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Young Cubans Set Up Mini-Internet

noshellswill Re:Saddest line ever (135 comments)

Not act? Sure bitch ... that's why it's called ".. freedom of speech ..." not freedom of reach ! 

4 hours ago

Omand Warns of "Ethically Worse" Spying If Unbreakable Encryption Is Allowed

noshellswill Privacy insured by Dan Wesson (380 comments)

Well now some  gestapo terrorist comes breaking thru my front door is met with 12-gauge buck-shoot and a 357-cal Dan Wesson . I'm too old to die young so all I gotta put-down is ONE! How many ONES ya got bitchboi?  'Shoot-for-the-head' sez G. Gordon Liddy, 'cause that's where the body armour ain't!'  Good idea if all citizens demand that privacy.  Sure you gotta do something about rampaging Bantu and Muzzi-wog  goons , but 1st-things-1st ...  slap-down the biz.zombies  while maintaining  values and liberty that make any  anti-statist battle worth-the-risk. 


China Cuts Off Some VPNs

noshellswill Re:What's the difference between China and EU? (205 comments)

The theater is on fire. Yep ... some bleeding heart  neo-Stalinists think that shouting n*gga in a Bantu Neolith infested  Detroit ghetto ought to be pejoratively labeled **hate speech** ... instead of a dire,  objective cultural warning . Cosmopolitans would have you arrested .  Bantu have shouting that for decades and noone in Gub'mnt listen.  Slant libertarians now raise an analogous howl.  The theater is on fire. Firewall the b*stards !

3 days ago

Scientists Slow the Speed of Light

noshellswill Re:Obvious work is obvious (139 comments)

Smells like a **detector effect**, like photo-electric emission ... a quantized absorber making a continuous wave appear as a "particle".  The honest Scotsmen  induced  distortion of the continuous wavefront  thus making the "front-edge" non-detectable ...  like tickling a rhinoz *zz with a thrush-feather not a hemp cannon-swab. 

4 days ago

FBI Seeks To Legally Hack You If You're Connected To TOR Or a VPN

noshellswill Crap privacy (382 comments)

Ya know, when I take a crap I expect privacy. Anyone who cuts an eyewhole in my bathroom wall ... and peeks ... can expect me to  locate, retrieve, and drive a  long sharp ladies hat-pin thru that pervoz peek-a-boo eyewhole.  OhmeOHMy that's gonna hurt.  In such  manner I  intend to defend basic personal privacy; if asked I  suggest  analogous behavior to all citizens for if all citizens behave like this the 2-eyed pervo population goes way-down way-fast.  Does anyone need a postcard ? 

about a week ago

Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others

noshellswill Puzzy tasks favor puzzeez (219 comments)

You need a postcard to figure that out ?   Let's suppose ...   your task is to identify, fix & butcher-off  Muzzi-wog ISIS members in USA, Canada and Mexico. Emotional empaths & girly men need not apply. BANG!

about a week ago

Linus On Diversity and Niceness In Open Source

noshellswill Re:Let's be blunt (360 comments)

What a feckin-A  PC pussy you are. Bantu are -- in.the.mean -- stupid, violent and lazy. Yep the stereotype is spot.on.  **Diversity** is just cultural bad-luck, and  cosmopolitan DemoRat vote-herders pimping for clients. Next. 

about two weeks ago

Linus On Diversity and Niceness In Open Source

noshellswill Can you pass Torvalds acid test ? (360 comments)

Linus has-the-clue. Bleeding heart lib.comz and  drooling PCrs need-not-apply! Kinda reminds me of testing  (in-the-day) a mixed bag of EE students  on  surface scattering applications of Maxwells Equations. Diversity ---> no. Dicy nicey ---> no. Blazing talent, cold determination and ruthless precision = yes.  Can you pass the acid test ?

about two weeks ago

Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression

noshellswill Camelfyucking Muzzi-wogs (892 comments)

Your mother is **not** your church and not your culture.  If your mom is a cum-sucking  hoe then expect to fight a lot. If your culture is a viperous desert shite-whole, aan unsmoothed lunacy based throat-cutting cartoon fantasy about magic black-rocks and Muhamoods 9-yo pussy then expect to get steam-rolled in any civilized country --- you are not welcome.  I do mnot tolerate your kind. Don't come next to me ...cause I'll see you XXX. Move away or be  **sterilized**. 

about two weeks ago

Ancient Viruses Altered Human Brains

noshellswill G*ds virus done it. eh ...? (110 comments)

TOE fyucked-in-the-*zzwhole by un-natural selection ...  hahaha! But, who is surprised except smarmy 'science-of-the-edge' atheist pervoz. Leventals shoulders not steep enough ...  not enough genes to wrangle-random by x10  ... too many methylated base-pairs ... selection all screwed by BLACK SWANS ---  fact is, nothing , but BSs ! and driftdriftdrift  which is Darwin on a melting ice-dildoe.  gawd if you must know. Lousy time to be a toer, eh hosers?  hahaha ... 

