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Will Google's Dart Language Replace Javascript? (Video)

nickmalthus It would need to be submitted to a standards body (180 comments)

Dart would need to be submitted to an independent standards body and be royalty and patent free in order for any other company to even contemplate embracing it. I don't see Microsoft, Apple, or IBM handing the wheel to google to be sole dictator of the future of a critical component of web technology . Dart may be a good idea but without community support like what has happened with the HTML 5 standards group it will continue to be a proprietary browser specific language like VBScript in Internet Explorer.

about two weeks ago

In 2012, Facebook Altered Content To Tweak Readers' Emotions

nickmalthus The father of propaganda would be proud (130 comments)

Secret psychological tests on population in a mass? Edward Bernays would have been elated to have this capability in his time.

In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.

about three weeks ago

Why Snowden Did Right

nickmalthus Believe Glenn Greenwald's book got it perfect . . (348 comments)

Well said. Cui bono - who benefits? Government officials like Michael Hayden keep conjuring up the terrorist boogieman to rationalize totalitarian surveillance but in the end "Knowledge is Power" and that is the ultimate objective. Access to all information - virtual omniscience - can cement any party's rule and wealth and some would do anything to obtain that power. I recommend watching PBS's recent Frontline documentary for an in depth look at the surveillance state. Our government is heavily influenced by corporate interests and it stands to reason mass surveillance is more about power with access to all information than it is about the safety of ordinary citizens. Terrorism is just a psychological ruse to distract from the real prize.

A point of interest - A key criteria in the FBI's definition of terrorism is to "influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion" With that said when the revolving door government officials fear monger and institute policies contrary to Constitutional principles are they facilitating terrorism?

about 2 months ago

SEC Chair On HFT: 'The Markets Are Not Rigged'

nickmalthus Net Neutrality (303 comments)

HFT is another sound argument for Network Neutrality. Fair open markets can not exist on top of a network where superior bandwidth and latency decide market winners instead of legitimate market forces.

about 3 months ago

Identity Dominance: the US Military's Biometric War In Afghanistan

nickmalthus Re:Sounds like it could work here too.. (83 comments)

This is an extremely frightening abuse of power. Imaging if some foreign nation like China or Russia performed similar actions in the US. All potential dissidents documented and tracked like animals. If the US's actions in Afghanistan represent the pinnacle of Western Democracy it is no wonder they resist US presence in their country.

about 3 months ago

They're Reading Your Mail: Microsoft's ToS, Windows 8 Leak, and Snooping

nickmalthus Re: Bad summary (206 comments)

Typical corporate behavior - lobby incessantly against regulation but when caught in blatant malfeasance shirk accountability with the excuse "it may be unethical but it is not illegal"

about 3 months ago

Microsoft Releases Free Edition of OneNote

nickmalthus Ulterior motive (208 comments)

Who wants to bet that if one carefully reads the EULA for the free edition of OneNote that Microsoft has buried a clause in there that they can data mine all information stored in their Cloud service? Providing the OneNote client and Cloud storage for free would be a bargain given the data bonanza they would have access to: personal contact information, shopping lists, todos, etc.

about 4 months ago

Prisoners 'could serve 1,000 year sentence in eight hours'

nickmalthus Slow-Mo drug in Judge Dredd movie (10 comments)

There is a similar theme in the latest Judge Dredd movie where the time slowing drug Slow-Mo is used to exacerbate punishment.

about 4 months ago

OASIS Approves OData 4.0 Standards For an Open, Programmable Web

nickmalthus Re:Reinvention of RDF + SPARQL (68 comments)

SPARQL 1.1 supports updates (insert/delete) and the SPARQL CONSTRUCT operator can be used to build query results in a nested graph format. Additionally SPARQL protocol defines a standard HTTP binding protocol that can generate output in CSV and JSON formats in addition to XML. To me it appears OData is a reimagining of W3C's Semantic Web efforts.

