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Bitstamp Bitcoin Exchange Suspended Due To "Compromised Wallet"

nologin Re: Soundtrack contest (161 comments)

Well, the one you should be listening to is "The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again". CSI Miami's theme song is awesome and only Lt. Horatio Caine can only deliver the line, "You have no idea..."


about three weeks ago

IBM Snags Patent On Half-Day Off of Work Notifications

nologin Re:MS Office (163 comments)

Patent filing date is September 7th, 2006.

Since Outlook 2007 does have this feature, it would be the likely candidate for prior art, since it would have been release somewhere in that time frame.

about 3 years ago

Slow Oracle Merger Leads To Outflow of Sun Projects, Coders

nologin Sun is going to lose business anyways (409 comments)

Quoted from the article...

"ISVs were more than willing to work with Sun because they saw Sun as a neutral hardware platform," he said. "But when the Sun platform becomes part of Oracle, and Oracle has a reputation for acquiring companies and replacing the products with Oracle products, then ISVs get nervous. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out."

Ah yes... Oracle has a pretty good reputation of replacing its acquired products... But what is worse (and I have first hand experience as one of those ISVs), is that Oracle likes to leave these acquired products in limbo until the replacements are ready... Support on the old product is virtually non-existent, and migration to the new product (when it actually does come) is like a shot in the dark; then can never give you reliable documentation on how to make the transition and Oracle engineers always insist that it is far easier than it actually is.

I can understand why people would run from Sun products. This is Oracle's first acquisition outside of a software-only company. If a company has to depend on Sun fulfilling their provisioning and support contracts, Oracle's reputation would probably scare away customers that are concerned with potential supplier problems.

Clients are just betting based upon Oracle's reputation with respect to their acquisitions...

more than 5 years ago

US Call-Center Jobs — That Pay $100K a Year

nologin Re:Um, I'm doubtful (362 comments)

Even though they say that they can give you more perks, the call center jobs still sucks...


Because when a company is proud that it's turnover rate is only 45% (less than half the industry's average), it tells me that this job is something I would never want to touch with a five foot pole (as opposed to a ten foot one).

A company with 45% turnover on 11000 employees means approximately 4950 employees get churned out in a year. That still isn't very good...

more than 5 years ago

Why Should I Trust My Network Administrator?

nologin You can't answer the question yourself? (730 comments)

Honestly, did your company perform any "due diligence" on the outsourcing company before engaging them in that contract? Any security audits, risk assessments, business impact studies. Did you perform any sort of checks on them, or did you simply engage them on cost alone?

I know startups don't always have the resources to perform the required "due diligence" before handing over the keys, but if you didn't perform these checks, you would be primarily responsible if you've opened up this level of risk and something wrong would occur. I'm sure this is not what you wanted to hear, but CYA (cover your ass) is especially important if you hand over the keys to an outsider and it could involve a significant loss to the company.

If you don't have enough confidence in your decision on behalf of the company, why should the company have confidence in you making decisions for them?

more than 5 years ago

Publishers Want a Slice of Used Game Market

nologin Re:Their slice is THICK. (664 comments)

Unfortunately, the publishers won't clue into the fact that they are mostly to blame for the used games market. If they looked at some of their practices as of late, they would see that...

1. Retailers don't enough of a cut from new product sales. That is because retailers get squeezed when the publisher enforces a retail price of $50 or $60 on new product and allow the retailer to barely break even when selling it.

2. Games tend to lose value as they sit on shelves. For example, if you didn't buy the game for $50 when it was new, you probably won't do so 3+ months later unless the price drops. As a retailer, that means I'm losing more money as time goes on; again another reason why not to sell new. Publishers aren't taking any real steps to absorb that decrease in value over time.

Trying to bite the hand that feeds you is certainly going to be counterproductive in the long term, especially when you already bitten off a whole arm.

If only the publishers would realign their take with the supposed value of their product, they would probably be able to sell more copies via retail rather than complain about piracy and used game sales...


more than 5 years ago

Red Hat Open-Sources RHN As "Spacewalk"

nologin Re:My experience with RHN Satellite (54 comments)

Hmm, I've worked with RHN satellite quite a bit, and it does have some nice features. My biggest complaint about it is that the interface isn't intuitive as it should be; if you need to find things, some of them are hidden well enough so you have to memorize stuff...

But to answer your question about OSAD, the RHN satellite server uses this to automatically push instructions to its clients. Without OSAD, the only way that the client verifies that it has tasks to do is through a script called rhn-check. That runs periodically via crontab on the managed system; it initiates a connection to the satellite server and executes any tasks that are listed in its scheduled tasks. If you want to change how often the system checks in with the satellite server, just change the timing on rhn-check in the crontab.

The OSAD service is a tool that allows you to automatically push changes from the satellite server to the managed systems immediately. You run the osad service on the managed system and the osa-dispatcher service on the satellite server and once you use the webUI on the satellite server to do something (like upgrade a package for example), the managed system will update immediately, rather than wait for the next check in (rhn-check) to run on the managed system. A gross simplification of what OSAD does is that it performs actions in real time, rather than on a regular scheduled check-in basis.

more than 6 years ago


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