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Facebook Blamed For Driving Up Cellphone Bills, But It's Not Alone

night_flyer Re:Is there any way to stop auto-play? (131 comments)

and people access the facebook with their cellphones using browsers like chrome and firefox...

about 3 months ago

Earthquake Warning Issued For Central Oklahoma

night_flyer Re:fraud opportunity! (127 comments)

Not if you specifically purchase "earthquake" insurance, Ive had that on my house(s) for the last 15 years, looking like I got a good deal now...

about 7 months ago

Ex-Head of Troubled Health Insurance Site May Sue, Citing 'Cover-Up'

night_flyer Re:$130 million question (162 comments)

you are so right, just look at Chicago, not a Republican in sight, it's such a utopia...

about 8 months ago

Ex-Head of Troubled Health Insurance Site May Sue, Citing 'Cover-Up'

night_flyer Re:$130 million question (162 comments)

Must be publicly educated...

John Kitzhaber, Governor, Democrat
Oregon House - 34 Democrats 26 Republicans
Oregon Senate - 16 Democrats 14 Republicans
U.S. House - 4 Democrats 1 Republican
U.S. Senate - 2 Democrats

about 8 months ago

70% of U.S. Government Spending Is Writing Checks To Individuals

night_flyer 10 Years After once sang... (676 comments)

"tax the rich feed the poor till there are no rich no more"

then who will feed the poor?

about 9 months ago

US Cord Cutters Getting Snubbed From NBC's Olympic Coverage Online

night_flyer Re:No, the FCC should not step in (578 comments)

there's a good reason... before the switch to digital from analog I could get every OTA station available, some better than others, now thanks to the gov't I can only pick up 2, neither being NBC...

about 10 months ago

3-D Printed Gun Ban Fails In Senate

night_flyer Re:Cognitive dissonance at its' finest (414 comments)

yes, we need to ban these types of guns, because we all know criminals obey the law... maybe it would be easier to outlaw murder!

about a year ago

"War Room" Notes Describe IT Chaos At Healthcare.gov

night_flyer Re:Furloughed workers (346 comments)

healthcare.gov was opened to the public Oct 1st, the gov't shutdown started Oct 1st... anyone blaming furloughs for its problems is being disingenuous at best... and the gov't had 3 YEARS to get the site up and running

1 year,20 days

TSA Union Calls For Armed Guards At Every Checkpoint

night_flyer Just declare... (603 comments)

Just declare airports to be gun-free zones cause it works everywhere else it is tried

1 year,24 days

Tech Titans Oracle, Red Hat and Google To Help Fix Healthcare.gov

night_flyer That Word, I Do Not Think... (404 comments)

... It Means What You Think It Means

Calvary: the site immediately outside Jerusalem's walls where Jesus was crucified.

Cavalry: soldiers or warriors who fought mounted on horseback.

1 year,27 days

Should the U.S. bomb Syria?

night_flyer 100,000 people killed (659 comments)

and we do nothing... chems are used (we still don't know who) ,killing less than 1500 and we must "stop" him?

why would Assad, while winning the war risk getting the international community involved by using chems?

about a year ago

China Has a Massive Windows XP Problem

night_flyer Re:EOL a product to force new sales? (520 comments)

I went into a dealership with my 94 van 3 years ago, and they repaired a recalled item for free, in other words, they fixed something that was their responsibility to fix.

about a year ago

The Shortest Internet Censorship Debate Ever

night_flyer seeing a pattern? (169 comments)

Child porn is a problem, so lets block all porn.
Meth is a problem, so lets put Pseudoephedrine behind the counter.
Irresponsible people with pit bulls are a problem, so lets ban all "dangerous" breeds.
Evil people killing others with guns is a problem, so lets ban all guns.
Over-consumption of energy drinks is a problem, so lets ban energy drinks.

none of the above "solutions" actually solves the problem, it just infringes on the rights of the people.

about a year ago

George Zimmerman Acquitted In Death of Trayvon Martin

night_flyer to race baiters (1737 comments)

you show so much concern about Travon being killed in self defense by a Hispanic, yet ignore the HUNDREDS of deaths of blacks by blacks in Chicago every year... hypocritical much?

about a year ago

UCSD Lecturer Releases Geotagging Application For "Dangerous Guns and Owners"

night_flyer tag all of Chicago (976 comments)

1,043 shooting victims in 2013 already... and it's supposed to be a "gun free" zone

about a year ago

New Moons of Pluto Named Kerberos and Styx; Popular Choice 'Vulcan' Snubbed

night_flyer can a non-planet have moons? (194 comments)

serious question...

about a year ago

Neuroscientist: First-Ever Human Head Transplant Is Now Possible

night_flyer Head transplant? (522 comments)

don't they mean body transplant?

about a year ago

Snowden Is Lying, Say House Intelligence Committee Leaders

night_flyer if he is lying... (749 comments)

...why are they working so hard to defend/explain it away?

about a year and a half ago



RIP Gary Gygax

night_flyer night_flyer writes  |  more than 6 years ago

night_flyer writes "It has been reported on the Troll Lord Games website that D&D co-creator and father of Role Playing games has died. "Gary passed away at 1 am at his house, no funeral arrangements have been made yet. I spoke with Ernie Gygax not five minutes ago. There were many tears. I doubt it is public knowledge yet but I saw the earlier posting and figured I might as well confirm.""

Lucasfilm Sues GenCon

night_flyer night_flyer writes  |  more than 6 years ago

night_flyer writes "Yesterday, this article was brought to light concerning Lucasfilm filing a lawsuit against GenCon last month over their alleged failure to turn over money to the Make-A-Wish Foundation from funds collected from the charity auction held at Celebration IV in LA last year. A copy of the complaint can be found here."


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