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How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

nimbius perhaps a better title (288 comments)

bloomberg magazine reports that rich people are still crazier than a shit-house rat. This guys hopeful pledge is fundamentally pointless on a number of levels.
HGH: enjoy an increased risk of diabetes and Hodgkins lymphoma. HGH, or human growth hormone, is basically a recreational steroid for the well-to-do. its effectiveness in extending life has never even been correlated, let alone proven. At worst, its an example of just how broken the american medical system is.
Paleo: all meats in america are processed to some level, and red meat has been directly correlated with an increased risk of prostate and colon cancer. various additives like nitrites and processing methods such as using carbon monoxide to improve meat color, actually involve carcinogens or cancer suspect agents in their execution. Factory farming and the prolific use of sterroids and hormones in all american meat have virtually guaranteed an increased risk of cancer. enjoy significantly elevated levels of cholesterol, and supporting a fundamentally unsustainable concept of factory farming that contributes to everything from climate change to aggressively resistant bacteria and viruses.
Cure for cancer: yes. yes you will need this if you seriously think gobbling hormones and sterroids will prolong your life to 120. But if you think its coming in 10 years, you're out of your mind. Cancer is still a gruelling disease that we hardly understand. We have to throw some of our most advanced, and destructive, medical treatments at it just to ensure remission and even thats not guaranteed.

where this nut job really fies off the rails is the soverign nation at sea for 'like minded' individuals who also happen to be coincidentally filthy fucking rich and totally disinterested in normal society to the point that gated communities no longer cut it. Have fun defending it from cruise missiles and guided tactical nuclear arms once one of these 'like minded' people pisses off a foreign nation.

7 hours ago

TSA Has Record-Breaking Haul In 2014: Guns, Cannons, and Swords

nimbius the things americans got to keep (249 comments)

fear: Americans were once again this year permitted to take their uncodifiable fear of terrorism along each and every flight.
compliance:unquestioned, lock step obedience to a national travel policy thats done nothing to reduce or eliminate terrorism, as domestic events like the Aurora and giffords shooting have simply been redefined as tragedies. Anders Brevik's christian crusade of bloodshed was not stopped by the inability to bring nail clippers onto a plane.
poverty: americans got to take their looming debt, foreclosures, and reposessions along for the ride while dutifully shuffling sixty billion dollars to the department of homeland security, an agency that failed to stop terrorism like the benghazi bombing, or the boston marathon bombing, at all.

10 hours ago

US Seeks China's Help Against North Korean Cyberattacks

nimbius why should we even do anything? (153 comments)

Seriously. Sony pictures is a subsidiary of a Japanese company, shouldnt the japanese government do something? North Korea has patently denied having a hand in the hacks or the threats against theatres, so shouldnt we work with them as theyre the victim here? This is a seriously disproportionate level of concern for whats basically been a pretty positive release. We found out studios are maliciously litigating google by bribing attorney generals, so who knows what other nefarious things theyre doing. Or is this all just ideological posturing on the part of an american government thats struggling to do something, anything, to prove its international policy is still relevant or meaningful.


FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

nimbius it wasnt exactly unexpected. (552 comments)

wanton threats of rape and violence en masse are commonly concluded with investigation by law enforcement in the United States. a 'gate' assignment has been made to ensure commercial viability of the brand. no further concern for gender or sex should be considered applicant to this scandal as its now tabloid fodder to be adhered to with the most cursory of interest. please continue consuming slashdot beta and the slashdot store.

3 days ago

"Team America" Gets Post-Hack Yanking At Alamo Drafthouse, Too

nimbius Other films cancelled. (230 comments)

mrs doubtfire: showing cancelled due to creaking theater entrance that sounded like a terrorist attack (even though keith said he closed it quietly)
saving private ryan: cancelled immediately after theater realized the entire film involved the concept of war, which was like terror but with more rock music
Batman: dark knight rises cancelled, banes coat reminded an elderly woman of an episode of mash. Dark knight cancelled by studio confused and frightened about 'unstoppable forces' and 'immoveable objects.' Batman & Robin cancelled by studio executive who simply found the nipples and codpieces too uncomfortable.
hot tub time machine: violates numerous causality laws and in the spirit of preserving much of our modern understanding of thermodynamics, has been cancelled by a studio that mistook the word 'causality' for 'terrorist'

4 days ago

Grinch Vulnerability Could Put a Hole In Your Linux Stocking

nimbius My linux stocking? (118 comments)

just how many obscure daemons does SystemD have now a days?

