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In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

neo-mkrey Re:This is a bit wrongfooted. (441 comments)

There is so much wrong with your post, that I don't even know where to begin to point out the issues.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?

neo-mkrey BANG! (382 comments)

The card game (for groups of 7 is best).

about three weeks ago

Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According To a Koch-Backed Astroturf Group

neo-mkrey Fuck the Koch bros. (531 comments)

They care nothing about America or capitalism, except as a tool to increase their wealth.

about three weeks ago

FarmBot: an Open Source Automated Farming Machine

neo-mkrey Techniques from centuries ago? (133 comments)

Like genetically engineers crops, GPS in tractors and automated grain processing facilities?

about 1 month ago

Samsung Buys Kickstarter-Funded Internet of Things Startup For $200MM

neo-mkrey Re:Great (107 comments)

HAHAHAHA!! Thank you for providing me with my biggest laugh of the day.

about a month ago

Sniffing Out Billions In US Currency Smuggled Across the Border To Mexico

neo-mkrey Bitcoins smell like a scam (158 comments)

but maybe it's just me.

about a month ago

Babylon 5 May Finally Get a Big-Screen Debut

neo-mkrey I thoroughly loved seasons 1-4 (252 comments)

But Babylon 5 ended for me with season 5. Crusade was an interesting concept, just executed poorly. They should reboot that.

about a month ago

Inside BitFury's 20 Megawatt Bitcoin Mine

neo-mkrey The real winners (195 comments)

are the utility companies.

about a month and a half ago

Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

neo-mkrey ID4 (701 comments)

Kick the tires and light the fires!

about 2 months ago

New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids

neo-mkrey Not new at all (205 comments)

My wife's 2014 Highlander has both of these features. Also built-in pull down sunsceeens for the passengers.

about 2 months ago

A Brain Implant For Synthetic Memory

neo-mkrey Re:Better still (87 comments)

Dude! I know kung-fu!

about 2 months ago


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