about two weeks ago

How Bitcoin Could Be Key To Online Voting

noshellswill Re:Secret Ballot? (480 comments)

Spot on. Do we really need hordes of Bantu savages and narco.MEX border-jumpers finding it easier to vote? Not even so sure about the  post-mod women ... anyrate  straight, white Christian males provide all the voting that's needed for a well-maintained republic. 

about two weeks ago

Michael Mann: Swiftboating Comes To Science

noshellswill Re:What exactly do you mean by "Fraud"? (786 comments)

Pollution bad, breathing good.  Pollution = "weakmaker" ...  breathing = "strongmaker". If  agent tries to stop me from breathing I will shoot her dead.

about two weeks ago

Google Fund To Pay For 1 Million Copies of Charlie Hebdo

noshellswill Re:Is google now about to become a target? (311 comments)

Good!  A blasted GOOGLEplex!  American gentiles  have been *zzfyucked for decades. Some  fatkat American Jewboiz get attacked and their wives blown apart ... and mebby American  cosmopolitam lib.coms will rethink their  over-valued virtues ... perhaps enjoy watching a few million Muzzi-wogs get vaporized in vengeance-laden retribution.

Never again? Bullshit ... rinse, lather, repeat since the first Homo-Habilis smashed-in his brothers skull and stole his mate ... 

about two weeks ago

Anonymous Declares War Over Charlie Hebdo Attack

noshellswill Re:So they are doing what? (509 comments)

Butchering-off Muzzi-wogs bleaches-the-stain ... pick yo cultural poison palsy ...  Muzzi-wog  camel-fyucking Muhamuud ... or  Aryan Christians.  Not room for both --- anywhere ... anytime ... Lock N' load.

My preference favose scortched-earth ---  vaporizing a few A-rab desert shiteholes like Mecca and razing all  physical traces of Muslim juju. Back-to-the-cave b*stards!

about two weeks ago

Canadian Copyright Notice-and-Notice System: Citing False Legal information

noshellswill Re:Who's going to act? (172 comments)

Anybody at BNG have a knee busted ?

about three weeks ago

Publications Divided On Self-Censorship After Terrorist Attack

noshellswill First ... you kill all Muzzi-wogs shooting at you (512 comments)

Then ......
2) kill all Muzzi-wogs who WANT to shoot you ... then
3) kill all Muzzi-wogs who MIGHT shoot at you

Then  for Euro-Aryans there's peace. OTOH lib.com Froggies invited in Muzzi-wog immigrants, then get *zzwhole fyucked by them. Are you surprised?

about three weeks ago

Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ

noshellswill Re:islam (1350 comments)

Yes the problem is too many Muzzi-wogs ...  everywhere ... by the millions  butcher them out!

about three weeks ago

The Luxury of a Bottomless Bucket of Bandwidth For Georgia Schools

noshellswill Re:So who's taxes are paying for this? (117 comments)

Hahaha ! Public-paid facilities always did fyuck-in-the-*zzwhole libertoonian  $$$.sluts. Does it hurt bytchboi ... hurt a lot ...?  Please whimper a bit louder; most folks really enjoy  watching you suffer hehehe ...

about three weeks ago

Finnish Bank OP Under Persistent DDoS Attack

noshellswill Doncha get tired of it? (92 comments)

Some old fashion anti-755^ physical violence is long overdue as pain greatly sharpens sociopath appreciation of reality.

Bleed the hackers
Break their toes
Smash their fingers
bloody their nose.
And when remorseful screams get chilly
Insert a cattle-prod up their ... willy.

about three weeks ago

WikiLeaks Claims Employee's Google Mail, Metadata Seized By US Government

noshellswill Re:REAL warrant, by whom ? (53 comments)

Media Fascism ? As a classical fascist I object.  Media data-whoring  is lib.com territory ...  it's neo.Stalinist thought-crime plundering pimped by the far-left. Sure Bushbaby and Cheny-gator played tag-along, but any culture pushing HATE-CRIME memes defending Bantu-savages is already half-way down the Stalinst path to gulagville.   Can't handle the truth --- then lielielie  and a cosmopolitan courts system tutored by Trotsky is more than pleased to oblidge....

about a month ago



MS Explorer sinks in Pack(et)-ice.

noshellswill noshellswill writes  |  more than 7 years ago

noshellswill writes "The BBC reports that MS EXPLORER has sunk in Antartica -http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7108835.stm- after hitting pack(et) ice with all 13 Anerican Slackmolians aboard. Cries of " ... no keyboard, no all-aboard..." were reported from search vessels powered by mice. Other distros picked up the French and English ... hehe."
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