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Order of importance if disaster strikes?

nkrgovic Vinyl (458 comments)

Do vinyl records count as data or possessions? Some of them are quite are, and emotionally priceless to me. They are all about the (audio) data, yet they are not something you can back up - so they are also possessions...

more than 4 years ago

At What Temperature (F) Do You Prefer Your Nerd Cave?

nkrgovic Re:Celsius: It's for telling temperature (1233 comments)

Take one meter. Make a cube of that side, a cubic meter. Fill that with water near the sea level and you get a volume of 1 Liter of water. Which happens to have a mass of Kilogram. Push that to an acceleration of a meter per second per second, it will take 1 Newton to do that. Push any object against a 1 Newton of force and you need 1 Watt to do that. Which happens to be 1 Joule of energy per second. Once you're done, mark the temperature at which the water you've been using freezes and call that 0. Mark the temp at which it boils and call that 100. Divide that in 100ths and you have the Celsius scale. Now say the same thing in Imperial units and go back to how awesome it is that you can divide by 12...

While this is so nice, I would like to point out that one cubic meter of water is not one liter but 1000 liters, and it doesn't weight a kilogram but a ton. :D

  Other than that it is as convenient as it sound. All you have to remember is that a liter of water is a cubic decimeter.

  You did have a good idea: a cubic meter isn't something you can take/hold. A decimeter is.

more than 4 years ago

Nuclear Subs 'Collide In Ocean'

nkrgovic Re:Despite each being equipped with sonar? (622 comments)

No, a nuclear nightmare of the highest order is scores of terrorists running around with suitcase nukes. (you know, like the USA)

Somehow I was under the impression that nuclear war was a nightmare of a higher order then terrorists...

Maybe you're just too terrified of terrorists ?

more than 5 years ago

Best Star (Wars or Trek) Battle

nkrgovic Death Star vs. Borg Cube (809 comments)

I think it is time we demonstrated the full power of this station.

more than 6 years ago


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