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Hungary To Tax Internet Traffic

niftydude Re:Already taxed? (321 comments)

Yeah - I thought Hungary was part of the EU, which means that they have the VAT, which means they have a tax on services, which means the internet is already taxed.

This must be a second tax on the internet. Seems excessive.


Phablet Reviews: Before and After the iPhone 6

niftydude Re: Different things for different people (277 comments)

it has no utility for anything other than payments. The use scenarios other devices use NFC for (because they can't be used for payments due to carrier interference) are better handled by better technologies, like Bluetooth LE.

So you think that the NFC tag I have on my bedside drawer, that I can place my phone on when I'm ready to sleep and have it turn off my house lights would be better handled by Bluetooth LE or some better technology? Ditto for all the other tasks floating around that I handle with NFC tags?

I doubt it. Please explain.

about a month ago

Enthusiast Opts For $2200 Laser Eye Surgery To Enhance Oculus Rift Experience

niftydude Re:Reality not sufficient, (109 comments)

GP AC really did belong at -1. And you shouldn't have been modded up either.

TFS states he has farsightedness, which means that he can already see all those things without glasses. Up until now, he would only have needed glasses to read - which apparently he was OK with, and so didn't think it was worth the surgery.

Now that the oculus rift has come along, wearing glasses in that thing are annoying in that and he's opted for surgery. Makes sense to me.

Your experience as a shortsighted person bears very little relevance to his experience as a farsighted person.

about 2 months ago

Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

niftydude Re:it is the wrong way... (291 comments)

How do you recommend governments act to reduce carbon emissions?

If I were the government, I would do it by mandated carbon emission levels per watt of power generated by power companies. The idea is similar to the way that fuel efficiency standards were mandated for automobiles and led to vastly more fuel efficient cars.

This is something that a government can mandate, because the technology is here, and power plants can already make a profit from a mix of renewables (solar/hydro/wind/etc), it just isn't as profitable in the short term as coal because renewables tend to have a longer ROI period than fossil fuels. But if the government mandates the mix the power supplier must have, then the power companies will have to comply. The power companies will still make sufficient profit in the long term.

I am a firm believer in climate change, but I think a tax designed to reduce power consumption is wrong-headed. The progress of civilization is related to the power usage of that civilization. Individuals in first world countries now use more power in a day than people 1000 years ago would use in several months. In the future to continue to progress, our civilization will use more power.

about 3 months ago

How Vacuum Tubes, New Technology Might Save Moore's Law

niftydude Magic Smoke (183 comments)

So in the future, you'll know your electronics are broken when magic smoke is sucked into the chip?

about 4 months ago

WikiLeaks: NSA Recording All Telephone Calls In Afghanistan

niftydude Re:No shit, this is the JOB of the NSA (241 comments)

So from the other side, if an Afghani intelligence agency was recording every call in America, that's OK too because it's their job?

I fairly certain I recall Obama stating in the past that he would consider it an act of war if any country did that sort of thing to the US. (Unless of course it is one of the five eyes countries, who share what they record in the US back to the NSA to create a nice little bypass of the rule which does not allow the NSA to spy domestically).

about 5 months ago

US and UK Governments Advise Avoiding Internet Explorer Until Bug Fixed

niftydude Re: Oh Noes! (153 comments)

Just because you trust Microsoft the company, doesn't mean that one of their webservers hasn't been hacked and had an exploit installled by a third party. Especially if you consider that MS web admins are probably using ie, and so may have had their work computers exploited.

about 6 months ago

5-Year Suspended Sentence For S. Africa's First Online Pirate

niftydude Bad Summary (45 comments)

No one has ever uploaded a movie to The Pirate Bay. That is not how torrents work.

TFA correctly states what the defendant did, so why is the summary for Slashdot, the supposed "news for nerds" site, dumbed down?

about 6 months ago

UAV Operator Blames Hacking For Malfunction That Injured Triathlete

niftydude Re:Evolution (178 comments)

It has ADSL in the inner part of the town, but broadband in regional Australia is generally atrocious. Here is an interactive map! https://www.mybroadband.commun...

about 6 months ago

UAV Operator Blames Hacking For Malfunction That Injured Triathlete

niftydude Re:Evolution (178 comments)

Why do you automatically believe the athlete?

