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The Economist Suggests Linux For Netbooks

no longer myself Re:Bought the EEE, Switched to XP (445 comments)

The problem is, we don't care what you think about us.

Yes, that is a problem.
"People who say they don't care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don't care what people think."
-George Carlin

What I will tell you is that the [*]ubuntites are a confusing squirming mass of trustafarians who eat their own, and find spinning cubes to be of more importance than achieving real productivity in a high pressure work environment.

And here we can see your true face. You hate us. You are trying to find some way to demonstrate your supposed superiority, a way to convince (yourself or others) that your decision to always use Microsoft software is somehow justified, and your opponents are somehow deficient.

The problem is, we don't care what you think about us. You aren't convincing anyone -- us, linux users, or your supposed audience, potential netbook users. You sound like a Microsoft marketdroid, and you may or may not actually be one, however one thing is clear -- you are too stupid for us to care.

And remarkably, you truly lack the self-awareness to see what a perversion of your own cause that you have become. Was it necessary to drop the F-bomb twice in your post? Do you still kiss your mother with that mouth? What is it that makes Ubuntu zealots so hateful?

Seriously... If you are frustrated I can understand, but you publicly resorted to a vicious personal attack. Your response was neither helpful nor professional. If I were just a casual bystander reading your post, I certainly would not want to be associated with you or the causes you support. You just came across far too mean spirited and heavy handed. I'd hate to think that you were the status quo behind the Linux community, and you are not at all like I've experienced with the wonderfully helpful Mandriva community.

BTW: What have you got against using the Sugar OS on the OLPC XO? After all, they didn't design it for use with Ubuntu.

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