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Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Food That Contains DNA

nicodoggie McDonald's... (349 comments)

...can finally advertise as 100% DNA free!

2 days ago

The Dark Side of Amazon's New Pilots

nicodoggie Even with HAL (312 comments)

I've installed HAL in my Arch box just to see if it'll work, and nope, it still doesn't.

Not in Firefox with the last supported Flash for Linux that uses NPAPI (, nor on Chromium, with Pepper Flash (11.6.602.171). hald is running and everything.

Why don't these guys learn from Steam? Make an effort, and they get some of the most loyal, most vocal platform zealots money can never buy; shun them, they get the most rabid haters.

I seriously hope Amazon reconsiders this move. I was this close to actually paying for an Amazon Prime subscription, but since I won't be able to stream on my PC (which solely runs Linux) nor on my phone (Android 4.1), they just lost a potential loyal customer to piracy (I downloaded Zombieland and Alpha House through TPB).

about 2 years ago

The Twighlight of Small In-House Data Centers

nicodoggie Re:Twighlight. (180 comments)

Because Twilight is too mainstream.

about 2 years ago

Pierre Deligne Wins Abel Prize For Contributions To Algebraic Geometry

nicodoggie Mod this properly! (55 comments)

Why is this not modded insightful??

about 2 years ago

Canonical Announces Mir: A New Display Server Not On X11 Or Wayland

nicodoggie Re:Canonical swirling down to irrelevance. (354 comments)

I really don't get that hate for systemd that much. I've been using it on my box and some of my company's dev servers and I like making units for it WAAAAY more than scripting an initscript.

about 2 years ago

Approximately how speedy is your Internet connection?

nicodoggie Braggarts (367 comments)

Complaining that their 50Mbps rates only go up to 20, pfft my 512Kbps hardly even reaches 300! Figures, living in a backwater country... Internet speeds, more fuckin' fun in the Philippines.

about 3 years ago

PC Designer Says PC "Going the Way of the Vacuum Tube"

nicodoggie Modifiable! (685 comments)

The day I stop buying PCs is the day we can easily build laptops and tablet from easily available consumer-grade parts. Probably not even then.

more than 3 years ago

Gamification — Valid Term or Marketing-Speak?

nicodoggie Re:Soviet gamification in mines (98 comments)

The miners are also given launchable inflaters as weapons against those pesky smurfs and their pet dragons.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Removes MySQL From Lion Server

nicodoggie Re:Much better anyway (303 comments)

Not really sure about the difference in functionality but mysql has geospatial stuff too. Never had a reason to eevn try it out, though--I just remember skimming this section in a reference manual.

more than 3 years ago

SFPD Arrests Suspect In Airbnb Rental Trashing

nicodoggie $112MM (179 comments)

$112 Mega Millions is a lot of money...

more than 3 years ago

Why People Who Make Things Should Learn Chinese

nicodoggie Revenge! (588 comments)

After years of frustration while reading incomprihensible English instructions from Chinese products, it's time for revenge!

more than 3 years ago

Nokia - No More Symbian Phones After 2012

nicodoggie Re:Cold dead hands (234 comments)

Me and my classmates used to play catch with a 3310. The thing often fell on a hard concrete floor from about 7 ft off the ground as a result. Surprisingly, it would still turn on, and even more surprisingly, still work, every time we put the casing back together.

It had a few scratches here and there, but for all 6 years I had it (2nd hand by the way) the phone worked like a dream. The only reason I don't have it right now, is because someone nicked it from my pocket along with my wallet some concert.

It still doesn't mean that the latest generation Nokia phones are as hardy as the black-and-white stuff though, maybe the recent ones already have some planned obsolescence built-in...

more than 3 years ago

Further Updates On Post-Tsumami Japan

nicodoggie Re:Tsumami? (369 comments)

Exactly, it's the Mother of all Tsunamis

more than 3 years ago

The Wrong Way To Weaponize Social Media

nicodoggie Re:Social media: overrated (90 comments)

Shirky would get confused I guess, since Philippine media at that time, kept reporting that the Philippines was the "text capital of the world" during those years and kept attributing Estrada's downfall to our text-happy countrymen.

Apart from the noise and the wasted electrons, did it result in her fall from power?

Fall from power isn't the only goal. People benefit from the transparency of government brought by additional info. Election is influenced by the amount of data the people get. What uncensored Internet brought the Philippines is that additional information—the things often omitted by news reports once Malacañang gets wind of it.

All that noise and attention brought by Social Media pushed favor away from people even slightly related to Gloria Arroyo. From the onset, her party's candidate Gibo Teodoro was really low in the ranks until he slowly distanced himself from her. Manny Villar's multi-million Peso campaign was derailed after Twitter reports came in that he received money from Gloria's side.

Aquino won this previous election more or less because of the noisy Filipinos on social networks. Well, I mean other than the death of his mother.

more than 4 years ago

Single-Player Game Model 'Finished,' Says EA Exec

nicodoggie EA Games 'Finished,' Says Single-Game Player (439 comments)

Though if they finally resolve the issue of making a proper multiplayer game with a definite ending, I might actually bite. There are a group of people (myself included), who still prefer, single player games with a definite ending.

more than 4 years ago

China Embargos Rare Earth Exports To Japan

nicodoggie Re:I can see the historians now (470 comments)

Speaking as a Filipino, I know most of the country's been brainwashed thoroughly by American propaganda. The entire "We're the heroes" illusion is well received here. Until relatively recently, most people still think the Americans really demolished the Spanish in the local Spanish-American war, instead of an act to hide the Treaty of Paris.

Japan's goal in WWII was basically a unification of Asia so it could be independent of Western "superiority". Also anecdotal evidence (mostly from my grandparents) says that the Japanese themselves weren't the ones raping and killing the captured population, just the Koreans who worked for them.

more than 4 years ago

Smallest Manned Electric Plane Flies

nicodoggie Cri-Cri (131 comments)

or death by Cri-Cri??

more than 4 years ago



KDE3 Fork In The Works

nicodoggie nicodoggie writes  |  more than 4 years ago

nicodoggie (1228876) writes "A little over two years after Linux desktop users all over the world wailed in disappointment over the sub par KDE 4.0 release, a KDE3 fork, Trinity KDE is coming into being.

Apparently, there is a Live CD of Trinity KDE working on Ubuntu 10.04, but as of today, the Trinity KDE website is still recovering from hardware failure.

Will this project take off? Will KDE3 be back in the mainstream? Or have people moved on?"

How would I stream videos remotely to an old TV?

nicodoggie nicodoggie writes  |  more than 6 years ago

nicodoggie writes "Me and my uncle spent much time talking about a full multimedia system that runs through the entire house and can be easily administered by any computer within the network, may it be a laptop or the command center where all the files are stored.

Our vision was to put in wireless access points all over the house so all our relatives' laptops (whenever they visit) can easily connect to the network (with authentication of course) so they get to access all the media in the Linux-based file and print server. We also plan to attach speakers around the house and be able to remotely control the music that plays on them. Right now, I can already visualize how we would do these parts of our grand plan.

In Phase II, we want to be able to stream videos our two TVs in the house, and the HD projector we plan to install remotely as well (either on a laptop, or if possible, a handheld). The two TVs are pretty old, purchased few years before HDTV came out. Is there a cheap and relatively easy way to do this? What hardware do we need to do this? Is there open-source software available for this sort of thing? If not, what should I read on to hack together such software?

I actually posted this on linuxquestions.org already, but I wanted to try submitting this to AskSlashdot and maybe get feedback from a wider audience... and probably some mod points :D Thanks a lot, nicodoggie"


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