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Scientists Revive a Giant 30,000 Year Old Virus From Ice

neo8750 Re:We don't understand anything anymore! (121 comments)

because a few nutters might post nonsense on the internet.

But if its on the internet it must be true!

about 5 months ago

Online, You're Being Watched At All Times; Act Accordingly.

neo8750 VPN services (299 comments)

So is there someone/place out there that runs checks on the VPN providers to be sure they arent just a honeypot ? If so where would one find such a place?

about 6 months ago

Meet the 'Assassination Market' Creator Who's Crowdfunding Murder With Bitcoins

neo8750 Re:absolutely the dumbest idea ever (291 comments)

Or could that be the point? What a better media story as why they need to crack down harder on the internet...Just cause the services being sold are bad doesnt mean that the person selling them is a bad guy or even real. It could just be a huge charade to tarnish bitcoins and its users.

about 8 months ago

Re: Daylight Saving Time, I would most like

neo8750 Remove it (462 comments)

I live in part of the US who up until a few years ago didn't have DST. I will say I hate it. During the summer when the days are the longest you will still have daylight at 11:00pm(23:00). Then in the winder it gets dark at 4pm So i go to work in the dark come home in the dark. Where as before I come home it still be light in winter and in summer the sun would be down before 10.

about 9 months ago

NSA Monitored Calls of 35 World Leaders

neo8750 Re:Nothing of Value (310 comments)

And you missed his point completely...

about 9 months ago

NSA Hacked Email Account of Mexican President

neo8750 Re: NSA doing its job (242 comments)

The one that agrees with their agenda and also makes them money to continue their operations at the time?

about 9 months ago

I typically visit a doctor (for medical reasons) ...

neo8750 Prescriptions (415 comments)

Have to go every month to get my prescriptions of narcotics since they cant supply me with refills...Sucks when working out of town and only get a few days at home a month that is never the same. But that's why i need my narcotics to keep me focused or was that ooo look a butterfly!

about 9 months ago

NYC Is Tracking RFID Toll Collection Tags All Over the City

neo8750 Re:AT what speed is this no longer any good? (314 comments)

In NH the speed limit through the tolls is 25mph. In PA that have what they call "Open road tolling" where you can go 65mph. So i assume just depends on the sensor.

about a year ago

Australian Police Move To Make 3D Printed Guns Illegal

neo8750 Re:Obvious much? (551 comments)

when did we switch to the term "firearm" ? All i saw was the term "gun"

about a year ago

Australian Police Move To Make 3D Printed Guns Illegal

neo8750 Re:Obvious much? (551 comments)

Rubber band guns are not fatal but they are guns... Water guns (loaded with water) are not fatal but are guns... So tell me again what was your point?

about a year ago

Bitcoin's Success With Investors Alienates Earliest Adopters

neo8750 If you... (158 comments)

did not see this coming then you must be new here...

about a year ago

DHS Shuts Down Dwolla Payments To and From Mt. Gox

neo8750 Re:It's started... (302 comments)

As true as that maybe but i feel that it has to due with the fact he is black. Think about it how would it look if the 1st black president (even if elected twice) was impeached? The anti-racist crowd would eat it up quicker then a fat kid with an all you can eat pass at a candy store.

about a year ago

Has Supercomputing Hit a Brick Wall?

neo8750 Re:No. (185 comments)

Sweet! its 123-45-6....wait a second!! You did not ask for my mother maiden name this has to be a scam.

about a year ago

Russia Captures Alleged American CIA Agent In Moscow

neo8750 Re:This is news for nerds? (195 comments)

nerds are into politics sometimes?

about a year ago

WikiLeaks Donations By Visa Ruled OK In Iceland

neo8750 Re:Didn't Obama OK monitoring credit card transac. (55 comments)

And think how safe everyone will be if no one is allowed to fly.

No only people who will be able to fly will be the terrorists cause they will be sure to have clean records.

about a year ago

"Choice Blindness" Can Transform Conservatives Into Liberals - and Vice Versa

neo8750 Re:Wait a second... (542 comments)

I'm not sure if you are saying i live in my parents basement or not... hehe

Also glad to see you dont grasp you are part of the minority. :)

about a year ago

"Choice Blindness" Can Transform Conservatives Into Liberals - and Vice Versa

neo8750 Wait a second... (542 comments)

Did you use an example of the united states against a study done in another country?? Sorry but us Americans are stubborn assholes who dont care about the issues all we care about is what the party says on the issue. Just my observation as an American.

about a year ago

Thumb On the Scale? Study Finds 5 of 7 Broadband Meters Inaccurate

neo8750 Re:are you suprised?? (114 comments)

there was an article? I mean really just cause you are a douche doesnt mean you gotta be a dick

about a year and a half ago



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