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Can Ubuntu Linux Consume Less Power Than Windows?

ngileadi Re:Can it crash less often than Windows? (225 comments)

I don't know how this is relevant to the discussion, but you may want a blank screensaver to automatically lock your computer when you're away.

Sorry if I missed some sarcasm there.

more than 3 years ago

Can Ubuntu Linux Consume Less Power Than Windows?

ngileadi Re:Can it crash less often than Windows? (225 comments)

Well, I don't know what problem spiffmastercow had, but this bug has been around since the launch of 11.04, and crashes my laptop on a regular basis.

more than 3 years ago

Comcast's 105MBit Service Comes With Data Cap

ngileadi Re:Dude (372 comments)

The cap mentioned in the article is 250Gbit, not 250GB. 31GB is about 20 hours of HD video.

more than 3 years ago

How To Enter Equations Quickly In Class?

ngileadi Re:LyX (823 comments)

Clearly, the x-axis is the amount of knowledge accumulated and the y-axis is the total time spent so far.

more than 4 years ago

A New Way To Produce Hydrogen

ngileadi Re:Why? (204 comments)

[citation needed]
Do you have any figures about this? Mobile air conditioners with COP of 2 or so are being developed these days (IPCC/TEAP special report, page 306), and I can't imagine the energy consumption is significant compared to the actual transport, unless the temperature differences are extreme. I'm willing to be proven wrong, though.

more than 5 years ago

Study Abroad For Computer Science Majors?

ngileadi Re:In the UK, try Cambridge, York, Warwick... (386 comments)

There's some information about visiting students in Cambridge.
Very few students are accepted, especially in technical subjects, and they normally study the first or second year (so compsci part IA or IB, not II). Cambridge also has an established exchange program with MIT, where applications are somewhat less competitive for those coming to Cambridge.

more than 5 years ago

Where to Go After a Lifetime in IT?

ngileadi Lion Taming? (902 comments)

Programming to lion taming in one go...
You don't think it might be better if you worked your way towards lion taming, say via software engineering?

more than 7 years ago


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