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White House Worried About Discrimination Through Analytics

nevermindme Re:Oxymoron (231 comments)

Could we be looking at the relationship of being Incapable of taking responsibility equal zero chance of making campaign donations ?

about 3 months ago

Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

nevermindme Re:space requirements and fire rate (630 comments)

Cooling for a Ship weapon...wonder where there is a unlimited supply of 80deg water that has be boiled for cooking/drinking/showers?

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Which NoSQL Database For New Project?

nevermindme Re:Database Scaleability. (272 comments)

If you have hit limits before (MySQL?) use a very mature platform that operates effectively when the DB does get larger than available memory for indexes or dataset such as DB2, Oracle and MSSQL and strongly type inputs and normalize your data set in the first place and use a language native data connector APIs, pointers and record locking. Just about anything important to the application needs to go through a Stored Procedure because database should not trust anything directly from the application to be suitable to a query at the data layer. As always set yourself up on a platform with service accounts that are RO and RW. In other words don't set yourself up outside the big data mainstream.

If your product is a unexpected hit you will have what seams like zero moments to fix the database and program design without business impact. And start with the DB and the Application/Web layer being VMs load balancing to begin with and the database in some sort of cluster.. Have the entire Apps platform packaged to go to a outsouced data center or Amazon on day one so that a 1000x user growth per day you have a plan. This is sort of Web Application Architecture and Design 101 as any code monkey can put data into NOSQL and hope to get it back through just the right query.

about 3 months ago

UN Report: Climate Changes Overwhelming

nevermindme Re:Projections (987 comments)

Scientist like Astronomers and Physicists laugh at the models of climatologists as having so many mystery factors and constants that are never described and just pushed around to get a chart that goes to a extreme a few years out so that surprise funding is assured. Data and Stats guys have issues with the models used to give a global tempetures up to 1950. Computer code guys have spaghetti code problems with the models, because it is all written by interns. We all have problems with the error bars assigned to all these predictions for the past 20 years. We are sitting below the error bars from just 5 years ago, we are crying foul and suspect the who AGW is being confused with the long term warming or cooling trend that is built into earths climate.

I am so unsure of the data and who might have last molested it I cant tell you if we are in a natural temp rise or fall since the time of Napoleon, Astronomers cant even tell you if the sun is releasing less or more energy than 200 years ago. see

about 4 months ago

Geologists Warned of Washington State Mudslides For Decades

nevermindme Re:What about the hill next to that one? (230 comments)

There is a 1:100 risk that a house will be destroyed in the next year with something so bad that the occupants may die. Most us citizens think one in a hundread is a long shot.... it is to common on the timescale of residential housing. I don't want my federal tax dollars spent rebuilding as I know a 1:100 event will happen again in 10 years with the darndest of regularity. Limiting our risk via building codes is the way out, or go ahead and privatize the role of FEMA and let the insurance companies hire geologist and let the red lines begin.

LA Foothills, New Orleans, Bolder, Matha's Vineyard, SFO 1:100

Any Salt water beach, Sandy Point, Omaha, Houston 1:1000

Chicago, St Paul, Denver, 1:10000

Phoenix Az. 1:100000

about 4 months ago

Geologists Warned of Washington State Mudslides For Decades

nevermindme Re:Every state has its hazards... (230 comments)

Developers and Local government have to be held to some risk, permitting has become a taxation instead of the best and brightest looking to see if what is purposed is suitable economic development vs risk wise for the community.

about 4 months ago

Geologists Warned of Washington State Mudslides For Decades

nevermindme Govement needs to Limit its risk via Permits. (230 comments)

As a libertarian with a localist bent this is a issue I think a lot about. But if America wants a Nanny State....lets go full Nanny State where the Nanny can be fired if the kids go to the ER with a yard dart sticking out the side of little marys head.

If government worked as promised once a area becomes known as a slide, avalanche, wildfire, tusnami, tornado, sinkhole, earthquake or flood risk where the chance of total loss of the property or the occupants is a real number, permitting of new residences and major external improvements needs to stop immediately and insurance switches to high risk private insurance within the decade (or post bond equal to the value of your property).

Commercial property know are owned by people who know how to manage risk. (man I sound like a 1%er) The average citizen has no idea of the risks of home ownership until FEMA is tagging their house with spray paint. This will be beneficial to all of us who built and live in sensible locations and FEMA will have funds for the real freak events. (Johnstown Flood, Texas City, Dust Storm that swallows Phoenix, Yellowstone Super volcano, New Madrid) The plains and Midwest land in flood plains is for farming as it is most fertile and cheapest for the purpose and the risk is only a few thousand dollars per square km. Land near the seas is great habitat for birds and multiuse use parks. .

