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More Quantum Strangeness: Particles Separated From Their Properties

nospam007 Good example (60 comments)

It's a good example for life.
Take the high road and nothing can affect you.

2 hours ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Running Mission-Critical Servers Without a Firewall Common?

nospam007 Re:Every stupid idea is common (300 comments)

"The only question you need to ask them is weather they're willing to accept the quantified risks from having exposed systems."

And you might be able to make a quick buck with that information later.

8 hours ago

Hackers Plundered Israeli Defense Firms That Built 'Iron Dome' Missile Defense

nospam007 Mmmm (163 comments)

Looks like they could use an irone dome for their network too.

13 hours ago

3-D Printing Comes To Amazon

nospam007 Re:Strength (61 comments)

"A poorly calibrated fused filament unit will produce stringy junk that delaminates if you look at it funny. A well calibrated one will achieve something reasonably close to what the plastic it is using is actually capable of. "

Fortunately Amazon can spend more than 2000 dollars on these printers so in essence, they can print _anything_, guns included if they did choose so.


OKCupid Experiments on Users Too

nospam007 Re:what? (160 comments)

"No. It's what some unethical douche bags do."

There are ethical douche-bags?

2 days ago

Ask Slashdot: What Would You Do With Half a Rack of Server Space?

nospam007 Seriously? (206 comments)

Ebay! An then you have the space for a pool-room, a porn-station, a man-cave or another dozen things with a dash in it.

3 days ago

Household Robot Jibo Nets Over $1 Million On Indiegogo

nospam007 No problem (61 comments)

The kids are already on psy-counseling after they dropped their iPhone in the toilet.
They'll never recover completely.

4 days ago

Wikipedia Blocks 'Disruptive' Edits From US Congress

nospam007 Re:I take offense! (165 comments)

"That filter might be a little too restrictive; you'd only see your own edits."

That's how Republicans like it.

5 days ago

Dropbox Head Responds To Snowden Claims About Privacy

nospam007 As designed (176 comments)

"It's hard to do things like rich document rendering if they're client-side encrypted."

The documents are only rendered at the client where the encryption is,nobody else has to render.

Indexing every word in a document at a 3rd party, is kinda counter-productive for encrypted documents.

about a week ago

How the Internet of Things Could Aid Disaster Response

nospam007 Good! (60 comments)

So when I'm lying under the rubble, I have to hope that my toaster can yell a wireless message to the rescuers:
"Somebody take that fucking bread out of me!"
if my fridge fails to send "The Milk is bad!"

about a week ago

Finding Life In Space By Looking For Extraterrestrial Pollution

nospam007 Re:Major disappointment... (95 comments)

"After all these years of running SETI@Home [], we still haven't found any extraterrestial TV signals carrying alien porn. :/"

They abandoned it 100 years ago, because there was never anything on.
Just as they abandoned pollution.

about a week ago

Amazon Fire Phone Reviews: Solid But Overly Ambitious

nospam007 First try (58 comments)

"Firefly can recognize lots of things,"

Nice for a first try, but thanks, I'll wait for the Serenity model.

about a week ago

For Now, UK Online Pirates Will Get 4 Warnings -- And That's It

nospam007 Re:Illigal or not? (143 comments)

"The new one is simply sending warning letters to let people know they have been reported as infringing copyright, and so might want to be careful to avoid being sued in the future."

They should offer a seedbox in Tonga in the same document.
At least they would see _some_ money.

about a week ago

China Has More People Going Online With a Mobile Device Than a PC

nospam007 What counts (58 comments)

Reading a tweet or receiving an iMessage is not 'surfing the net'.

about two weeks ago

Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be

nospam007 Re:...The hell? (290 comments)

"Why is this on Slashdot?"

It has more literary value than:

"I bought a cheap-ass phone and it sucks"

but only barely.

about two weeks ago

"Intelligent" Avatars Poised To Manage Airline Check-In

nospam007 Really? (102 comments)

Just when you think that customer service can't possibly get any more creepy, then you read this.

about two weeks ago

Can the Multiverse Be Tested Scientifically?

nospam007 Obviously (147 comments)

You ask Dr. Walter Bishop.

about two weeks ago

Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

nospam007 Re:You dorks (394 comments)

"Also, you don't have to go to the CNN site if you don't like their ads. No one actually forced you to read CNN. It is their media property, they can do what they wish."

Sure, just as it's our right to render on our screens only what we wish.
And we do that.

about two weeks ago

Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is

nospam007 Re:The end of reading as culturally relevant... (192 comments)

"The tactile experience of actually holding a book in your hand, being able to flip the pages, is far better than anything offered by current electronic devices."

Flip pages? Such modern things are just for young whippersnappers. I prefer scrolls, one long page you can scroll. Even computers use that method.

Although my father prefers stone tablets, he says the weight gives it a sense of importance that modern things like scrolls, papyrus and 'books' miss.

about two weeks ago

Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is

nospam007 Re:The end of reading as culturally relevant... (192 comments)

"Professional editing isn't just about the appearance of a text on the page, it can also be about making the text coherent and understandable."

I have a copy of "Finnegan's Wake" on my coffee table saying otherwise. :-)

about two weeks ago



Sex tax machine

nospam007 nospam007 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

nospam007 (722110) writes "You may complain about the machines that tax your parking, but recently, a computerized machine that's not yet arrived in the United States, is now deployed in the German city of Bonn.
'Prostitution is a legal and taxable trade in Germany, but enforcing taxes among sex workers on the street can be problematic. The city of Bonn has come up with a new solution, though. Prostitutes must now pay a nightly tax to automated ticket machines.'"

Link to Original Source

Copyrighted tattoo next?

nospam007 nospam007 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

nospam007 (722110) writes "Hide your ink. Apparently you have to be careful what you decide to have permanently etched on your body.
In “The Hangover Part II,” the sequel to the very successful what-happened-last-night comedy, the character played by Ed Helms wakes up with a permanent tattoo bracketing his left eye. The Maori-inspired design is instantly recognizable as the one sported by the boxer Mike Tyson, which is part of the joke. But S. Victor Whitmill, a tattoo artist formerly of Las Vegas and currently from rural Missouri, doesn’t quite see the humor. Mr. Whitmill designed the tattoo for Mr. Tyson, called it “tribal tattoo,” and claims it as a copyrighted work."

Link to Original Source

Houses pixelated in Streetview egged in Germany

nospam007 nospam007 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

nospam007 (722110) writes "In a street in suburb Bergerhausen/Essen, Germany, several houses in the same street, all of which were pixelated on Google Streetview, on request of the inhabitants, were egged by Google fanboys.
They left flyers on the mailboxes saying: 'Google's cool'
Police said egging was no property damage."

Link to Original Source

In-flight surveillance could foil terrorists

nospam007 nospam007 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

nospam007 (722110) writes "CCTV cameras are bringing more and more public places under surveillance — and passenger aircraft could be next. In-flight surveillance could foil terrorists in the sky A prototype European system uses multiple cameras and "Big Brother" software to try and automatically detect terrorists or other dangers caused by passengers. The European Union's Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment (SAFEE) project uses a camera in every passenger's seat, with six wide-angle cameras to survey the aisles. Software then analyses the footage to detect developing terrorist activity or "air-rage" incidents, by tracking passengers' facial expressions. The system performed well in tests this January that simulated terrorist and unruly passenger behaviour scenarios in a fake Airbus A380 fuselage, say the researchers that built it. Systems to analyse CCTV footage — for example, to detect violence (with video) or alert CCTV operators to unusual events — have been designed before. But the SAFEE software must cope with the particularly challenging environment of a full aircraft cabin...."


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