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Secure Syslog Replacement Proposed

nevets Re:Serioulsy? (248 comments)

Is this a joke? Or is it someone just trying to push their ideology of what they think should be done to the rest of the world to make their idea a standard?

Wow, that was my same response when I upgraded my box and Gnome3 was installed (removing my very customized setup of Gnome2).

more than 2 years ago

Midnight Commander Development Revived

nevets great for patch work (304 comments)

I love mc!

I use it all the time for patch management. One little tidbit that most people do not know about mc is that you can cd into a patch. Edit the diffs in the patch, and copy a diff from one patch to another patch file, just like copying or moving a file.

more than 5 years ago

Abuses of Science Political Cartoon Contest

nevets Re:And the winner is (at least to me) (345 comments)

In 1999 NASA and scientists from Lockheed Martin (where I use to work) sent out a Mars orbiter (although User Friendly mistakenly calls it a Mars Lander). The orbiter was suppose to orbit Mars taking information. On the far side of Mars we lost communication to it, as expected due to having Mars between it and us. But unexpected, the orbiter never showed up again. After a while, it was discovered that the orbiter actually crashed into Mars.

Now the funny part of the cartoon. The mistake that happened, was that some sceintists were using metric units while others where using English units, but they didn't make the conversion when they put their stuff together. So basically a $135 Million project died because of a typo.

And just in case you didn't know your commercials, Master Card was having this campaign at the time advertising itself. It would talk about some trip or adventure where the things to do it cost money and give a price. At the end it would show some experience and price it as "Priceless". And then it would say, "Some things in life, you can not buy. For everything else there's Master Card". So Userfriendly took this opportunity to give a comercial about the Mars Orbiter disaster.

more than 8 years ago


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