndtechnologies I know the solution to this... (491 comments)

We call Ben Stiller, and he can end the Malaysian Prime Minister's meddling once and for all!

about 6 months ago

Microsoft Unveils Xbox One

ndtechnologies so much for used games (782 comments)

and MS charges you and extra fee, to play a used XBOX One game. So much for the "First Sale" doctrine.

about a year ago

Apache OpenOffice Downloaded 50 Million Times In a Year

ndtechnologies Meh... (155 comments)

Whoopdie doo. I honestly moved to LibreOffice as soon as it forked. True that OO.o has more mindshare, but LibreOffice is better. I simply tell people "they renamed it", lol.

about a year ago

Facebook Home Flagship Phone, HTC First, May Be Discontinued

ndtechnologies Good riddance... (192 comments)

This was a stupid idea anyway. I don't know of any smartphone that doesn't have some sort of Facebook integration. It's just too bad that Samsung wasn't the one making these devices. I'd rather see them lose money than HTC.

about a year ago

How Red Hat Hires

ndtechnologies Interviewed with RH twice... (113 comments)

First time, they flew me out, rented me a car, interviewed me for over 5 hours. Once I arrived at the HQ on campus at NC State, I wasn't allowed to leave. I wasn't given anything to eat. I was given a bottle of "red hat" water (I took 2 more as I left to get on my return flight). So needless to say, once the HR rep came around (she was the last interviewer) I was pretty tired and pretty snippy because I hadn't eaten anything all day (the person who was going to be my boss was to take me out to lunch, but he didn't. He just left after interviewing me). I didn't make a good impression, and frankly, I'm glad I don't work there. That was my first experience. The 2nd interview (for a different position) went mildly better, but they hired local, and I was out of state. I'm sure most people don't care one whit about this, but just figured I'd share my experience.

about a year and a half ago

KDE 4.10 Released, the Fastest KDE Ever

ndtechnologies Alrighty then... (184 comments)

So not only is it the shittiest KDE ever, it's also the FASTEST at being shitty. Well done guys!

about a year and a half ago

Valve: Linux Better Than Windows 8 for Gaming

ndtechnologies Re:Just greed. (768 comments)

Thank you! My sentiments exactly. Valve hates the idea of the Windows store with dirt cheap apps, that's ALL it is. Linux doesn't have this, so naturally it's "just better" than Windows 8. Whatever. If Linux is really better than Windows, for gaming, then they would've had a real Linux client over 5 years ago. I call BS.

about 2 years ago

IT Support Pro Tells Why He Hates Live Chat

ndtechnologies Ha, whatever. (228 comments)

Whenever I have to deal with HP or any other company that farms out their support to India, I'll use chat EVERY TIME, because I don't have to constantly ask "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?", or have to spell out almost every word, due to the language barrier (not blaming the people, I know that English is a 2nd, 3rd, 4th language for many people outside of the US). Sorry that this guy decided to use Slashdot to rant on how he hates Live Chat, but whatever.

more than 2 years ago

Fedora 18 To Feature the GNOME2 Fork MATE

ndtechnologies Thank GOD! (202 comments)

Someone needs to put a bullet in the head of GNOME 3. What an abomination it's become...and it sucks too.

more than 2 years ago

NVIDIA Responds To Linus Torvalds

ndtechnologies The community failed on ATi (497 comments)

So ATi opens up, and the community COMPLETELY failed to deliver a usable solution. WTH should Nvidia care? The FOSS community has already shown that they can't do it. Mod me down if you want, but I speak the truth. We failed. As long as Nvidia continues to provide a driver that works, and works well (which it does), then I will always use Nvidia cards.

more than 2 years ago

Windows Phone 8 Detailed, Uses Windows 8 Kernel

ndtechnologies Windows Phone will become the best (267 comments)

Mark my words, and I can't believe I'm even saying this, but Windows Phone, will soon be considered the best mobile platform, due to it's unification with the desktop, and XBOX. Unfortunately, it won't mean much because people will still want shiny iPhones and will clamor to the numerous free Android phones that they can get. From a technical standpoint, there is nothing about Android that is good. The reason it is so popular, is because it is cheap and most people can get one. There, I said it. /standby to be marked as Troll in 3, 2, 1

more than 2 years ago

Compared and Contrasted: OpenOffice V. LibreOffice

ndtechnologies Why don't they.... (294 comments)

just go ahead and rename it "OracleOffice" and just get it over with. I put LibreOffice on my work laptop months ago, and haven't looked back. Suck it Oracle.