If a developer wants to attempt to improve area to mitigate the risk he can set a bond in perpetuity to pay for the losses on the high risk community and make the cost of the land closer to the true cost for the community. Corrective action may be attempted by developers but they are taking on future risk not the local, state and federal government. New Orleans, Florida, the foothills of LA, Sandy point, Martha's Vinyard and thousands of miles of coastlines will all still have there risky homes to buy but will be clearly a risky buy with not only high insurance premium but a declining value. Building on the side of a mountain or hill without rebar cemented into bedrock needs to be in the building code. Redlines will be back and drawn by Geologists, Mortgage Companies and Insurance Companies.

about 4 months ago

Wal-Mart Sues Visa For $5 Billion For Rigging Card Swipe Fees

nevermindme Re:Bitcoin (455 comments)

These local merchants (gas station and minimarts) providing a cash discount are one breaking the law and most likely are cooking the books, Owner pulls 10-30% of the cash sales out of the registrar each night and void the cash sales off the books in a orderly fashion, make the CC/Debit Card and 90-70% of the cash sales less profitable. They understate their cash sales and put the 'merchandise loss' as theft or spoilage. A select few small businesses cook the books to avoid both local and state sales and income taxes, and have 'big shrinkage losses' to offset there reported income. After servicing that industry for a while I can tell you the only correct accounting at your locally owned gas stations is the lottery tickets. Fountain drinks unless your looking at a very modern machine are on the honor system and are a place to hammer the accounting. You will note the locals are slowly disappearing because there is no skim to speak of now that we are approaching 70% CC sales at most stations but some enterprising individuals are using cash back from EBT 'purchases' (conversion) to fill in the gap. These businesses are sold/traded between foreign aliases every 18 months because state tax authorities are slow and lazy, and the locals are on the take or political fundraiser ticket buyers club.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Preparing For Windows XP EOL?

nevermindme Re:missing the point... (423 comments)

If a desktop OS computer command can kill an employee you have a bigger problem than end of support. There is a reason for those wacky statements in the Licensing Agreement.

about 4 months ago

Drone-Assisted Hunting To Be Illegal In Alaska

nevermindme Perfectly good State Law and Rule Making (397 comments)

Kudos to Fish and Wildlife of Alaska. Drones are no different than shooting from a quad or using a helicopter or plane for wildlife spotting, It is fine to use that gear to scout the area the day before, but once sun rises the day of the hunt it is the one sport that for all practical purposes stuck in 1910 technology. It would be nice to have a regulation that you can search for a wounded animal with a drone as that is where a few hunters run out of steam, in the tracking or chase of elk or moose that didn't get hit with the hunters goal of a ethical mortal shot.

A drone in the back woods with 3 cans of bear repellant and 3 noisemakers would be a very ethical use of drones to keep bears and hunters apart. And we are fooling ourselves if we think illegal hunters and poachers wouldn't use a easy to fly drone to monitor police activity.

about 4 months ago

Meat Makes Our Planet Thirsty

nevermindme Re:Shill (545 comments)

For that pleasure of eating a steak, I provide a fraction of a job to a US farmer, a US rancher, a US butcher, a US truck driver, a US refrigeration specialist and a US checkout clerk, the supply chain for meat is much more constant through booms and busts and spreads the wealth effect much more than for the collection of Integrated Circuits made in china. You smugness on deciding if my lifestyle choices are good or bad for society really prove nothing but liberalism and veganism are nothing but your opinion multiplied by a political correctness that says I cant respond in a human manner. I can only conclude Vegetarianism and Veganism robs the fallowers of this cult the the fats that keep you brain sane,

about 4 months ago

North Korea Warned Of Possible Prosecution For 'Crimes Against Humanity'

nevermindme Like he can get any more isolated. (1 comments)

Now the UN bothers imprisonment for a leader where life doesn't seem all that worth while even as the great UN. Should we threaten to cut off his internet porn, his access to former NBA players or blockade his Kentucky Bourbon imports. This regiem wouldn't surprise me as wanting to export tankers full of Soylent Green in exchange for Anime Snuff Porn.

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Options For Ongoing Education?

nevermindme Learn Network Load Balances and a Web Framework (149 comments)

Both are quick to pick up and in highest demands and really have zero impact if visualization keeps accelerating. 100% US English is also great to have. Christopher Hull 219 613 3785

about 5 months ago

Para Bellum Labs Will Attempt To Make the RNC a Political-Analytics Player

nevermindme Re:Waste of Time (212 comments)

Dixiecrats are long dead, they were the last of the Conservative Dems of 1955. They were old southerners in 1965. Their kids were 40 year old Reagan dems in 1980 and most of them are voting in their last election cycle in this decade. Tea party events are full of 40-50 year old business owners who did very well in both 1990s and 2000 because of Conservatism and ultra low taxes, but now have hit a tax bracket where 50% or more of their income goes to government largeness. We now are at the point where 50% of the population pays nothing, benefits outweigh taxes for government. No wonder controlling the debt is minor issue with both parties. Republicans desperately look for the 10% they can strip off (rural states swings) and dems sit on 90% (urban middle class independents) who are being lead to biggest economic disaster since the fall of the Roman Empire.

