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Bug Bounties Don't Help If Bugs Never Run Out

noshellswill bugs and features (169 comments)

Every bug is somebodoes feature. Every feature is somebodies bug.  Your  hurtful "lack of security" is my secure well-being. On-&-on with this lit.crit balony.  Had you spoken of voltages and magnetic fields the story becomes quite diferent! 

1 hour ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

noshellswill Re:Militia, then vs now (1555 comments)

Statists were the same in 1776 as they are  now in 2014 ... POWER TO THE ELETE is their motto whether that elite be Stalinist or Falangist.  The 'tree'  ever jealous of its liberties yearns for watering. Stevens and his cosmopolitan pals are in need of a bitch-slapping and -- all else fails -- some Zatoichi justice.

2 days ago

The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money

noshellswill Doesn't pimping for RedHat fill their wallet? (686 comments)

GNOME3  threw its lusrbase under-da-bus ... for the sake of RedHat "branding" ... yes I DID read the relevant GNOME dev emails !  'Don't need no feckin-A lusrs crufting-up our GUI with menu items !'  Haha how the worm turns, and yet  how could  they run out of money with such a benevolent sugardaddy? Same RedHat that tossed their usrland into-da-gutter when usr-tested RH_6 proved viable!

BTW I just made a contribution(enlightened self-interest)  to Cannonical ... as UBUNTU has **made room for** GNOME and Xfce and KDE and systend & X.org  (Apache OO please?) etcetc at no small karma/$$ expense to themselves.  Prolly not for-the-best, but mebby GNOME will choke on its own niggardly branding. Imagine ... RedHat going  begging tin-cup-in-hand to Cannonical for UNITY.x  hahaha 

5 days ago

How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

noshellswill some cultures need to be destroyed (509 comments)

No deaf = good deaf.  No downside to removing a physical defect ... even fatties agree on that! Clear ?? So with other evils. Consider the urban Bantu gangbangers or progressive cosmopolitan globalists.  These  infesting "cultures"  need to be destroyed ASAP. 

about a week ago

Slashdot Asks: Will You Need the Windows XP Black Market?

noshellswill Re:Application and driver compatibility (245 comments)

Linux = better HW support? Are you nuttz  dramaqueen ?? My  legacy  DATAQ data-logger + SW works ONLY under WinXP. Write yo own drivers  fyuckface is the rule for Linux-lusrs ... wanna do that coding anytime soon, or just keep taking perfect data?

Or mebby you have a post-modern  byteboi definition of hardware support ... something other than 'makes it work OOTB!' 

about two weeks ago

Why No One Trusts Facebook To Power the Future

noshellswill Sour the future? (218 comments)

For a  bitter data-grift that pimps snot-nose anorexic teens and mugs faghgboi exhibitionists I trust  fastbuuk has NOTHING to say about our republics future.   

about two weeks ago

Federal Bill Would Criminalize Revenge Porn Websites

noshellswill PMS syndrome (328 comments)

Everybody knows  the PMS female thought-crime syndrome.  MY EMOTIONAL STATE IS YOUR DIKTAT!  Spraying  around a bit of  T+A  multiplies the effect like an "inflation" potention magnifies the BigBang .. bang ???  Haha. Anyrate the shyster spew crashes constitutions --- ravages republics --- degrades dissent.  Might as well give Bantu the vote as allow female law profs to ... oh wait ... 

about two weeks ago

NASA Can't Ethically Send Astronauts On One-Way Missions To Deep Space

noshellswill Re:libertoonian crap (402 comments)

Take your libertoonian fantasy and shove it. A  modern person is  imagined/created/sustained by and thus exists FIRST as a member of society.  Even the  classical Greeks knew that! If you were born in a cave, suckled by bats and  tutored by wolves step-up my man ... you may do as you wish. All others owe 1st-RESPECT  and obedience to their creator.

about two weeks ago

FWD.us Wants More H-1B Visas, But 50% Go To Offshore Firms

noshellswill Pimp American jobs ?? (325 comments)

Pimping American jobs ought to be a matter of life-and-death -- to all concerned. Now only the  individual  citizen IT worker  frets & starves,  fair game for globalist hustlers.  Imagine the effect of spreading-around some .... "uncertainty"?  Wouldn't take, but a few dozen incidents to drive-home the point? Eh ?? History teaches that WallStreet $$$.hoes ought to fear ... 

about two weeks ago

Nature Publisher Requires Authors To Waive "Moral Rights" To Works

noshellswill NATURE exploits native chimps .... er pimps (82 comments)

Doesn't NATURE  historically pimp warmist, TOE and String-theory  moral hazzards?  Pimp publically funded just-so stories & puzzles ,  then thieve from behind the paywall !  NATURE being so practiced,  why not hazzard sci-fi authors too ?  It just makes cent$. If  readers  wanted to stop the foolishness   they could seize & supply ROMAN JUSTICE to a few-dozen owners/investors/oracles. PUBCO hired thugs would shoot-a-few republicans, but then run for Tennessee homelike scrub.  Younger editors would surely step-for'ard to do-their duty ... and boff the interns.  Sanity returns. Moral hazzard removed, the story-telling may continue without threat of ... distorsion.

