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Firefox OS Will Win Big With Developers - Mozilla

nitot Re:No, it won't (229 comments)

Ah! Next time, I'll log in before posting :-/

--Tristan Nitot

more than 2 years ago

Firefox Momentum Slows

nitot Re:FYI: Different situation in Europe (558 comments)

Actually, things in Europe are quite different from one can read from the aforementionned report. See http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=node/view/18773 .

Germany is at 24%
Finland is at 34%
Czech Republic is at 23%
Poland is at 22%
France is at 16%

These numbers are measured by independent French firm XitiMonitor, which publishes a monthly report on browser market share.
In a related note, see also http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=node/view/18802 , which demonstrates a steady monthly growth for Firefox in Europe, with a rough estimation of more than 37 millions users in the Old continent.
Disclaimer: I am a Mozilla Europe employee.

more than 9 years ago



French students getting FLOSS on USB sticks

nitot nitot writes  |  more than 7 years ago

The Only Anonymous Coward (53791) writes "The Paris-region (France) local government has started distributing 220 000 USB keys to students and teachers with Free and Open Source Software products on it, including Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org, VLC Player and 15 others. The goal is to 'reduce the digital divide', said Jean-Paul Huchon, President of Region Ile-de-France, who has attributed a 2.6 million EUR ($3.67M) budget for this operation. The USB stick is linked to a Netvibes.com-powered customizable Website. Not counting those who will erase the content to store Britney Spears songs (or worse!) on it, this may be one of the biggest exposure that FLOSS products could get with the younger generation."
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