about 5 months ago

Getting Young Women Interested In Open Source

nevermindme Women want to be involved FOSS (545 comments)

There is no glass door, ceiling or anything, anyplace or anywhere. You don't even have to give your real name to be involved in a project. If you cant stand working in a boys club open an account on one of a open project 100 sites, write a doc, compile and make a installer and you can be the top of the FOSS world if you its useful to 20 million people. Write the next app everyone needs, wants and uses daily and then give it away for no reward but complaints from everywhere, then perhaps be the one of hundreds of free products that make a jump to commercial success.

about 6 months ago

Congressmen Say Clapper Lied To Congress, Ask Obama To Remove Him

nevermindme Re:It's a good start (383 comments)

More people need to be shitcanned over this but, really, the fact that these programs are event "arguably" legal is the major issue here. The laws that allow the NSA to snoop on all of us need to be repealed first and foremost.

Our country needs a 'legal audit' - basically, sit two (non-politically-affiliated, but well versed in Constitutional law) people down with red pens, have them go over every single statute in the USC, and determine if it's Constitutional or not.

There will be obvious "this is OK" and "this is unconstitutional" stuff, and anything that seems like a grey area can be bookmarked for further scrutiny and discussion.

More people need to be shitcanned over this but, really, the fact that these programs are event "arguably" legal is the major issue here. The laws that allow the NSA to snoop on all of us need to be repealed first and foremost.

Our country needs a 'legal audit' - basically, sit two (non-politically-affiliated, but well versed in Constitutional law) people down with red pens, have them go over every single statute in the USC, and determine if it's Constitutional or not.

There will be obvious "this is OK" and "this is unconstitutional" stuff, and anything that seems like a grey area can be bookmarked for further scrutiny and discussion.

The whole USC has lets say 5000 statutes that mater to us all, and 50000 that are important to someone someplace. The USC is backed up by 20x the amount of federal regulation. USC will take 20 years to reform with a army of fair arbiters or take 1 year to reform the NSA with the budget process. Cut funding to the NSA to where they cannot pay the support contract with EMC to keep more than a month of global metadata on random access media and the project then has so much less teeth.

The SCOTUS has to make a big point and uphold the US Constitution prohibition against the General Warrants issued by other courts, unfortunately there is no good basic case to be made because who is the party to bring suit if VZ or Google are in bed with the NSA. Doesnt help that the General Warents are in the form of National Security Findings

about 6 months ago

Obama Announces Surveillance Reforms

nevermindme Re:So the hell what? (359 comments)

3. Actually Iraq was more than ready to sign SOFA arranged per the SEC DEF at the time. Yet another failure of the charmed Clinton/Obama state department. The White House dragged its feet through the election because any troop number would have caused a loss of votes in swing states because it would state clearly that US solders bleeding for IRAQ was not over... and as of 2014 it is a fight between the same three factions as it was the day after Bagdad Bob was knocked off the air less the US/UK traffic cops.

about 6 months ago

Chelyabinsk-Sized Asteroid Impacts May Be More Common Than We Thought

nevermindme Re:Since the Earth's surface (50 comments)

I think we have great global coverage from the USGS in the form of seismic networks and the DOD in the form of SONAR and Early Warning from 1970 onwards making it 40 years of coverage that should pretty much cover all but the poles with at least two types 2 instruments. Still wondering why the timeframe is from only 1994... but I can guess the post test moratorium data is near 100% public.

about 8 months ago

Autonomous Dump Trucks Are Coming To Canada's Oil Sands

nevermindme Re:so a cubic meter (165 comments)

Two tons of ore to produce a commodity worth near $80 per barrel is near nothing compared to metals. Digging that ton and transporting it say 5km, processing and putting the tailings/overburden back in the hole for less than $20 bucks seems to be the economic point where tar sands work. Midwest hasn't relied on heating oil in any significant fraction since the 70s. Natural Gas costs about 30% per BTU compared to home heating oil with a delivery point being Chicago. Also in most Midwest markets one can buy Natural Gas from about 20 different companies in a completive market where you can lock in prices through contracts for up to 3 years. As the fractions of gas vs liquids increases at western US wellheads proven reserves of Natural Gas will be available for another 200 years unless the road transportation sucks it all up in the next 100.

about 9 months ago



FCC on The Consumers Side? FCC to Propose 'Net Neu

nevermindme nevermindme writes  |  more than 4 years ago

nevermindme writes "The head of the Federal Communications Commission, Chairman Julius Genachowski is expected propose new rules monday [WSJ] to prevent Internet providers from selectively blocking or slowing Web traffic, a move that could set off a battle with phone and cable companies that don't want the government telling them how to run their networks. Perhaps this is one time where Fredom to choose your infomation and protocol of your choice will win."


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