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China Embargos Rare Earth Exports To Japan

nerdin Take that (470 comments)

The world should simply accepte that there's a new Master and no longer is called USA.

more than 4 years ago

Politicians Worldwide Asking Questions About ACTA

nerdin Re:the copyright bubble (101 comments)

...and those high quality Nike shoes were made in a [put your favorite asian country here] for $1.20 USD in a child-labor sweatshop. So any high-quality sweatshop in a underdeveloped country can make good shoes, why then pay Nike 60 bucks for something you could actually get for 5? Because of Nike trademark? That's a pathetic joke.

about 5 years ago

Large Hadron Collider Scientist Arrested For al-Qaeda Ties

nerdin A word of warning. (245 comments)

Given the famous six degrees, you have "some suspected link" to Al-Qaeda, American government, the LHC construction team, some defunct communist party, the Cosa Nostra, any of the Bildenberg conspirators and the Bush Family. All at the same time.
So "somewhere" you are pretty suspicious of "something" that can lead to your arrest. In some instances you can simply be detained without warrant or legal representation, kept isolated in an island for any of your links.
You have been warned. Go back to your closet.

more than 5 years ago

XP On 8-MHz Pentium With 20 MB RAM

nerdin Obscure hardware configurations (410 comments)

I once tried to install Novell Linux Desktop on a 128 MB P6 Celeron and the installer refused to do it. It asked for 256 MB RAM.

more than 7 years ago



nerdin nerdin writes  |  more than 7 years ago

nerdin (1330) writes "I was teaching a couple of newbies what a Real Sysop must be, so I googled for BOFH. It was sad news for me to find this . At first I asked myself where in the Universe I had been that I didn't notice, so I made a search in /. to read his nerd peers eulogy, just to find nothing. So let's preserve his memory and -late better than never- recognize his role in IT industry, spanning a least 2 generations of sysadmins"


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