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Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

neo-mkrey ID4 (701 comments)

Kick the tires and light the fires!

about two weeks ago

New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids

neo-mkrey Not new at all (205 comments)

My wife's 2014 Highlander has both of these features. Also built-in pull down sunsceeens for the passengers.

about two weeks ago

A Brain Implant For Synthetic Memory

neo-mkrey Re:Better still (87 comments)

Dude! I know kung-fu!

about three weeks ago

Supreme Court Rules Cell Phones Can't Be Searched Without a Warrant

neo-mkrey "Privacy comes at a cost" (249 comments)

You're God damned right it does!

about a month ago

Ikea Sends IkeaHackers Blog a C&D Order

neo-mkrey domain name taken? (207 comments)

is already taken?

about a month and a half ago

Kids Can Swipe a Screen But Can't Use LEGOs

neo-mkrey Minecraft is the new Lego (355 comments)

Both my kids were heavy into Legos up until about a year ago.

What happened?

They discovered Minecraft.
They are still building (virtual) things and using their imagination and problem solving skills.

I now save hundreds of dollars a year not buying Legos.


about 3 months ago

P vs. NP Problem Linked To the Quantum Nature of the Universe

neo-mkrey Re:Terrible (199 comments)

Thank you for providing me with my word of the day: wankery.

about 4 months ago

Wil Wheaton Announces New TV Show

neo-mkrey Not SyFy (167 comments)

Unless they change their name back to SciFi, I will have nothing to do with that channel.

about 4 months ago

Measles Outbreak In NYC

neo-mkrey Re:Thanks Jenny (747 comments)

I prefer to call her a cunt -- but to each his own.

She should have just kept her legs open and her mouth shut.

about 5 months ago

Amazon Hikes Prime Membership Fee

neo-mkrey and worth every penny (276 comments)

I truly feel I get my money's worth out of this. The same can not said of my overpriced ISP and my overpriced cell phone service.

about 5 months ago

NASA Offers Bounty For Improved Asteroid Detection Algorithms

neo-mkrey Re:Lunar orbit? (38 comments)

I was thinking the same thing, except I don't even want them that close. Fling them towards the sun and be done with it.

about 5 months ago

Pro-Vaccination Efforts May Be Scaring Wary Parents From Shots

neo-mkrey Re:Because Jenny McCarthy is always right. (482 comments)

I think in this instance she has gone beyond 'stupid bitch' land and into 'stupid cunt' territory.

about 5 months ago

Pro-Vaccination Efforts May Be Scaring Wary Parents From Shots

neo-mkrey Re:The answer is simple (482 comments)

I loathe myself for ever self gratifying myself while looking at her Playboy spreads.

about 5 months ago


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