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RSA Says SecurID Hack Based On Phishing With Flash 0-Day

noctrl Re:And I think to myself... (153 comments)

I noticed a couple of things about windows: users inside the company compulsively send attachments to the point where people open them without thinking. Outlook adds external users to its address book, then hides domain name information when it displays that user. It can be hard to tell what is internal mail and what is not.

Sad, isnt it?
I wonder where this fetish for Outlook come from.
I call it OutOfLuck, because you really are.
It is one of the things that make stupid users more stupid...

more than 3 years ago

EU Approves Intel's McAfee Purchase After Interoperability Pledge

noctrl Re:Foundstone Hacker Tools (68 comments)

what? soh, how come i never heard of them?

This purchase makes NO sense from a technical view, but neither did NT4..

more than 3 years ago

The Biggest Hoaxes In Wikipedia's First Decade

noctrl Re:Founder Hoax (219 comments)

wikipedia indicates he ended up with someone with meat on the bones.
Now, who want to fock a heap of bones?

about 4 years ago

The Strange Disappearance of Dancho Danchev

noctrl Re:Tin foil hats (160 comments)

Maybe he is just doing the only thing sane; start growing some potatoes or pot or brew wine or beer..
In short live of the land like we are supposed to do.
I really think humans are better off that way.
Now, I really wish Im the next to go back and listen to my agricultural genes.. ..I learned to hate all the bullshit in the computer world! ..the only thing sane..

ac because I dont care to explore the bullshit why konqueror wont work on slahdot - NoCtrl ..hm, ac or not.. it is not important!

about 4 years ago

10 OSes We Left Behind

noctrl Re:The 10 OSes I have gladly left behind... (562 comments)

heh, very likely.

NT4 is the OS i hate most.
I started working as a system administrator when it was starting to get a foothold.

I can still feel the pain, like an old battlescar.

Why anyone would run critical corporate applications on that shit is still a mystery to me.

The bloody thing had a tendency suddenly to explode..

more than 5 years ago

UAC Whitelist Hole In Windows 7

noctrl Re:Yes... but... (496 comments)

a - The sudo prompt pops up automatically when a program attempts to do certain classes of things for which it does not have privileges.

No, this opens up for social attacks.
Please remember that regular computer users will doubleclick on anything (including landmines) and will in general have no clue on what elevated privileges means.

This differs from Linux, in which a program will simply fail with an "Insufficient permissions" error

And this IS the correct way to do it.

more than 5 years ago

MS Silverlight To Stream Obama Inauguration Events

noctrl Re:So much for a tech savvy Whitehouse. (589 comments)

"And now, ladies and gentlemen here are the president of the USA, sponsored by Microsoft"

Ok, too bad.
At least we know what weare dealing with for the next years.

about 6 years ago

Will W3C Accept DRM For Webfonts?

noctrl Re:Loaded question (315 comments)

ah, well, ..

I should have added a smiley there ;)

Quite interesting to watch my comment get moderated as both troll and funny.

more than 6 years ago


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