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Change.gov Uses Google Moderator System

nickhart Re:Ahh, true democracy (436 comments)

Not that this change.gov website is an avenue for any decision making by the "mob." It's just PR. The real power-brokers are still those with money—those who fund the campaigns, pay the lobbyists, reward government officials with cushy jobs when they leave office and have the ability to extort favorable legislation by their ability to sabotage the economy (moving their capital to greener pastures).

Voting doesn't change anything except which corporate shills are running the political patronage system. Website forums change even less.

more than 6 years ago

Should We Clone a Neanderthal?

nickhart Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer (990 comments)

I may not understand your "ethics" and "cloning" technology... I'm just a caveman! But there's one thing I do know... my client deserves to be compensated for the blatant theft of his genetic intellectual property!

more than 6 years ago


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