about 4 months ago

OASIS Approves OData 4.0 Standards For an Open, Programmable Web

nickmalthus Reinvention of RDF + SPARQL (68 comments)

Glancing over the specification it looks like a reincarnation of RDF plus SPARQL for updates. Perhaps a product of Not Invented Here syndrome? I am sure it will end up like most OASIS standards: developed in a bubble by company insiders, introduced as selling points in the next versions of said companies products, rejected by the marketplace due to complexity and lack of adoption, and then ultimately discarded in favor of the next technology fad that purportedly better solves the problem space.

about 4 months ago

Ukraine May Have To Rearm With Nuclear Weapons Says Ukrainian MP

nickmalthus Re:How are nuclear weapons going to help though? (498 comments)

Amen to that. All those who have wargasms whenever conflict arises have the opportunity to ship out and become foreign fighters. The jihadist do that in Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. However it much more expedient to be a chicken hawk and send kids barely out of high school to be killed and maimed in war and after the fact complain about high taxes.

about 4 months ago

Ukraine May Have To Rearm With Nuclear Weapons Says Ukrainian MP

nickmalthus Re:How are nuclear weapons going to help though? (498 comments)

How do explain Russia taking over key pieces of infrastructure without violence? I would hazard to guess most Crimeans didn't resist because they didn't oppose it.

about 4 months ago

Ukraine May Have To Rearm With Nuclear Weapons Says Ukrainian MP

nickmalthus Re:US troops through Gitmo == invasion of Cuba? (498 comments)

Certainly Crimea is an import port for Russia and they don't wish it to fall under control of an oppositional government. For the past decade China has been courting many Latin American countries. When political change comes to Cuba and the US were to sense Chinese influence there is no question America would militarily intervene due to the significant geopolitical consequences. I think the best policy is to deescalate the situation and let the people of Ukraine and Crimea vote for their futures and let the world respect their choices.

about 4 months ago

Oklahoma Schools Required To Teach Students Personal Finance

nickmalthus Re:Good (304 comments)

One can't win at a game unless they know the rules.

about 5 months ago

Ghostwriter Reveals the Secret Life of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

nickmalthus Re:shocking (359 comments)

In a 45-page essay chronicling the collapse of a $2.5m deal for Assange’s autobiography, O’Hagan, an award-winning novelist and non-fiction author, recounts how he spent months with the Australian computer hacker in an attempt to extract material for the book.

I can think of 2.5m reasons O’Hagan would not paint a positive image of Assange after spending months of his life with only this article to show for it.

about 5 months ago

Congressmen Say Clapper Lied To Congress, Ask Obama To Remove Him

nickmalthus Jerry Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy (383 comments)

Not only that, isn't lying under oath to congress a criminal offense? If he lied, why don't they charge him?

James Clapper and Congress to a lesser extent are behaving exactly as predicted by the Iron Law of Bureaucracy which states:

"In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely."

If there is any merit to the adage "Knowledge is Power" then the usurpation by the NSA in totalitarian total access certainly empowers the federal bureaucracy that both Clapper and Congress work for. As it has always been since the beginning of our country it is the responsibility of the citizens to correct the government. Unfortunately due to the corruption of our election process accelerated by unfettered campaign finance most people do not vote for third party candidates and we end up with corporate sponsors instead of representatives. The next time you visit the ballot box remember to vote your conscious and not for who the corporate controlled media want you to believe will win. You have control over the former but not the later.

about 6 months ago

Will Electric Cars and Solar Power Make Gasoline and Utilities Obsolete?

nickmalthus Toll Roads (734 comments)

In Texas all new highways will be privatized toll roads thanks to crony capitalism. Never mind that roads are natural monopolies the Republican lead Texas state legislature thinks it is a wonderful idea to confiscate private land and lease it corporations for 50-100 years who will then charge commuters per mile royalties with guaranteed profits backed by the government. In metropolitan areas the toll rolls will fluctuate based on traffic conditions. Near free energy for transportation would be wonderful but at least in Texas toll trolls will be there to extort their margins.

about 6 months ago


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