about two weeks ago

NSA Hacked Huawei, Stole Source Code

noshellswill Re:No irony (287 comments)

Chi.com anything is threat-#1: we pay NSA  good borrowed chi.com dollar$ to fyuck-in-the-*zzwhole  Huawei slants ...  too bad we don't just shut-down all their imports to America. Lots of new manufacturing jobs created for us.

about a month ago

Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

noshellswill Re:Pay for their own show (667 comments)

Small  changes ? Lots of them ??  ALPHA-helix & BETA-sheets are not "small" and then the joining which distorts what  favorable dG/dx creates. That's  your TOE ??? Surely atoms are small (as hydrogen bonds are short) But, even @ 10^15 hz there's not enough  polymerization time to make a  blind-bug ...  not enough time in all the many universes say nothing of a bugs eye. Please no "tunneling"  or anthropic silliness --- might as well say gawdoneit.   

about a month ago

Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

noshellswill Median Bantu IQ = 80 explains lots .... (397 comments)

Stone-chippers want dibs, eh ? Not so many Bantu in formal-operations with that low a median IQ. No long-tail either so NOBODY who can traverse the bleeding edge.  Jackson + cosmo pimps should be steam-shipped to an AIDS infested Liberian shitwhole where  stiffly enforced rewards are performance-based.

Border-jumping narco.MEX  bangers can be gulaged, then returned to POO which-ever way is most efficient.

about a month ago

Silicon Valley's Youth Problem

noshellswill Re:Excuse me? (225 comments)

You spew libertarian-valued drool ... what is a cube of cocaine worth  as Jane-da-krak-hoe  snatches  it ?  Oh ... my mistake ...  it's just an LSD-laced  sugar cube.  She vomits. Po' po' Jane ---     

about a month ago

Meat Makes Our Planet Thirsty

noshellswill bytch Gaia needs discipline (545 comments)

Water? Dead minnows and frogs and econ-nuts?  Build nuclear power plants to desalinate drinking water ... use runnoff for human bling like meat that makes humans smart. Squeeze  guts & blood from  faggy vegetarians for pig-food.  Fyuck bytch Gaia in the *zzwhole with a plastic irrigation pipe.

You really need to decide
who is on the winning side
and give the losers a ride
to the gutter --- mutter --

about a month ago

$2,400 'Introduction To Linux' Course Will Be Free and Online This Summer

noshellswill promiscuous cookies & javascript required to s (84 comments)

The  course signup page requires permissive cookie and javascript  browsers setting ... which settings I would not allow to John-the-Baptist should he return with a water-sprinkler.  Can't MIT like any self-respecting nerd write a C-code front-end for class/student interaction, get it "validated" &  and pass-it-off  for DLoad to Ubuntu ?? Too bad.

about a month ago

Ubuntu Gnome Seeking Long Term Support Status

noshellswill usrland does not SHELL.... (26 comments)

... whatever  tasks that word  SHELL implies.  I collect them at the beach. Period. ReDHat(GNOME) just *hadhadhad** to brand as their  published email exchanges  explicitly state. And Potterfoo branded by gutting  classic GNOME behavior, sucker-punching the casual Linux Lusr  and  thus thieving  opportunity-costs already expended by GNOME base. 

about a month ago

BP Finds Way To Bypass US Crude Export Ban

noshellswill keep American oil in America (247 comments)

Apply ROMAN JUSTICE to any company trying to evade the restriction:

1) strip bare top Execs of all property and monies
2) flog 'em round-the-streets
3) decimate the survivors
4) sell wives and daughters to Saudi hoe.houses

The more Bush_like  Saudi blojobbing Texas plowboys caught-up in the discipline the better.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Automatically Logging Non-Computerized Equipment Use?

noshellswill Fixed equal costs for ALL users (130 comments)

Fixed upfront equal costs for all users; that's the easiest. Price access as would a golf, hunting or riding club, where  different  members  exercise different use-frequency, but the $10-k/year fee keeps out the riff-raff.

Consumed chemicals are treated just like drinks at the club-bar. Have one vending machine for Na-citrate buffer,  another for double-distilled water ... etcetc. 

about a month and a half ago



MS Explorer sinks in Pack(et)-ice.

noshellswill noshellswill writes  |  more than 6 years ago

noshellswill writes "The BBC reports that MS EXPLORER has sunk in Antartica -http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7108835.stm- after hitting pack(et) ice with all 13 Anerican Slackmolians aboard. Cries of " ... no keyboard, no all-aboard..." were reported from search vessels powered by mice. Other distros picked up the French and English ... hehe."
Link to Original Source


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