I believe the athlete in this situation because everything that comes out of the drone operator's mouth is being proven to be either false or purposefully misleading. It turns out that he wasn't even operating the drone at the time - he had given someone else a go at the controls. From The Age

Mr Abrams told Fairfax he held a licence to fly, but would not say whether his company had one.
It's understood Mr Abrams has a fixed-wing pilot licence, but not the type that allows him or his company to operate quadcopter drones for commercial purposes.

Photographs show the drone involved in Sunday's incident was a quadcopter.
The Geraldton Triathlon Club said Mr Abrams' company was not paid a fee to take footage using the drone on Sunday.
Instead it filmed in return for having ads placed on event promotional material, the club said.
Whether the drones were filming for commercial purposes will be important to CASA's investigation, as different regulations apply to commercial and recreational operators.

Mr Abrams said he was in charge at the time of the incident and that another person had their hands on the controller.
He would not name who was flying it, nor say whether they had a licence to fly.
"I am licensed and I was there with the pilot," Mr Abrams told Fairfax.
Asked repeatedly if the pilot was licensed, Mr Abrams refused to answer and became defensive.

He is full of it. He's lying about being having the correct license for that class of vehicle, and he is refusing to even say who was flying the drone at the time.

Then he goes and blames hackers as an out... So, why do you automatically believe the drone operator?

about 6 months ago

UAV Operator Blames Hacking For Malfunction That Injured Triathlete

niftydude Re:Evolution (178 comments)

He's basing his claim on the drone footage showing it crash to the ground. That doesn't mean she didn't get hit: Depending on how fast the drone was going, the shrapnel could have been pretty nasty - particularly pieces from the propeller.

None of that gives him any evidence or indication to support his claim that his drone was hacked. He's completely plucked that excuse out of thin air to avoid personal responsibility for his actions.

If you had ever been to Geraldton, you would know that it is a small country town on the edge of nowhere, and that the idea that there are some uber-hackers floating around a local triathlon hacking into drones is ridiculous.

about 7 months ago

UAV Operator Blames Hacking For Malfunction That Injured Triathlete

niftydude Re:Evolution (178 comments)

Reads like bullshit anyway..

\ This is correct. According to the drone operator: "She looks over her shoulder and gets frightened, falling to the ground and bumping her head, but the drone didn't actually strike her"

But according to the triathlete: "I have lacerations on my head from the drone and the ambulance crew took a piece of propeller from my head"

I reckon the drone operator is full of shit and just making up whatever comes to mind. In the same breath he claims that the drone didn't hit her, that she fell on her own, and that anyway the drone was hacked so it isn't his fault. Typical blame everyone but himself personality disorder.

about 7 months ago

Astronauts' Hearts Change Shape In Space

niftydude Re:Before I buy that Virgin Galactic ticket, tell (113 comments) any other, ahem, organs become more spherical? Because that could be a deal breaker.

How so? I thought the general consensus was that girth is always preferable to length.

about 7 months ago

How I Cut My Time Warner Cable Bill By 33%

niftydude Re:the phone is pure profit (206 comments)

The only thing I can think of that is more pure profitable than telephone service is telephone company text messages.

Profitable is an understatement - telcos are making up to 90 000% profit on text messages,

about 8 months ago

Man Shot To Death For Texting During Movie

niftydude Re:Finally some good news for a change. (1431 comments)

Yes, because shooting a 43 year old man and his wife is totally an appropriate response if one of them sends texts during a movie.

I mean, since he was retired, the shooter would've paid around $10 for the privilege of being in that cinema. So he's entitled to shoot anyone who slightly annoys him during that time. Especially considering it was a Mark Wahlberg movie.

