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iPhones, FStream and the Death of Satellite Radio

nlh It's all about cars... (397 comments)

I'm not sure about the OP, but I know that I certainly don't listen to Sirius-XM at any time other than when I'm in my car. And when I'm in my car, it's a godsend. Terrestrial radio is just complete crap--ads, payola, etc. (how many version of Z100, Y100, X100, KISS, etc. are there?).

Satellite radio is really not designed - primarily - for those of you who are sitting in an office or at home. That's a fringe benefit or secondary revenue stream. The real benefits are for the vast majority of people who want something interesting and consistent to listen to in the car. I know that when I drive from NY to Boston, I don't have to deal with the dead zones of central Connecticut....I get the same stations the whole way.

So I think the issue here is one of perspective...don't look at Satellite Radio as an expensive competitor to the various forms of Internet radio -- look at it as a cheap alternative to crap terrestrial radio in the car.

more than 6 years ago


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