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CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

newcastlejon Re:Seems reasonable (460 comments)

When nationalistic Americans brag about our Bill or Rights, I wonder which version they're excited about: the version one gets from a plain reading of its text, or the twisted monstrosity that the three branches of government have foisted upon us.

I think it's the one that exists only in their heads.

4 days ago

Hitachi Developing Reactor That Burns Nuclear Waste

newcastlejon Re:Good (199 comments)

Lets not forget the gov't research labs -- it would be nice if the U.S. gov't didn't shut down such research to appease an ill-informed political interest group.

Otherwise known as "the electorate".

about two weeks ago

Hidden Obstacles For Google's Self-Driving Cars

newcastlejon Re:can it get me home from the bar? (289 comments)

You're a bit behind the times there chum. These days weekend binge drinking is the very epitome of fashion.

We as a nation are rightly proud that we've moved on from the times of lonely old men nursing pints of silty beer in tobacco stained pubs to a bright, new future of dynamic, young (allegedly) women clutching their high heels in one hand and a bottle of WKD in the other while their doting beau gallantly holds their hair aside as they're sick into a policeman's hat.

Truly, this a golden age.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

newcastlejon Pretty old? (635 comments)

The wheel is pretty old; I don't think I'd want to give up that.

about two weeks ago

This 'SimCity 4' Region With 107 Million People Took Eight Months of Planning

newcastlejon Re:simcity 4 is best simcity (103 comments)

Virtual Rome wasn't built in a day, you now.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

newcastlejon Re:Class Action Attorney (355 comments)

Contact one of the big class action lawsuit attorneys. if you can convince them that 10K customers or more are being cheated for more than $100 per year, over a period of years, they will be glad to work for a percent.

And, if past experience is any indication, that will be somewhere near 99%. When was the last time you heard of a class action getting the complainants anything near full restitution?

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

newcastlejon Re:What to do? (355 comments)

Actually ignore that. In my naiveté I expected them to be transparent about the PPP stuff.

I wouldn't have a problem with paying for that... if they were honest about it.

about three weeks ago

Eye Problems From Space Affect At Least 21 NASA Astronauts

newcastlejon Re:What can be done about this? (109 comments)

Speed limits are in space are a lot like the top speed on the speedo in my old Mini: it clearly says ninety and you can just about reach it... on an incline... with a favourable tail wind... and no passengers... or seats... but you can't go any faster without some serious re-jigging of the laws o' physics.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

newcastlejon Re:What to do? (355 comments)

A less drastic, but equally annoying solution might be to just turn it off for a month. See what they bill you then.

"It was turned off" is a lot more likely to persuade a small claims court to your side than "I was overcharged by 14%, and here are the dozen esoteric ways I can prove it".

about three weeks ago

Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According To a Koch-Backed Astroturf Group

newcastlejon Re:Urgh (531 comments)

Have you Americans *still* not gotten over this whole Marxist/Communist/Socialist = EVIL thing yet?

Why would they? From what I've seen there are a great number of them that don't even understand their own nation's founding principles; I can't count the number of times I've heard/read people complain about private entities not abiding by the first amendment. Getting over a smear campaign against the red/yellow terror from decades ago is likely one of the least of their worries.

about three weeks ago

The First Particle Physics Evidence of Physics Beyond the Standard Model?

newcastlejon Re:Morgan_Feeeman_Says (97 comments)

Not Morgan Freeman, Gordon Freeman. We are talking particle physics here.

Yes, but Gordon Freeman would be a terrible narrator (unless you can tune in to his inner monologue).

about three weeks ago

Posting Soccer Goals On Vine Is Illegal, Say England's Premier League

newcastlejon Re: Pinch of salt needed (226 comments)

They'll have to claim the fix the games to make them interesting, and that it's performance art and not competition perhaps.

Of course it is. Just look at the way some of them fall over; sometimes it borders on interpretive dance.

about 1 month ago

How Bird Flocks Resemble Liquid Helium

newcastlejon Re:That's good. (40 comments)

Birds don't run, they fly.


about a month and a half ago

How Bird Flocks Resemble Liquid Helium

newcastlejon Re:There have been attempts before (40 comments)

Back then the short cut they took probably saved them weeks in rendering time, and as you say, came out looking realistic.

Why is that? There's no reason that I can think of why one couldn't just decide how the creatures would flock using simple stick figures then add the rest of the models later.

In any case, we're in no position to judge how accurately a film recreated the behaviours of creatures that haven't been found in the wild for millions of years. Certainly we can infer a lot based on what we can observe in their distant descendants but it's still one of those things that takes some dramatic license (just like Lego genetics and the noise that a roaring T-Rex makes).

about a month and a half ago

Verizon's Offer: Let Us Track You, Get Free Stuff

newcastlejon Let me get this straight... (75 comments)

They're offering me discounts on stuff I probably don't need if I make it easier for people to try and sell me shit I don't want?
Anonymised? Pull the other one.

about 2 months ago

Verizon Boosts FiOS Uploads To Match Downloads

newcastlejon Re:No More Limited Upload Globally (234 comments)

Who said anything about removing usage limits? If past experience is any indication, this will just let people reach their limits faster. Does Verizon even have limits on uploads, or is it up and down all lumped together?

about 2 months ago

Biohackers Are Engineering Yeast To Make THC

newcastlejon Re:Holy grey area! (159 comments)

So, in other words, what you're saying is that bread bakes you?

about 2 months ago

The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One

newcastlejon Re: Died Outside a Tesla (443 comments)

Incinerating the thief is all well and good but I'd sooner have a car that doesn't bifurcate then burst into flames in the process.

about 2 months ago


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