more than 3 years ago

Slashdot Launches Re-Design

ndtechnologies I like it! (2254 comments)

It's scaled down a little bit, and overall, I like it much better. With that said, let's hope this goes better than Digg v4 did...I'd hate to see /. die a slow death too. Then I'll have nowhere else to troll on the internet. I've been banned from 4chan, and Reddit won't have me. Facebook and MySpace both left me and I burned the bridge with Friendster and Classmates, and Twitter just won't shut up. I don't know what I'd do without you /.

more than 3 years ago

Rural North Carolina Experiences Data Center Boom

ndtechnologies I will gladly go back there... (153 comments)

My family still lives in FC, and I will gladly move back there if we can get some more tech in the area. With all of the abandoned textile mills, it would be dirt cheap to raze it and build something new, plus bandwidth is cheap too (and electricity). Plus it is a BEAUTIFUL area, with Lake Lure only 20 minutes west.

more than 3 years ago

IE6 Addiction Inhibits Windows 7 Migrations

ndtechnologies Isn't this really Microsoft's own fault? (470 comments)

I mean, they're the ones that pushed it so hard back in the early 2000's. You reap what you sew...right?

more than 3 years ago



Sprint/Google Voice users seeing overage charges

ndtechnologies ndtechnologies writes  |  more than 3 years ago

ndtechnologies writes "Sprint users are reporting overage charges after integrating Google Voice to their Sprint phone. The charges occur after the user integrates using Option 2. Sprint/Google did not notify users that this could happen, before integration, but have verified it in their respective forums after the service has launched."
Link to Original Source

Zune bug affects Toshiba Gigabeat S as well.

ndtechnologies ndtechnologies writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ndtechnologies writes "According to posts in the Toshiba forum at, the same bug that shut down millions of Zune 30's also affects the Toshiba Gigabeat S. The Zune 30 is based off of the Gigabeat S series and was co-developed by Microsoft w/Toshiba."
Link to Original Source

ndtechnologies ndtechnologies writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ndtechnologies writes "Fedora Core 6 was scheduled to be released Thursday October 18th, however the release date has slipped again. In a fedora mailing list message, Jesse Keating (release engineer for Fedora) has stated that the release is being pushed back even further, to combat more bugs that have arisen since the previous bugs were last fixed. The new release date is October 24th."

ndtechnologies ndtechnologies writes  |  about 8 years ago

Patrick Hefner writes "Yesterday Slashdot posted an article about NCSU Professor Robert Schrag. After reading the many comments that have been made on the subject, I now offer our stance on the situation to the readers of Slashdot. At Independent Music Online, we have been working with Professor Schrag for more than a month now, in regards to recording his lectures and selling them through our online service. To clear up any confusion for those who haven't "RTFA", this is not a video recording of the lecture, nor is it hosted or recorded on university equipment. Professor Schrag records them to his own personal laptop which he then edits (to cut out long gaps and class breaks). Some of the lectures are re-recordings of the original presentation material given on the lecture date.

The important point to remember is that Professor Schrag does NOT require his students to purchase these lectures, in fact Professor Schrag was doing this with permission of the previous department Dean. The new Dean is currently reviewing the process, and as such Dr. Schrag requested that the lectures be temporarily removed from the store while this is discussed with the new department Administration.

As a former student myself (attended MTSU from 2002-2003) I would have loved to have this available to me. So I ask you Slashdot readers, how is this any different than having a student aide tutor you for 30 dollars an hour? How is this any different than buying a professor's book (which contains the same material that is being lectured on) for a class? How is this any different than buying the notes from a professional note taker? Some make the argument that they "already paid for the lecture and that it should be available for free anytime they want". Well then should your books also be free? Should the supplemental materials needed for your course also be free? Should your tutoring also be free? With this line of thinking, where does it end?

Again, the point is that these lectures are offered as a supplement to the course and is NOT required of the students. The students have the option to purchase these lectures (which are not DRM'd, and can be downloaded and played on your computer as much as you like). They also have the option of going to class and gaining the experience first hand as pointed out by Dr. Schrag."


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