4 days ago

What Will Microsoft's "Embrace" of Open Source Actually Achieve?

nimbius what an embrace means. (216 comments)

Back in the day, Microsoft viewed open source and Linux as a threat and did its best to retaliate with FUD and patent threats.

then in 2013 Microsoft suffered a loss of more than US$32 billion and in 2014 it fired, er "layed off" almost 20,000 employees. faced with life support options of XBox earnings and corporate licenses, it excreted another phone no one wanted and held its breath. then it lost another 300 million on its nook investment and 676 million on the surface tablet in 2014. Then it remembered how well litigation as a business model worked for SCO.
microsoft is embracing Open Source in much the same way you embrace that creepy uncle that touched you as a kid during thanksgiving. Its a truce, because a patent war against amorphous things like windowing, clicking, or startup noises would haul big guns like apple and google into court, not just samsung and tomtom, and they would face the very real possibility of losing unchallenged but indefensible patents so its best to keep that paper tiger in the desk drawer. Their best bet is to hope people think Microsoft non OSI "open source" licenses can make some headway, and that people stop talking about BSD and GPL. Gobbling up more video games would do it well, but the innovation ship has sailed at redmond and there arent many options left for real growth. Watch for it to become a clearing house of small game studios and dessicated open source projects long since forked by dedicated dev groups that have very sour memories of Redmond. Microsoft knows it can expect businesses to pony up protection money but once Google or Ubuntu unveil an office desktop killer, thats the end of the show.

5 days ago

The Joys and Hype of Hadoop

nimbius these goddamn kids on my lawn. (55 comments)

Joys and Hype of Hadoop and Hortonworks and cloudera MapR...I'll say it one last time: I dont know what a pokaman is and i dont give a shit. this is slashdot for crying out loud and back in my day we played nethack on the VAX-785! and the only damn color we had was GREEN or ORANGE if you were in the upstairs lab! AND WE LIKED IT THAT WAY.

5 days ago

In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

nimbius a riveting diplomatic exchange no doubt.. (431 comments)

US Government: hey cuba, since most of our refugees over 60 that remember why we shitlisted you are either dead or accidentally disenfranchised after the latest voter registration law, wanna kiss and make up?
Cuban Government: *sigh* sure. russia quit returning our phonecalls about 20 years ago anyway. Hey thanks for not making a huge deal out of castros death
US Government: yeah no problem. thanks for letting us run a torture prison in your country without complaining about it
Cuban Government: yeah.....that.....

5 days ago

New Cargo Ship Is 488 Meters Long

nimbius lets get right to the point. (116 comments)

as an american i dont give a damn about feet and meters are for terrorism. how many bubba keg plastic insulated drink cups or animatronic plastic singing fish will this thing hold. Hell, forget those two. if you tell me how many rubber pick up truck testicle ornaments this ship holds i wont have to convert to how many sham-wows.

5 days ago

Army To Launch Spy Blimp Over Maryland

nimbius im sure it will be hard to spot. (176 comments)

husband: I wonder what my wife wants for christmas

5 days ago

New AP Course, "Computer Science Principles," Aims To Make CS More Accessible

nimbius what is this crap (208 comments)

society 40 years ago: learn a trade. computers are for nerds and bean counters.
society today: jesus christ everyone, from day laborers to housepets, must learn to write code.
The problem isnt that CS isnt accessible, its that its fucking hard. its why everyone isnt a mechanical engineer, or a physicist. and the demands arent exactly clear. Do you want C coders who churn out low level device drivers? or do you want devops hackers that write auto-reply python scripts for email farms and stand up python salt pillars? its two rather different skillsets. Or shall we get right to the point: profiteers are sick to death of paying a disproportionately living wage to a set of highly skilled workers.