That was sarcasm. But this isn't: You are an idiot.

about 9 months ago

Cartels Are Using Firetruck-Sized Drillers To Make Drug Pipelines

niftydude Re:Plotline of Weeds (323 comments)

Season 4 of Weeds aired in 2008. FTFA, the first drug tunnel was discovered by police in 1990.

So I don't think the cartels are the copycats here...

about 9 months ago

Bill Nye To Debate Creationist Museum Founder Ken Ham

niftydude Re:Bad call (611 comments)

In the words of George Carlin:

Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

about 10 months ago

How much of your media do you store locally?

niftydude Re:All of it (187 comments)

Oh, I do that too, but I haven't figured out a good, _simple_ way to access this with my Android phone media players. I do not want to have to install a special server, that's what sshd is! I do not want to have to root my phone (e.g., in order to use sshfs). Maybe it's out there, but I haven't found it yet.

I agree - it kinda sux that the sshfs implementation on android needs root. However, if you want to stream to an android media player from your home server, and you don't want to root your device, a combination of an openvpn vpn, and samba filesharing will do the job. A lot of routers support openvpn out of the box now - but failing that any linux server can be configured to provide vpn addresses.

about 10 months ago

Healthcare IT's Achilles' Heel: Sensors

niftydude Re:Wait a second. (84 comments)

Healthcare IT's actual problem is audit and compliance, oversight and regulation and how it slows adoption of useful technologies.

Exactly - in the biotech field I've heard it referred to as the 17-year problem, because that's the amount of time it can take to get FDA approval for any new tech.

Try to get people to fund or work on your product when it can take up to 20 years to start getting a return on your investment.

about 10 months ago

How much of your media do you store locally?

niftydude Re:All of it (187 comments)

Not to mention that

sudo apt-get install openssh-server sshfs

gives me my own cloud. Why would I use "the" cloud?

So I can get spam emails every time an artist on my list of music visits town? So I can lose all my media when the cloud provider goes broke, or has their assets frozen by the feds because some content elsewhere on their network is allegedly infringing copyright (ala kim dotcom)?

I don't know why I don't fall over myself to take advantage of such an opportunity.

about 10 months ago



Chinese spacecraft lands on moon

niftydude niftydude writes  |  about 10 months ago

niftydude (1745144) writes "A Chinese spacecraft has landed on the moon in the first "soft landing" since 1976.

The event, broadcast live on Chinese TV, means the country has joined the US and the former Soviet Union in managing to accomplish such a feat.

The Chang'e 3, named after a lunar goddess in traditional Chinese mythology, is carrying the solar-powered Yutu, or Jade Rabbit rover, which will dig and conduct geological surveys. The mission is expected to last three months."

Teen arrested after 'Timebomb' tweet

niftydude niftydude writes  |  about a year ago

niftydude (1745144) writes "

A teenage boy is facing criminal charges after he set off a bomb scare by tweeting some of the lyrics of a Pink song at the US pop songstress's concert on Sunday night at Rod Laver Arena.

The 16-year-old was thrown out of the concert and subsequently arrested by police after he tweeted a reference to Pink's song "Timebomb", off her chart-topping new album, and linked the tweet to the Rod Laver Arena official twitter account.

The tweet read:

@Pink I'm ready with my Bomb. Time to blow up #RodLaverArena. Bitch.

It is understood security at the concert were able to locate the boy in the 12,000-strong crowd by using his Twitter profile photo.

So tweeting the lyrics of a pop song while at the performer's concert can now get you arrested? I guess death metal fans should really watch out."
Link to Original Source


Morales plane 'rerouted over Snowden suspicions'

niftydude niftydude writes  |  about a year ago

niftydude (1745144) writes "In an extraordinary move, France and Portugal revoked flight clearances for the Bolivian President's plane on Tuesday after representations were reportedly made by the US State Department. Mr Morales was flying home from an energy conference in Moscow and his aircraft was hastily rerouted to Vienna, Austria.

Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca angrily denied that Mr Snowden was on the President's aircraft, a fact later confirmed by Austrian authorities, and said France and Portugal would have to explain why they abruptly cancelled authorisation for the flight.

