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Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction

nhat11 Re:Silly season much (131 comments)

Eh "Ain't nothing free" even if you try to get a game in a store.

about two weeks ago

IeSF Wants International Game Tournaments Segregated By Sex [Updated]

nhat11 Re:simple fix (221 comments)

I would +1 this if I had some points lol

about three weeks ago

2 US Senators Propose 12-Cent Gas Tax Increase

nhat11 Re:Good! (619 comments)

I'm for this, there's too many gas guzzlers out there that people could care less about spending gallons of gas

about a month ago

Intel Announces Devil's Canyon Core I7-4790K: 4GHz Base Clock, 4.4GHz Turbo

nhat11 Re:In other news... (157 comments)

Not for a laptop. I have a 3rd gen i5 and because of the amount of software security and applications running, I can't imagine having this run on a C2D

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 With Bing To Sell Cheaper Devices

nhat11 Re:So.... (124 comments)

@symbolset It's been tried in the past before....

about 2 months ago

Physician Operates On Server, Costs His Hospital $4.8 Million

nhat11 Re:Typcial (143 comments)

Who +1 nurb432 for insightful? If you met any average doctor, most don't care to tell you they don't know anything about computers because they only want to focus on medicine. The ignorance in this post lol

about 3 months ago

Elderly Mice Perk Up With Transfused Blood

nhat11 Mr Burns... (178 comments)


about 3 months ago

The Million-Dollar Business of Video Game Cheating

nhat11 Re:The time-frame is insane, that's why (102 comments)

Ehhh StillAnonymous, Eve Online is about as bad or worse but with PvP. Besides FF11 is an older MMO and it is enjoyable. Crono is just stating only 1 negative point of view the game but hey, if you want to have your kids smoke weed, go right ahead and let them know too.

about 3 months ago

AMD Beema and Mullins Low Power 2014 APUs Tested, Faster Than Bay Trail

nhat11 I see great value in AMD's graphics power (66 comments)

since I'm a gamer. Their cpu may not be the best but their graphics development clearly shows how well integrated it is in their cpu and far more superior than intel. For the average user, it might not be a big deal but it's more future proof because of that power.

about 3 months ago

Mini Gaming PCs — Promising, But Not Ready

nhat11 Re:AMD Graphics (83 comments)

You should be asking, AMD CPU why?

about 3 months ago

Steam's Most Popular Games

nhat11 Re:Partial statistics (118 comments)

Wow Anon, you're such a badass, I want to be like you someday

about 3 months ago

New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

nhat11 Re:At least someone appreciates work-life balance (477 comments)

If there's a lot of people depending on you Anon, you'll feel differently about ignoring them especially if you work with them on a regular basis. That type of talk shows your inexperience in a team environment.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

nhat11 Re:Themes... (452 comments)

Yup and people hate it so you got to make it look and function like XP, customize Linux to be like XP

about 3 months ago



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