and it wouldnt be slashdot without an obligatory rant from my front lawn as a greybeard. have you seen kids today? i mean actually seen how they use technology? they want E and I devices, cookie clicker and kesha. Kids today dont want to learn how or why their cloud storage works, but they want to maintain the illusion that they are somehow profoundly skilled users of their technology for getting garageband to install and upvoting the latest dreck to come out of their favourite pop star. Theyre divorced from everything but the most fervent memes, so unless you can propose a way to make object oriented reusable code as popular as kony 2012 or the latest malala freedom fighter, this wont work. Things like Pi, adafruit, and any other flavour of linux except ubuntu will forever be the love affair of the neckbeard. You cannot turn a herd of children beaten into blind tech consumerism into an organized group of kids that want to learn transcoding and class instantiation.

5 days ago

In IT, Beware of Fad Versus Functional

nimbius well obviously. (153 comments)

I'll have you know im very well versed in that which is fad, and that which is function, you insensitive clod. I attend my scrum stand-ups daily to make sure I get updates about our Cloud. once thats taken care of, I write the most functional devops scripts in nothing less than the latest ruby code to ensure our SAAS, PAAS, DAAS, and GAAS are all ITSG A OK. Now if you'll excuse me, I believe my Zune is finished charging.

about a week ago

Skype Unveils Preview of Live English-To-Spanish Translator

nimbius few details digging into the articles. (99 comments)

The few articles that are found from slashdot and the translation team blog seems to imply this technology wasnt developed in redmond, but in chinese universities by post-doctorates. For example, critical components like phonome learning and the social media training method were all conducted as research. Then, somehow, this magically became a microsoft product.

A major argument can be made that microsofts myopic approach to consumers still exists today. While skype is indeed popular, cobbling the breakthrough translation to an OS no one wants to use is nothing short of the redmond we've come to know and love for the past 20 years. Skype clients exist in linux, mac, and android, but Redmond is needlessly mandating the latest, and least popular version of Windows. lock it in, force it through, then quietly abandon it after 2-4 years when your customers rebel and you've hemmoraged too much cash from X-Box to keep up appearances.

about a week ago

Denmark Makes Claim To North Pole, Based On Undersea Geography

nimbius Is it that time already? (189 comments)

Two words: Resource Wars. Or another way of saying it is, for all practical purposes, the only country with the ability to affect the rights to this region is Russia. Only Russia owns a fleet of nuclear icebreakers to get to this frozen floating turd and maintain a shipping lane.
Or more realistically, of the parties listed contesting the north pole, only Russia has a fleet of fourth generation Akula and Severodvinsk tactical submarines capable of listlessly patrolling the sea and torpedoing the first canadian or danish friate that decides to stake a claim.

What we should be doing is moving past this "resource extraction" economy of profiteering through squandered potential. The country that will benefit the most from the north pole is the one that realizes the cost in human and monetary capital in the long term outweighs any financial gain in the short term and decides to pursue renewables instead.

about a week ago

NASA's $349 Million Empty Tower

nimbius im sure nasa is used to this, (200 comments)

senator bob: I want to fund a NASA mission to mars. heres a budget rider for whatever they need, in my state.
NASA: ok, thanks. we'll start on this 25 year plan. we need to test some rockets first.
senator ted: NASA wastes tax dollars and the mars mission is a terrorist anchor baby that I dont understand. STOP working on this now and start working on a public/private partnership in my state. heres a congressional mandate. you're studying asteroid mining now because i saw a movie about it and it had my favourite actor in it.
NASA: uh....okay. mission aborted. **shuffles papers** looks like we're going to mine...uh...something.
Private company: thanks for giving us all the free rocket designs and code. uh, mission accomplished and because asteroid mining isnt profitable we're just going to do a defense project with it. defense sells real good.
NASA: wait...what?
Senator ted: good job but i cut your budget because I had a bad dream about Terrorists and now i think all government research is secretly communism.
Senator Bob: What the hell are you guys doing with that old communist rocket monument you made in my state? i havent seen the lights on in a month. can you do a mission to the moon again? I miss stuff from the 60's that im familiar with
NASA: uh...wat?

