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nielsene Re:Market Research for VA Software (216 comments)

I think the issue is more that at present VA Software's actions are hindering the development community due to the uncertaining about their announced SF Open Edition(SFOE). They have no obligation to continue to to release their work under the GPL as they are the copyright holder. However, there are several development efforts that are centered around the old 2.5/6 GPL'd code an would like to have a central baseline to develop against (sf-genericinst and debian-sf are two such proejcts).

When VA Software initially closed the cvs repositoty they laid out their plans for the closed 3.0 baseline, but also advertised their plans for SFOE. SFOE is no longer mentioned/talked about, etc. What the developers want to know is will VA Software follow through with the SFOE or was it killed internally.

An open-source baseline of the 2.6 code will appear at some point, most developers feel its right to give VA Software first dibs on being the "controlling" force and are waiting to hear the official word on the status of SFOE.

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