AP reports that Venezuela's foreign minister Elias Jaua has condemned the decision by France and Portugal to block the plane from its airspace. He claimed that changing a flight's route without checking on how much fuel was left in the plane, put Morales' life at risk."

Link to Original Source

Assange prosecutor quits while accuser sacks lawyer

niftydude niftydude writes  |  about a year and a half ago

niftydude (1745144) writes "The top Swedish prosecutor pursuing sexual assault charges against Julian Assange has abruptly left the case and one of Mr Assange's accusers has sacked her lawyer.

The turmoil in the Swedish Prosecution Authority's effort to extradite Mr Assange comes as another leading Swedish judge prepares to deliver an unprecedented public lecture in Australia next week on the WikiLeaks publisher's case.

Fairfax Media has obtained Swedish court documents that reveal high-profile Swedish prosecutor Marianne Nye has unexpectedly left the handling Mr Assange's case, effective from Wednesday, and has been replaced by a more junior prosecutor, Ingrid Isgren. The reasons for the change have not yet been disclosed."

Link to Original Source

Google hit with $200,000 damages bill over Mokbel shots

niftydude niftydude writes  |  about 2 years ago

niftydude (1745144) writes "Should Google be held liable for images that appear in its search results? An Australian court has said yes.

A Melbourne man who won a defamation case against search engine giant Google has been awarded $200,000 in damages.

Milorad Trkulja, also known as Michael, sued the multinational over images of him alongside a well-known underworld figure that appeared in its search results.

A six-person Supreme Court jury found last month that Mr Trkulja had been defamed by the images, which he first contacted Google about removing in 2009."

Link to Original Source

Australian Sex Party threatens Google after ad spat

niftydude niftydude writes  |  more than 2 years ago

niftydude (1745144) writes "Australian newspaper The Age is carrying the story:

The Australian Sex Party has threatened Google with legal action after the search engine refused to run its ads on the eve of tomorrow's Melbourne by-election.

It comes after Sex Party ads were blocked by Google at the last federal election because the company — which is typically opposed to censorship — perceived the text as too racy (the ads were reinstated by Google the day before the election).

Sex Party candidate Fiona Patten said this time the search giant said it would not approve her ads "because we have a donate button on our page and we're not a charity".

Don't all political parties allow donations? Is google imposing it's own sense of morality onto australian politics?"

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Here we go again: Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy S III

niftydude niftydude writes  |  more than 2 years ago

niftydude (1745144) writes "Apple has filed a motion in a California court to prevent Samsung selling its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S III in the US, according to court papers.

Apple claimed that the new phone, which is yet to go on sale in the US but went on sale in Australia last week, could cause it "irreparable harm," citing press reports that mobile companies had already sold more than nine million units in pre-orders.

"irreparable harm" is right — I played with one in-store yesterday, and it far surpasses any of last year's model smartphones."

Link to Original Source

Samsung sues to block iPhone 4S in Australia

niftydude niftydude writes  |  about 3 years ago

niftydude (1745144) writes "Samsung is suing Apple to stop sales of the iPhone 4S in Australia, just days after the device went on sale around the world.
Both companies are now shelling out millions in legal fees to fight more than 20 patent infringement cases in 10 countries. Samsung recently vowed to shift its strategy from "passive" to being "more aggressive" in targeting Apple for "free riding" on its patents."

Link to Original Source

Pilot refuses full body scan, may lose job

niftydude niftydude writes  |  about 4 years ago

niftydude (1745144) writes "A pilot for ExpressJet Airlines, Michael Roberts, refused to submit to a full-body scan in Memphis on Saturday, saying the technology amounts to “virtual strip searching.” Detained by airport security, he now may lose his job. His first hand account of the TSA agents to his refusal is here . He has also written a letter to the editor of a local Memphis newspaper in which he makes the quite relevant point that "Obviously, our work places us inside the flight deck door by necessity. We wouldn't have to smuggle a weapon into the airport to take control of an aircraft.""
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