about a week ago

Ford Ditches Microsoft Partnership On Sync, Goes With QNX

nimbius is it possible to get a car without one of these?? (232 comments)

When did a "car infotainment system" become mandatory? Im a millenial, and I get that in order to sell us cars you need to make them as popular as the other thing we love, phones, but it feels like a car in and of itself is becoming a massive, distractive, pain in the ass in the 21st century. I rented a full sized ford sedan over the thanksgiving holiday and was rewarded with 'climate management' instead of heat and AC which was buried several menus into the infotorture system. changing a radio station felt confusing and annoying. Worse yet, the damned thing was relentlessly trying to pair with my phone and my laptop. So heres a suggestion or two.

Pair with Bose, or Bang, or Jensen, or some other audio company and make a damn good stereo. give me back my buttons and knobs, and for the love of god put XM/Sirius out of its wheezing gasping misery (its shit quality anymore and nothing but ads.) ditch the navigation, my phone does that better than you ever will. Keep the cool rear view camera. No one under 70 listens to AM radio so pair it down to 5 presets instead of 30.

about two weeks ago

Once Again, Baltimore Police Arrest a Person For Recording Them

nimbius its not as if american cops have anything to fear. (515 comments)

If theyre being recorded beating, torturing, or killing, as was the case in New York, they wont even be indicted. If they are, it just means they're acquitted later. If theyre suspended, they'll return to work after the public scrutiny latches onto something else. If they're fired, there are countless other departments that will hire them instead without so much as second-guessing their termination. Lawsuits dont seem to change the culture or nature of law enforcement in america, most citizens are simply viewed as the enemy, not those theyve been sworn to protect and serve.

about two weeks ago

Google Closing Engineering Office In Russia

nimbius so let me get this straight... (157 comments)

Google is leaving russia due to data security and intrusive legislation that harms the internet, but sees no problem maintaining an office in the United States, where the government has created secret courts to warrantlessly wiretap what ostensibly amounts to the entire country. Google is just fine with a corporate office in a country that uses state sponsored terrorism and maintains a torture prison. Its Fine with opening offices in a country that jailed Chelsea Manning for whistleblowing or rather spreading "false information" and subsequently ensured 2 years of her forcible detention under suicide watch stripped nude and prevented from sleeping. Google has no problem with a country that runs secret torture prisons and "targeted killings." but whenever Russia passes legislation to force Internet sites that store the personal data of Russian citizens to do so inside the country, it closes shop because it doesnt want to maintain a russian datacenter? or rather is it because in America its not a requirement thanks to a rendition network that just takes people and servers regardless of the country.

about two weeks ago

James Watson's Nobel Prize Medal Will Be Returned To Him

nimbius why should he have it (235 comments)

If Watsons nobel was of so little significance to him that he hocked it for cash, it begs the question of why should he have received one in the first place. Personally the Nobel lost its purpose for me after Barack Obama received it. Nothing against the guy, but it seemed like a cheap and awkward gesture that completely misunderstood the point of american presidency in the context of our government.

Watsons crime, namely that hes an old crumudgeon, isnt the issue for me. I tolerate the acerbic opinions of the elderly in regard to race, sexuality and gender, and try to view them as contextual expressions of a generation that was cheated into believing nonsense. I think part of the reason conferences and speaking arrangements were cancelled is because his appearance and opinions may inadvertently serve to validate his personal prejudices as a valid scientific point. My only axe to grind with him is that he seems to hog the spotlight and never really credit his peers like Francis Crick

about two weeks ago



Fedora 13 released

nimbius nimbius writes  |  more than 4 years ago

nimbius (983462) writes "Fedora 13 was released today, and contains many new features including a command line interface for networkmanager, experimental 3d in the Nouveau driver for Nvidia, Rhythmbox iPod Touch and iPhone music management and experimental support for Btrfs."
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