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Fictional Town "Eureka" To Become Real?

netelder Re:you won't get a town full of smart people (337 comments)

Let's make it half scientists, and half Slashdotters.

The scientists can be at the front of the room making all the noise and getting all the attention, while the Slashdotters can be at the back of the room snagging the occasional good idea as it flies past, and getting things done.

It worked for Bell Labs.....

more than 6 years ago



"The Social Network" parallels "Das Rheingold"

netelder netelder writes  |  more than 4 years ago

netelder (41) writes "We all wonder why "The Social Network" film evokes such powerful responses. Well, it turns out that the movie has a plot and characters that are surprisingly similar to the classic opera "Das Rheingold"!"
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